Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Shout Outs for the Day....(and an idea)...UPDATED WITH MORE SHOUT OUTS! Updated AGAIN...AND AGAIN...AGAIN!! Ok, last 3 are up...

yes, it's completely true...i can't even begin to keep up with all the "shout out" requests going on...Oh, HOW I wish I could...My heart is to HELP those of you STEPPING OUT FOR THE LORD...EVEN when the funds AREN'T there...That takes courage AND faith!! And, just imagine HOW GREAT our world would be IF everyone else lived their lives with that much strength, courage and FAITH!! Amazing!! So, with that said...I've failed many of you EMAILING and TRYING so sweetly and kindly to let me know HOW you are fundraising these days!! There are JUST incredible and creative things going on EVERYWHERE to raise the funds to adopt!! With that said...I'm going to share a few things...but ultimately I have an idea to get ALL of your fundraising EFFORTS out there....So, here goes..and stay with me till the end to SEE MY IDEA:

* My adopting buddy Tisha who went RIGHT after I did to pick up her twins from HH (they even were all over my Gotcha Day video) is doing an amazing thing for ONE of our adoption friends: Maria (her kids pictured above) from has a beautiful story...TWO bio children, then an adoption from Guatemala, then an adoption from Ethiopia and NOW an adoption for TWO children with Downs Syndrome from Europe!! Yes, she blows my mind...and she's constantly advocating on her blog for ALL those children still waiting...I love to read what she's up to and HOW many children she's placed through her efforts!! BUT...back to Tisha...Tisha is raising money to help this family now that they've just gotten home and have 6 children...2 of which will require much care. This is something God laid on Tisha to do for Maria and her family. The least I could do is let yall know about it.... Tisha's blog with her efforts going on is: Check it out!!

* Ok, so check out She has some great tshirts going on and a cute blog. She's also one of my agci ya know I gotta give her a shout out just for that reason!! :) Lets bless her socks off by supporting their Ethiopian adoption and sporting her t's:

*Do yall realize that Ordinary Hero has over 50 families now signed up to receive the profits from November tshirt sells...AMAZING!! So, families will make about 10 bucks per shirt they sell and THEN the top 3 sellers GET THEIR MONEY MATCHED BY ORDINARY HERO!! Hundreds of tshirt sells are going on...I mean...they and all their peeps are keeping Charlene busy over at Ordinary Hero...Char is my neighbor and friend and now she is CONSTANTLY helping my sister with OH. BUT, i've been informed that I'M taking one thing off Charlene's PLATE...I'm the newest team member for OH...well, i guess i've always been a team member with my sister running the show..but now I'm going to be sending out the Speak Up Emails that showcases the children currently needing speaks right to my heart so it will be perfect!! If you want to sign up to receive those emails...go to the Ordinary Hero site and email Kelly or Charlene to get on the email list!! Then you'll start getting emails from me SOON via OH!! :)

***So, HERE's MY IDEA...IF you have a shout out NEED that could help you bring awareness to your fundraising efforts for YOUR ADOPTION....Leave your blog and what you are doing/selling in my COMMENT BOX and I'll try and grab them through out the day tomorrow to add to THIS post...How does that sound?? I have no idea HOW this will play out..but hey, we can give it a TRY!! I can't promise it will help...some people tell me my efforts SOLD all their shirts, etc...others say it didn't help a I'll do my best! :) So, it works like this: leave me a comment with your blog address and what you are selling or doing...and hopefully in the end it will bring some traffic your way...we'll see! :)

***oh, one more I just found in my email inbox:

*Also, check out This local family JUST got home, literally, with their 5 yr. old son from Ethiopia..and are TURNING back around to return to adopt his best friend they left behind...Oh, just burst my heart!!! :) They need some serious fast cash to afford TWO back to back happy for them. Check out their amazing story and see if you can't help this family that is stepping out in faith!!!

