Friday, September 3, 2010

Join Us At Fallapalooza.....

I'm so excited for my sister's upcoming FAMILY BENEFIT CONCERT UNDER THE STARS CALLED Fallapalooza!! As most of yall big sister (and yes..she's my REAL big we have the same mom and dad...funny..i've been asked that a lot lately... :) started, founded, and runs Ordinary Hero!! And, I will have to say...she's just about famous now!! In the last two weeks she's been featured on Fox News, Channel 5, The Newspaper and TONIGHT she made it to the 6 o'clock news on NBC's Channel 4!! Channel 4 did a great job featuring Ordinary Hero and EVEN plugged her upcoming Fallapalooza night: So, if you and your family live any where close to the middle TN area...make sure you mark your calendars for this fun family event coming up on Saturday, October 9th from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. I'm pretty sure that everyone I know in this area will be heading there that night, so I can't wait for it...should be so much fun and EVERYTHING benefits Ordinary Hero and all their upcoming HUNDREDS of projects they are always working on!!!! You can click and read ALL the details by going to and clicking on Fallapalooza!!! of this big sister, Kelly, and I will actually be the same age!! Yes, we are less than a year apart in age (Irish Twins) and we'll officially both be 36 on Tuesday!!! fun!!

**** I have SO many more "shout outs" i need to get to...I've gotten literally hundreds of emails for shout outs..and well...I'm a little behind to say the least!! :) BUT..I'm so proud of my sister Kelly and all the hard work Ordinary Hero does in our community and abroad and I JUST HAD to let yall know about Fallapalooza SINCE it aired on Channel 4 tonight!!! Now we just need Oprah and People Magazine...come on guys..whatcha waitin on!!! :)

So...check out her site: Follow her blog: and STEAL her button from her blog and add it to your side bar!! Ordinary Hero's motto is: "Change the World For ONE" (and you can buy one of their tshirts that actually says that on it by visiting the blog) And..what I love most about them is they are changing the lives of people here locally and across the world!! Amazing!!!
And...not to mention that Kelly was also featured on the 700 Club last year too...Hmmm..just saying that maybe you should sign up to follow the Ordinary Hero blog NOW before she's too big for britches and You can say YOU KNEW HER WHEN....LOL!!! (pictured above...Kelly on left..sister Kasey in middle...and Me on right...sister karson was stuck at home with newborn :)

Congrats Kelly...Your whole family is so proud of you and your awesome work with Ordinary Hero!!! Yall can try this link to watch tonight's news if ya want:
Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. Kelly is pretty awesome!!! Changing the world with the drive of God's LOVE! Guess it's a sister thing ;)

  2. Will they be selling the black "change the world for one" shirts, again? I didn't see them listed on the blog. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm following her blog now!


Thank you for your kind words!!