Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cloth Diapers and More Cloth Diapers....(and our update on Wes)

Wow...I've learned A LOT about cloth diapers in the LAST 24-48 hours!! I will admit....I've NEVER used a cloth diaper!! Ok, there...I said it OUT LOUD!!! Do yall still LOVE ME? :) So, yes, I'm NOT qualified for THIS job of ROUNDING up cloth diapers AT ALL....but hey, someone's got to do WHY NOT LITTLE OLD ME!!!??? I'm willing to learn....NOT sure I'm willing to give up my wonderful Pampers just quite yet (hey, just trying to be truthful :) BUT..I'm having fun collecting cloth diapers...and BELIEVE ME....THEY WILL BE PUT TO GOOD USE!!!

***A HUGE thank you ALREADY to ALL OF YOU that jumped RIGHT ON BOARD and already started mailing me YOUR CLOTH DIAPERS!!! You guys are REALLY blowing my mind!! Seriously, who would have known that SO MANY of you out there have used OR are currently using cloth diapers?? I can't wait to take a pic and post it of ALL the cloth diapers that will be making their way to ETHIOPIAN babies!! Seriously, what BETTER way to help a baby than to cover their tush!! :)

So, HOW DID THIS ALL COME ABOUT?? Well, first, my agency put out a "request" for cloth diapers..And, well, this didn't surprise me since I JUST GOT back from Ethiopia and I witnessed naked bare bottomed babies everywhere!! (not with my agency...just every where you looked) So, you don't see this in the transition homes...but you see this in the state run orphanages IN and MOSTLY OUT of the city!! So, seriously, babies are using the "bathroom" all over themselves ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT!! I held naked babies with only tshirts on EVERY WHERE i went!! And, this ISN'T to judge or cast a FROWN upon these people...THESE ORPHANAGES AND WORKERS ARE DOING THE BEST THEY CAN!!! They are dealing with survival and are working around the clock harder than you and I could ever imagine!! They are kind, wonderful, caring people that LOVE these babies and children...but yet...when it comes to buying things for their orphanages, they MUST choose food and formula first!!! People rarely visit these places because they are so far things like cloth diapers wear out and don't get replaced!! Simply that!! So, if agencies were DONATED tons of cloth diapers...well, then they'd fill the need of their transition homes in the city...then extras can start being handed out to the state run orphanages!! (and I know transition homes are ALREADY giving out their extra supplies all the time...but most of the time THEY need new cloth diapers we just need LOTS) How GREAT would that be!!

So, WHY wear a cloth diaper? Well, disposable ones are just not gonna happen!! They are too expensive and they go through them too quickly..and that's just not an option!! So, what happens when a child doesn't have a cloth diaper on?? Well, then the child's waste seeps down through their clothes (or just down their legs) and NOT only are they always wet..but then their waste is always on the ground...and this causes a HUGE fly problem!! Flies are a problem really anywhere in Ethiopia...but imagine HOW bad they are when there is waste material everywhere...Well, you'd just have to see it to believe it!! Then, of course, sickness will be easily spread by "bathroom mess" being tossed about too!! So, if you've gone your entire life NOT having to realize that this was going on ALL OVER THE PLACE in 3rd World countries...WELL, I just witnessed it....AND IT IS!!

So, what can we do?? Well, we can start getting those little bare bums covered...Covered in Hope....Covered in a Cloth Diaper!! This has become my first BLOG PROJECT!! And, one of my adopting friends came up with "Covered in Hope"...and since I'm NOT very creative...I'm gonna run with it!! :) I plan on collecting new or used cloth diapers UNTIL I'm told that ALL the millions of naked booties are covered!! And every time we package these diapers and SEND them on to Ethiopia, we'll pray for that specific child that WEARS these diapers to be COVERED in HOPE...that God will protect them and bring them a family soon!! I will hand them out to my son's orphanage first (since I got the idea from their request that came out).... I'll donate to Lucy Lane's orphanage, Hannah's Hope!! And, I'll donate to any and all orphanages that need or want them!! And, believe me..NO ONE will be turning down cloth diapers....I've learned they are always NEEDED!!