***Ok, so check out this adorable family that contacted me and let me know that God used our baby girl and her video to inspire them...They were a family like us that thought they were complete WHEN God had different plans. Thanks for emailing me "A". You made my day with your sweet email... It's a great video...ENJOY:

**that's all the energy I have left for the day...IF YOU HAVE THE ENERGY...leave me a comment with your blog address and what you are selling/giving away, etc. that can benefit your adoption..and we'll give it a shout out...just leave it in my comment box to make my life easier please!! :) We'll see if it helps....happy Monday to you all, kj

Ok...lets start the FUN....Here's the shout outs I've received so far...LL is napping so I have about 40 minutes to knock these out on here....And, someone explain to my hubby when he gets home and the house is filthy ALL the GOOD I was up to..LOL : goes...check them out...and be sure to read MY COMMENTS TOO for more info...GREAT Christmas present ideas:

1. - Ordinary Hero tshirt sells plus custom Christmas cards

2. - OH tshirt sells plus coffee

3. the ultimate head wrap for winter that won't mess up your child's hair...cute idea!! :)

4. tshirt sells Plus photography sessions given by

5. Hong Kong adoption..selling necklaces

6. personalized cake keepers (cute)!!

7. selling accessories at

8. Bachman family at

9. scripture inspired custom gallery wrapped canvases

10. tshirt sells plus scrabble piece necklaces

11. Rwanda adoption...

12. Ordinary Hero shirt sells PLUS coffee

13. tshirt sells for adoption of 3 yr. old with HIV

14. - tshirt sells

15. - bottle cap necklaces to raise money for orphanage in Ethiopia

16. - tshirt sells

17. Needs 971.00 more dollars to get on wait list...just sitting and waiting...Selling puzzle pieces plus tshirts

18. got love?? Adopt apparel... totes, shirts, mugs, etc.

***Keep them coming and I'll add when I get a FREE moment from the babes (and who knows when that will be...i'll keep this up for a couple of days since I don't know HOW often i can add to the list....)kj

**Ok, i'm back...LL and George and 5 yr. old Hal are watching Max and Ruby (girls are at gymnastics with daddy) for the moment so I can do this gives me about 10 minutes..and pray LL doesn't get into anything LOL...Here goes:

19. and Gladney adoption

20. China special needs

21. Ordinary Hero sells, Christmas cards, coffee, paracord bracelets and wreaths (this fam is busy :)

22. tshirt sells plus working on prayer bracelets

23. and tshirt sells

24. Parent/child apron sets and a give away going on...( cute aprons)

**ok, that's it for now...i'll do more as they come in and as I have quiet moments (ha..that's a's never quiet around here :) kj

* A couple of more before I close shop for the night....

25. raising money for orphan care

26. My MS peep selling bracelets..and they are beautiful..and I got one (so love it) and I think everyone needs one...:)

And...i'm done for the night...MORE tomorrow if they come in....happy tuesday to you all, kj

***Good Morning..a couple more to share...I'll be blogging something different at some point today...but i'm going to link this on my side bar for a keep them coming today IF you want a shout out....kj

27. - huge give away going on...

28. - tshirts at discount PLUS necklaces

**Ok, here are my final 3 for this post...i'm seeing there is a need to get FAMILIES that FUNDRAISE together...working on some's the last 3:

29. hairbows

30. Amaharic "mama" shirt, announcements, Christmas cards, note cards and other t's!! Funding their 2nd Ethiopian Adoption

31. raising money for adoption grants and specific orphanage Perpetual Change Non profit works with...

