Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Text, LL's New Do, and Another Great Song!!!

So, I have to share a text I JUST got before I share my latest post...Ok, so it is 11:15 pm here in Nashvegas..and I just got a text from a friend... and she's at a party for her hubby's work.... and there are apparently other people there whose children attend our same elementary school..and her text reads:
"another wife came up and asked if I knew the mom at our school who had the Ethiopian daughter always on her hip and was always wearing 147 stuff!!"
So funny...So, i'm guessing this wife/mom must see me in car line every afternoon!! It just goes to show YOU NEVER know WHO IS WATCHING and WHO IS paying attention to WHAT you are wearing!! LOL
**OK, so back to my regular scheduled program: LL's Hair!!! :) Yes, I tried pig tails again:And, I think they are so CUTE...but don't look at the part...cause it isn't straight AT ALL!!! I just kind of threw them up when LL was playin in the sink to see HOW it looked!!! And, after ONLY a couple of pics...she was ready to go back in:
I got her distracted by the mums out front so I could take a few more pics:
Ok, so here is a view of the "bad" part...but her hair is growing so fast and is getting so long...that I decided I could "try" something different:

See....her hair is about 6 inches all over...She's come a long way from the bald baby I brought home 15 months ago:
So, she ripped them out as soon as she could!! Glad I didn't take too much time on them!! Oh, well...I still like her hair DOWN and CURLY anyways!! Oh, and my latest product I've tried is called KINKY CURLY!! I really like it and it definitely HOLDS the spiral curls!!! It is just a little too "crunchy" for my likings...but I think it might be cause I'm putting TOO much in!! The product absolutely WORKS though!! Not a piece of FRIZZ in her head after I apply it!!! And, it is ALL NATURAL and a top seller!!! I bought mine at Whole Foods...but you can also find it on line at . They even have a great video you can watch to see HOW to apply it!! Very helpful!!
**And, my sister just posted about a NEW SONG out...Yes, two songs to share with ya in 24 hours...imagine that!!! :) She knows the song writer/singer and this artist is donating ALL proceeds from this song to help with adoption funds!!! Oh, and the video with the song made me want to cry.....there are SO many waiting children in this world!! The footage she uses is from her Ordinary Hero trip to Ethiopia in July!! Hope you enjoy..and you can read more on the Ordinary Hero blog: :

Ordinary Hero & Kristi Neumann Help Bring Waiting Children Home from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Tip with the hair (which I'm LOVIN'!!)...if the product is making the hair just a LITTLE too crunchy, mix it in your palm with a little oil or creme before will soften it a bit. Lemme know if it works for ya!

  2. Love the new do!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. She is adorable!!! I LOVE Kinky Curly, but if you do use too much it does dry hard. I learned that the hard way... a few times!

  4. Oh my, those piggies are just too cute on her! I can't wait to try the new product and I can't WAIT for Eva's hair to be long enough to put in some poofs too! :o)

  5. Which of the kinky curly products do you use?

  6. I LOVE the pigtails. I put Lily's hair up in a few little puffs, but I need to let it grow before I do it again. I can't believe how long it is stretched out!

  7. so beautiful, love her hair up!!!! and those flowers, so cute!

  8. oh, what a cutie! I love her hair, I had NO idea it was that long!! I just love, love,love the way it springs right back to teeny tiny curls! Adorable.

  9. Love, love, love the pigtails with the flowers!! SO cute! I want to do Caroline Faith's hair like that one day, for sure! :)


Thank you for your kind words!!