What kind am I looking for?? Well, I've learned that there are TONS of different kinds out there!! It's only taken me a day or two to find out that there is an entire Cloth Diaper industry going on that I was clueless about!! So, I am collecting NEW OR USED cloth diapers of ANY KIND!! I am NOT picky...I just want to help at this point and cover those bottoms!!! :)

*Let me give you a very short picture display of some different cloth diapers:

***First, My son's agency really likes this kind....they are Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers!! They are inexpensive and can be ordered from a number of different spots..I googled and found them all over the place...They have them on ebay right now for 7.99 a dozen!! But places like are selling them for 1.50 a piece ( i believe that was for one )..And these can be bleached or nonbleached:
**Another favorite from my son's orphanage is Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper!! Again, these are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and sell for about a dollar a piece at !!
Now...I'M NOT A SHOPPER!! So, if you like to google around...then i'll promise you'll find them on sale and at better prices and such!! Just giving you somewhere to start:

Someone asked...Well, do they need pins?? How will they keep the diaper closed?? Well, yes, they'll use pins, I'm guessing, if they have to...but I've learned that there are these awesome new devices (ok, so I really don't know how new they are...could have been around for a hundred years for all i know) BUT..they look like this:
So, if you can get these donated for us...well, then by all means, send them my way!! I called a couple of companies yesterday..and well...with LL and Georgie hanging on me and yelling in the background, I couldn't hear anything they were saying..and well..I got no where as far as a company "donating" them!! So, if ANY OF YOU have success in this line of "begging" for donations...well, then GO FOR IT..and send them my way and I'll see they get to Ethiopia!!

****Now, just so ya know...there are VERY cool new cloth diapers out there now:
Yes, your baby can be VERY posh and HIP in their cloth diaper if you want them to be!! I found out that these are quite pricey...and well...IF you want to send them my way....WELL, we'll have some VERY cool and hip Ethiopian babes going on!! An agency can't even request OR say they like these kind..cause well, at almost 20 bucks a piece...I'm sure they've probably never even tried them!! BUT, know I'll take ANY OF YOUR USED ones and I'm sure those nannies will want to throw their cheaper prefolded ones out the window WHEN they realize these cool things exist!!! :)

And, yes, they come in a variety of colors and patterns and some have cool snaps and come have cool velcro...Ya know...NOT YO MOMMA'S cloth diaper!! :) So, if you have these...YES, we'd LOVE THEM TOO!! :) I'm sure they'll be in heaven with these little jewels!! :)

**So, a sweet, kind reader that has a monogramming business and buys cloth diapers in bulk for her business PUT THIS OUT: She is going to match THE MONEY that comes in through her shop through donations for CLOTH DIAPERS!! So, sweet and generous and amazing!! Wow!! Thank you so much!!

**And, I've even had people write me saying they'd like to "sew" some cloth diapers for the babies of Ethiopia!! Wow, who would have known that you could even do that!! Yes, I don't sew either!! So, I googled "free cloth diaper pattern" and found all kinds of patterns!! One was this one:
I read how people were sewing cloth diapers OUT of their husbands OLD was kind of cool!!! So, yes, IF you like to sew..then have at it!! I'll take them too and PUT THEM TO GOOD USE!!

**Other questions I got:
*Would I take money donations for them?? No, cause I have no way on here to collect money...and I'm so disorganized that i'd not keep up with money well!! So, I'll just stick to collecting the cloth diapers and distributing them out to travelers...cause I know what I can handle and what I'd be a disaster at!! :)
*Do you want diaper covers or pins? Sure if you have them, and don't want them, or can get them donated....then send them to me...I'll get them to the right places!!
*Can you just order new ones and send them to me?? Yes, sure...some that I listed are very yes, if you DON'T have cloth diapers BUT would like to order some and send them...then by all means, KNOCK YOUR SELF OUT!! Find the best deal out there..and send them my way!!
*Where do you ship them to? Well, one gal emailed me and said she lived NEAR CCI's home Florida she'd run hers on over!! Some folks said they'd mail them directly to their office...great too!! But most folks are sending them to ME..I'll organize them out and distribute them accordingly!! I know tons of people traveling to Ethiopia ALL the I'll get them there easily!! :)

**So, to get the address to send them me at

and I'll give you the address!! I'm NOT collecting them at my home...I have a safe spot (thanks safe spot person) that will collect them for me and BRING them to me!!

***SO, i'm sure i'm forgetting shoot me a question IF you think of one...and this will be the beginning of my first blog project: Project "Covered in Hope"

***Now, on to the BEST part of this post: "our update on Wes!!! " Oh, he is just the sweetest, cutest little guy ever!! And....the big news is....They GOT HIM TO TAKE A BOTTLE:

Yes, our director sent me these pics yesterday letting me know that they got him to take a bottle!! Ya know, introducing a little guy OVER 12 months to a bottle for the first time..ISN'T EASY!! I'm so thankful that the loving nannies and staff kept trying KNOWING that he'd get the most nutrients and fluid by sucking a bottle down!!! I'm so excited...You might see my guy holding a bottle until he's 5 and going to kindergarten!! :) Seriously, I'm praying this will help him grow now and become stronger!! And, I'm SO thankful for all the updates this week...I know he gave everyone a good scare with HOW poorly he was I'm so thankful for the wonderful care and extra love and attention he's been given to NURSE him back to health. I know he still has a long ways to go...but he's headed in the right direction now!! Will post more on our little LOVE as we learn it!! :)

**wow..this might be the longest post ever...So, it's late..and well...I still have ONE LITTLE GUY up that fell asleep and took a nap LATE and now can't sleep!! Story of his life...So, he's on the couch and begs for me to come and snuggle with him...and who could turn down the cutest 3 year old in this world!!?? :) So, I'm outta here...thanks again guys...and happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. oh, i haven't been here in TOO LONG! look at him! awesome!
    and you're cracking me about about the cloth diapers. i cloth diapered the twins...who are now 2 and don't use them anymore. i've been considering if i should save them for another baby or take them to uganda when i go soon. i love the thought of a cloth diaper drive like you're doing!!
    awesome! keep it up, friend!