***thanks to you ALL for working AS HARD as you are to bring the money in to bring your little ones home!! Always KNOW that God funds what he favors...and HE certainly favors adoption!! May God Bless your efforts!! kj


  1. Kristi this is an awesome idea! Thank you for being so supportive of all of us going through this journey! When you posted about LL's shirt I made it definately got me some orders. Not a ton, but every little bit matters! My newest thing (along with selling OH shirts - yay!!!) is that I am designing Christmas Cards as a fundraiser. Here's the link...would totally love a shout-out if you have time!
    That being said....I love how family-oriented you are so make sure you CONTINUE to put them first!
    HUGS, Megan {AGCI}

  2. You never cease to amaze me!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Hi Kristi, I really love your blog and have followed it ever since I found Lucy Lane's video on Youtube. We are Jason and Stephanie Webb, and we are DTE. Our blog is; we are doing the Ordinary Hero fundraiser for November, and we are also selling coffee. Thank you for the opportunity! :)

    I think you may like this idea for LL due to your obsession with bows :D

  5. Thanks for doing this, Kristi! We are selling t-shirts. My husband also does photo sessions to raise money for our adoption. We call it One Smile Closer Photography. We live in North Louisiana and my sweet sister-in-law joined in and she lives in Murfreesboro. She gives us all of the proceeds. She recently took pics of the Luchts and the Stavnes. Our blog address is and Kelsey's ( my sis-in-law) photography blog is

  6. Hi Kristi! Olivia still talks about LL's gotcha day video you left as a comment on her blog! We love it and can't wait to produce our own soon!!! We are adopting a special needs daughter from Hong Kong hopefully in 2011. Currently we are selling necklaces I make and soon I'll be posting some tshirts I'm creating. Necklaces are $15 each including shipping and if 3 are purchased people can get a fourth for just $5 more! Hoping they will make great Christmas gifts! :)

  7. Thanks Kristi! You're the best.

  8. Hey Kristi! You are so sweet to do all you can to help as many families come together. We appreciate you! I make personalized cake keepers (you know, the kind you take to a covered dish or pot luck). I think they are super cute.. :) The album is on the left sidebar of our blog: Thanks again for all you do!

  9. Kristi, you truly are a gift from God! Other popular blogs turn away people trying to raise money, but NOT you!! Thank you so much for all you do for the 163 million children who need forever families and for the parents trying to bring them home...

  10. This is such a sweet idea Kristi! I am making and selling accessories for young girls and adult women. All the profit goes to bring Tucker home. We have $2,300 to raise and a January 17th court date. :) Here's the site for my blog: AND here's the site for my accessories:

    Thanks so much! :)

  11. Hi Kristi...
    We are the Bachman Family and we are currently waiting for our referral for our baby daughter from Ethiopia. We have a blog but it is private (our agency highly recommended that). However we have an Etsy Shop
    There we are selling t-shirts that we designed and adoption wall hangings.
    If you need to view my blog you can e-mail me at and I can send you a link to our blog. I love your are a blessing. ~ Jen Bachman

  12. What a great idea, Kristi! My sister and I are making scripture-inspired, custom gallery-wrapped canvases. We can completely customize them...color, photo, scripture, etc. All of the proceeds go to help my husband and I bring home our sweet baby from Ethiopia.

  13. Thanks for all you do Kristi!!! I've been blog hopping the last couple of days doing Christmas shopping this way!!! =) Better to shop with a cause than just shop. Off to check out links you shared. I feel another spending spree coming on! lol ♥

  14. Hi Kristi- We're in the process of bringing home a 4 year old boy from Ethiopia-- just waiting for THE call!!! We are selling t-shirts and scrabble tile necklaces. (just click the pictures of them on the right of my blog and it will give all the details.)

    Thanks for helping to spread the word!!

    -Suzi Redman

  15. We are waiting for our 4 1/2 yr annv. to start our paperwork with Rwanda. After much prayer, this is what we feel we are to do. So we are raising the funds to get things started, with an etsy shop and a penny contest. All can be see at our blog. Thanks!

  16. Hi Kristi,
    We are doing the ordinary hero shirts and just love coffee.

    Thanks so much!!

