Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do You Have Plans Saturday Night??

Ok...I'm so impressed with the MANY great fundraising ideas people keep coming up with...I'll have to do a post SOON on ALL the wonderful, new ideas I keep coming across...and lots of them are bringing in HUGE bucks!! One of my favorite new ideas is happening THIS SATURDAY NIGHT: **Let me give you a little background here on this fam!!! This is my FOOD COURT family!!! Yes, this is the gal who stopped me at the Mall Food Court and poured her heart out to me about her desire to adopt...then...not only did her hubby come around...but...they are NOW on the wait list with AGCI for a sibling group of 3!!! Yes...God is amazing like that!!! So, they need to raise LOTS of money to bring a BIG sibling group home...So....they are having this wonderful MOVIE NIGHT this coming Saturday night!!! We'll be there to support and I hope some of you can come too!!! It is in THEIR backyard..and I hear it is a fabulous place for a Family Movie!!! What a FUN idea!!! See the ABOVE INVITE for all the info!!!!!! can buy their new tshirt on their blog at We have OURS ordered and will be sporting them on Saturday night!!! :) Can't wait!!!!!

****Ok, NEXT line of business....I have a SUPER CUTE NEW SHIRT that was just mailed to me yesterday..and I wore it ALL DAY today and LOVE IT!!!! Why do I love it soooo much you might ask???? Well....cause this family:

made it!! Yes, they have 7 bio children and ARE NOW ADOPTING!!! Amazing huh!!!! You can find their cuteness and their NEW SHIRT at Oh, here I am sporting my shirt today:

Sorry....I had a short kid obviously taking the pic!! LOL BUT WAIT....I have to show you MY FAVORITE part of the shirt.....Look closely:

Yes, that is Lucy Lane's name on it!!! They put kids names all over the back that are "orphaned NO MORE"!!!! Isn't that awesome!!! All these children have LL made the cut!!! :) So fun!!!! You can see the shirts up close and better on her site: So, check them out, support their adoption AND wear LL's name on your shirt!! so fun!!!!

****That's IT for the night!!!! Hope to see ya Saturday night at the Family Adoption Fundraiser Movie Night!!! Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Wish we lived close by and could come to the fundraiser night! I already have my shirt from the Bice family too! And I love that Caroline's name is right next to Lucy Lane's name!! :)

  2. That's a great shirt! Love the names:) There will be one less orphan soon!! We just heard from immigration our fingerprint appt is soon then we can have court scheduled and we will have a baby boy! Biruktawit is very excited that she will have a brother, especially since he will also be from Etiopia;)

  3. so I was looking and reading fast and thought she was pointing to Esther!! so I had to order one :) thanks for pointing that out :)
    glad you found someone to applique the shirts.. they look adorable!! pitterpatterart...quite talented girl!! love her art...


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