  2. I would love to donate! I will email you shortly. Are there any other items they need at the orphanage? washcloths, bottles, something? I would love to help donate something. Thanks! or

  3. hey I blogged last night (this morning :) ) about my diaper project. :) I have another company giving us at cost prices for covers if you are interested!!!! email me.

  4. I live in Orlando....I will DEFINITELY go get some today and take them over!!! We are also going through AGCI and if you're sending to Hannah's Hope...we'd love to help there too!

    I love the idea of Covered in Hope!!! Do you have a button yet for us to display on our blogs? That would be great!!! I read in "There's No Me Without You" about this need too! That book is just so beautiful...LOVE IT!

    Ok, I'm on it today and will let you know after swinging by CCI.

  5. I am so glad that Wes is doing better! He is just PRECIOUS!!!
    I have never done cloth diapers either... Pampers all the way! I will get together with Chrstie D. and see if there is anything I can help her with! ;)

  6. Fun!

    I have used cloth diapers for about a year now, and believe it or not, the cute $20 are not as absorbent as the basic prefolds!

  7. So Cool! I'll start spreading the word! :)

  8. Love the update!!! He is adorable!!! Praying he continues to grow well & heal :)

  9. If some items you need are on amazon, you could set up a wish list similar to this one from Drawn From Water.

    then people can use their amazon rewards points, and have the diapers shipped directly to the address they need to be.

  10. Dear Kristi, Thank you for writing all that you write. I can't read about Wes without crying. He is so precious. Your writing is helping me to keep focused on our goals. Right now we are paying off $25,000 in student loans. We hope to be done by the end of 2011. How I long to bring our own child into a forever home.

  11. Very neat!! And love the new picture of the little one :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  12. This is an amazing idea! I will be emailing you soon about getting some to you. I have been a lurker at your blog forever and you have put adoption back into our hearts. We adopted our daughter 7 years ago and now I am really thinking we need to take the next step and adopt from Ethiopia..I will be blogging about the cloth diapers and send my blogger buddies to your page..Let's get them lil bums covered!!!

  13. Kristi, I am so excited about this project!! I just blogged about it, and I am about to email you for the address!! It makes me so excited that some of these diapers sent by "Covered in Hope" might end up on Caroline Faith's cute little bottom!! :)

  14. This is a great idea and I hadn't even thought of the need. I am going to suggest something. I am going to use cloth with my little one due in March. I'm not sure of the washing situation at the orphanages, and the "new" cloth diapers are pretty expensive so I don't know how many you will have donated. So here are my thoughts, cost effectiveness, flats and prefolds would be the best, BUT the biggies is washing. Both of these would be better than the "newer" kind of diapers, but flats would be the absolute best because they are easily washed and they dry quickly. The thicker, synthetic materials take some serious wash routines in our American washers AND some of them take a long time to dry in a dryer. Flats will fit any baby with different folds and they wash and dry in a snap. Just some food for thought :) I'm gonna do some shopping around and see what I can find to mail to you :)

  15. How wonderful to see Wes improving and TAKING a BOTTLE! Very exciting developments, I know it does your heart good!

    Just a thought... If anyone wants to do a flat cash donation, they should do it through Carabellas since you aren't equipped for it. And since it will get matched, it goes even further! (In the spirit of full disclosure, I am friends with Jeni ;) But if anyone is looking for the easy route of donation, that is a good option and as mentioned it gets matched! =)

  16. If we could come up with a transparent way to handle the money, I would be willing to deal with that. I live right by Cotton Babies and can go purchase their gently used diapers that they sell in store.

    I cloth diapered my girls and LOVED their little fluff butts. I miss that although I don't miss all the laundry! Let me know if you think we can wrangle some way to handle monetary donations because I know Cotton Babies does a fair amount of donating and the owner is often in the store so I could speak to her in person.

  17. Hi....My sis ( is adopting through All God's Children and is in Ethiopia right this minute meeting her daughter:) She just sent out a family email letting us know of the need for cloth diapers at Hannah's Hope and I could hardly sleep last night overwhelmed with the idea of organizing the effort. I was so relieved to know you had already begun. I began cloth diapering with my newborn 2 months ago and would love to help in any way that I can. I'll start by spreading the word about your efforts.