  17. sorry for the extra post but we are also doing an Usborne online book party. Thanks

    We are adopting a BEAUTIFUL 3 yr. old HIV+ girl from ET!
    Just posted our tees yesterday.
    Would love your support.

  19. We are the Reeves' family and we are trying to raise the money to bring home our son from Ethiopia. We have some tshirts with a powerful message for sale on our blog, and a giveaway for one that ends today! check it out :) and thank you for helping get the word out.

  20. Hey Kristi! Thanks so much for your "shout outs!" We are selling adorable bottle cap necklaces and key chains to help raise money for an orphanage in Ethiopia and we are (very soon) going to partner with Team Alexander to support Hope for Dube Bute! Check it out at
    Thanks a million!

  21. The Bices are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. We are currently, selling t-shirts to raise the funds. Please visit us and purchase a shirt (or two) at
    We just got in a huge order of shirts AND the kid shirts are marked down to $15.
    Thanks for supporting our family!

  22. This is such a sweet idea! We are only $971 short of being on the waitlist. Our dossier is done and sitting on the kitchen couter waiting to be sent in, we just need a check to send with it. So we are selling puzzle pieces for $5 and Only Love t-shirts for $25 ($20 if you live in a state where no one has bought one yet)! If we sold 195 puzzle pieces we'd be there! :) We just can't wait to be waiting!! Here's the link to our blog if you have time to post it
    We really appreciate everything you do, your blog has been such a HUGE inspiration for us!

  23. Hi Kristi, thanks for giving us this opportunity to spread the word on our fundraiser. We are raising money for our second adoption (first was in 2007 from China) from South Korea. We are selling t-shirts, travel mugs and tote bags with a simple message: got love? adopt. 147 million orphans. We are taking orders for long sleeved and hoodies and running a contest for a new product that will be ready to sell and ship next week--it's a good one, so take a guess after reading the clues!!

    Love your heart and support of adoptive families!! Keep it up!!!

  24. Kristi,
    What a thoughful, wonderful way to allow all of us on this journey to adopt the chance to connect with our fund raising ideas.
    My husband and I are working with Gladney to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia.
    We are selling t-shirts and I do a lot of sewing and making cute headbands. My etsy store is
    and our blog is

    Thank you again and God Bless!

  25. China special needs adoption t's @ for the masterson family. Thanks for looking. :)

  26. Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU! We are a fellow AGCI family at #51 for our sweet boy =) We are involved with Ordinary hero's shirt sales (which is more than awesome!) and selling: Christmas Cards, Just Love Coffee, Paracord Bracelets, (Wreaths for those in the San Antonio/Austin Area) ALL proceeds go towards our adoption!
    Thanks Kristi!

  27. Kristi,

    What an AMAZING idea!! Thank you SO MUCH for offering to do this!! My Ethiopian adoption blog is

    I am currently selling shirts and am working on getting prayer bracelets made to sell as well, and I also have a ChipIn on the left hand side of my blog for those who feel lead to donate in helping bring my son home as soon as possible!!

    Thanks again for using your blog to help get the word out about so many of us who are in this amazing process and those like me who are new to the blog world and don't have that many followers :( You have no idea how much this means!!

    God Bless you!!

  28. Hi Kristi~ You are such a wonder!! Can I have some of your energy! I know you were so gracious to shout out for us once before but we'd love another push on our t-shirts! We are awaiting our written homestudy to send in our completed dossier to Ethiopia for our little brother. Just a little short on the fundraising so every little bit will help!! I will be marking our shirts down from $20 to $15 for adults and $15-$10 for kiddos. Blessings!!

  29. and almost forgot....we are part of the OH t-shirts sales too!!

  30. Thank you so much for doing this! Please add my fundraising blog, I am paying it forward as I fundraise for our adoption.
    is having it's very first give away and we are selling parent/child apron sets and family values canvases. The money raised will not only be used for our adoption but also helping other fundraising families.

    Team One Less Broken Heart
    Bringing them home, one orphan at a time

  31. Hi Kristi, Just wondering if it has to be fundraising to bring our child home? We brought our child home a little over 3 years ago but I still sell custom made boutique clothing to raise money for orphan care as well as caring for other children in need, such as school sponsorship, feeding programs, etc. So let me know if that is okay ( I hope it is!) :) as I would LOVE to be added to the list.

    My site is Beautiful Brown Eyed Girl Boutique
    Cute Custom Boutique Clothing for Great Causes!!

    Thank You So Much Kristi,
    Amy Ruston

  32. Hey girl! Just now checking blogs for the day...thanks for doing this! We are selling bracelets to bring our Caroline Faith home from Ethiopia! 4 different styles...and an option to personalize! Our blog is

    we are adopting our #4- a girl from Ethiopia. We are holding a HUGE giveaway on our blog right now until Thursday to raise money for our USCIS and Dossier Submission fees.

  34. Thank you Kristi! I really appreciate it!

    Stephanie Webb

  35. Thanks so much Kristi! We have some surplus t-shirts we are selling for a BIG discount as well as the option to buy one necklace you get a t-shrit free!!

  36. Hi Kristi,

    I've got some hair bows I'm selling at
    This is an awesome idea, thanks for doing it!

  37. Hey Kristi,
    Carrie again, i know we have emailed but since I didn't see it in the list I thought I would comment. Mine is the Amharic Mama shirt you have in pink. - Selling customizable Ethiopian adoption announcements, Christmas Cards, Note cards and Tees to raise money for our second adoption from ET! Thanks for all you do.

  38. Forgot to include my blog-

    Sorry, carrie :o)

  39. Our non-profit Perpetual Change ( is opening an Etsy store for a month with donated items. All funds raised will go to adoption grants and the orphanage that Perpetual Change sponsors.
    Lots of great stuff, check it out!!!

  40. Hi Kristi! I love your blog and the fact that you're willing to get the word out for some of us currently in the adoption process! We just started a blog at and we are partnering with Adopted by Design at who makes custom stationary/announcements/Christmas cards! Just include "Mortellite" with your order and part of the proceeds help our family. Thanks again!

  41. Please include us! We are over at with our fundraising efforts being an etsy shop with toys, home items, and homemade shirts. Plus the standard Coffee and OH Shirts! Thanks for doing this, oh and it is all going towards our Ethiopian Adoption!

  42. Hi Kristi, Thanks for helping get the word out. This is for our adoption OR ANYONE else AND also helps the widow at the same time. I sent you an e-mail with details.
    Love & blessings!
    "True Religion" Christmas Shopping:Pampered Chef fund raising for MY ADOPTION OR YOURS that helps the Widows in distress at the same time!!!

  43. I would love to come up with something creative to sell to raise our adoption funds for Thailand. Any ideas out there?? Please send them my way! I love all the ideas on here though! Thanks for the post.

  44. I don't know if it's too late to add to the list...but, we just started selling shirts on our blog for our adoption of two kids from Ghana!

    God Bless

  45. I am currently selling Peace, Love, Africa shirts to raise money for an orphange in Ghana. They're super cute and will be available until March 1st. Thanks for looking and GOD BLESS!

  46. I know this is an old post of yours...but I hope this comment finds its way to you. The Lord has stirred my heart deeply for the orphans of Africa!!! He has also placed a strong desire to do what I can now to help families wishing to adopt. So I've JUST started "Forget Us Knot" ---its a fundraiser that I want to open up to families across the country. I am making key fobs/lanyards and giving all proceeds to "sponsored" families adoption fund. If you know of a family in need please give them my contact info You can go to to view the website. I am still in the very early stages of getting everything set up. I would love to hear back from you and any insight from you on where I can place this energy! Looking forward to seeing where the Lord leads! In His Amazing Grace-Jennifer


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