  18. Love the newest pic of your sweet Wes, precious, you all in our thoughts & prayers. CCI is awesome, could not have gotten our home study done without Angela & Sue, they are such blessings!!

  19. we've been out of town and i've missed your past few posts. praise god for the incredible news about your dear wes!! and i'm so excited about this project. i love helping the kids at hh, but it's the kids on the street and in the state run orphanages with little resources that tug at my heart the most.

    also, we just came back from an intense weekend of counseling, life direction, and learning about ourselves. it came out that we need more mentors in our lives. bill said he thinks you are like a mentor to me in how you live out your passion in the blogosphere. ;) thanks, mentor...and bloggy friend.

  20. Thought I would also add a few tips here....flannel receiving blankets and terry cloth towels and muslin blankets make great flat diapers...something even most non-cloth diapering families probably have in dozens!

    That fastner above is called a snappi. But they do come unfastned easily and can snag on baby, with multiple babies running around, I'd say pins are cheaper and will last longer. But of course those can injure babies too if not kept away from baby...both are helpful in anycase.

    Also Check out Alltogetherdiaper company, they offer diapers and other baby necessities for humanitarian aid at wholesale price. And they also have 2nd quality diapers you can purchase. You may have to call them and get more details.

    but if they have 2nd's available you can get 240 prefolds for $125! That's .52 CENTS per DIAPER!!! And they may have dirt or loose threads, they are still brand new so will last a good!

    Don't skimp on the idea of flats, while they may be the most simplistic looking of diapers, they are for VERY good reason. They can fit multiple babies of varying age/size/shape/weight by folding into different shapes/ways. The fact that they are one layer of material means they was EXCELLENTLY by hand and dry in a matter of no time! Where as prefolds are thick, take longer to wash and dry and are limited in the size you can fold them on baby. So for these cases, flats would be a good way to go specifically for the most far out areas with the least amount of help and washing abilities. They are by far the most economical. Plus if you look at them by weight and space, the flats will weigh less and take up less space.

    Also the pocket diapers can be stuffed with a trifolded prefold, terry cloth towel, a flat folded into a rectangle or any other absorbent cloth. But they can also simply be used as a COVER rather than stuffed...this will help them go further and last longer.

    Also you can even just buy flannel or muslin from the fabric store. Check Joann's for bolt ends or mis-cuts/returns and they often have 40 and 50% off coupons, you could get several yards of fabric for a few bucks and then just cut it into a square and serge or zigzag stitch the edges. Super cheap and easy!

    Also that is a great way to make economical wipes as well.

    Here are some instructions you could print out for them.

    The little lions unbleached flats are by FAR the best flat diapers I've seen, they are the perfect size and are super absorbent! you could contact them about when they will be instock and if you could get a "deal"...but there are some instructions you could print out as well.

    lots of great pics and ideas and tutorials here about could print some of this off to share with the orphanages.

    Also a really good absorbent diaper, fastened on doesn't HAVE to have a cover on it. It helps them to breathe and helps the caretakers know to change the baby as well! And if they DO use a cover they also don't have to fasten it with a snappi or pin if it's a snug fitting cover, the pull on style covers generally need the diaper to be fastened though.

  21. I love this idea and once my son is out of diapers (as I am a cloth diapering mom), I will definitely donate for the cause!

    In case anyone is wondering, the fancy schmancy $20 diapers are available from $4-$5 on ebay. Those are the ones I use and I love them because like the flat diapers, they can be adjusted according to the size of the baby, but what I like about them is they have snaps instead of pins.

    In the event anyone is interested in them, the seller's store:

    she ships almost immediately, but it takes some time to arrive (to me at least. I'm in the US and she is in China)

    Happy diapering, and all my blessings for the children :)

  22. Just a couple of thoughts, since we use cloth diapers and I know how labor intensive they can be for just one baby.
    I think it's a great idea, but just wondering if they have the ability to be able to change that many diapers in a day? I would think that no diaper is better than a soggy diaper all day that causes rashes and infections????
    Also, do they have the necessary resources to wash all of these diapers? If the diapers are shared, they will have to make sure that all of the bacteria is out when they're laundered. Which means washing in very hot water and/or hanging in the sun to dry.

  23. When we went to ET, we saw that the orphanages have full-time workers washing clothing by hand in a tub of water in the yard. Do you know if the the places that are receiving the cloth diapers can handle them safely with all of the parasites and other illnesses that spread through the poo?

    Not trying to rain on your project because I admire your heart to help, but I've been wondering about folks taking cloth there for a while. I think that it is culturally accepted for the babies to run bare-bottom, and that they toilet train a lot sooner than our pampered U.S. booties. :-)


Thank you for your kind words!!