Friday, December 30, 2011

Ordinary Hero....2011 amazing year for Ordinary Hero...I'm so proud of my big sister, Kelly, who runs this amazing organization!!! She just came out with this video looking back at 2011.... Enjoy!!! And, visit to see what it's all about.....

Happy Friday to you all, kj

Ordinary Hero ~ Ethiopia 2011~ We Won't Forget from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011...So blessed!!!!

We were ALL so blessed to have our FIRST Christmas with Wes Paulos this year.....LAST year I had just arrived home from Africa in time for Christmas....My heart ached for the starving, sick little boy I'd left behind...BUT...this Christmas, Wes is HOME and he enjoyed opening his FIRST Christmas present EVER:

Oh, he's SO CUTE.......I just Praised God this Christmas for the miracle of our new son and the fact that we have 6 little LOVES that make Christmas completely MAGICAL..... CAUSE 3 LITTLE BOYS:AND, 3 LITTLE GIRLS:EQUALS.... ONE VERY HAPPY family this year.....
We are indeed SO BLESSED!!!!!!
(ages this Christmas 2011: 9,8,6,4,3 and 1)

And, from this VERY smothered in babies Momma.....
I Pray you all had a VERY Merry Blessed Christmas!!!! (pic taken last night from our family Christmas party...cracks me represents my life right now...always on the floor covered in babies!!! LOL) Happy Monday to you all, kj

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today, I walked into a remote orphanage in Ethiopia and saw my son for the first time.... He sat starving at only 7 lbs., covered in waste and flies, unable to smile, and in need of a life saving surgery to survive....I painfully left him there and promised I would return for him.....I prayed every day that he would SURVIVE until i could return to bring him home....One YEAR LATER exactly TODAY... He weighed 25 lbs at his Dr. appt this morning, he's a healthy, active post op toddler boy who has NOW been home over 7 months....And, our Cranio Surgeon says he doesn't have to see us back for 1 year!!!! yayyyyyyy!! His surgeries have been a success and we are celebrating here today for this LITTLE MIRACLE that i met one year ago TODAY!!! We love you more than words could ever express Wes Paulos!! I can't imagine my world with out YOU IN IT!!!! You bring me pure happiness each and every day!! Happy 1 year Meetcha Day!! :) And, Happy Monday to you all, kj

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh.....Soooo Cute!!! :)

I so LOVE the new VERY SOFT long sleeve Kid's Ordinary Hero Tshirt..... I had to grab one for ALL 6 of my kiddos...BUT...Wes was napping and the big 3 were at it only left my 3 and 4 yr. old to model the new shirts for me....Check them out:

Oh, they keep me on my toes...but...such CUTE craziness always going on at my house!!! :) LOL Grab ya a shirt too this season at .....Ya gotta find the store on the site somewhere i'm guessing!!!! :) Just had to share...Merry, Merry to you all...and Happy Saturday to you all too ,kj

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Teddy Made It HOME!!!!!!!

The airport homecoming for my nephew, Teddy, last night was just a MIRACLE!! Oh, how i love airport homecomings...The only thing better about an airport homecoming is when it is YOUR OWN FAMILY COMING HOME!!! So much 6 kiddos were just BEYOND excited as we waited:He arrives and there is NO room for the boy to even breathe...he's attacked by his brother and sister and cousins RIGHT AWAY...and he handled it all so he'd been waiting a million years for this day:
All 4 sisters posing for a pic:
I've met Teddy while in Ethiopia on two of my was so great holding this little love again...He's so tiny for a 4 year old:
My Julia couldn't wait for HER turn to hold him:
Wes apologizing to Teddy for getting HOME so much sooner than he did....ha ha...just kidding :)....
3 sisters with our 4 Ethiopian Children....God willing...I think we're ALL DONE growing our families.....
Miss Lucy Lane got tired of all the commotion over Cousin Teddy and took a little rest on Daddy:
Teddy and his Daddy.....Oh, that face (teddy's :) is just so cute:
And, here is the family of 5 now....Oh, we're all just so thankful that this long wait is over and they are ALL finally together...Praise the LORD!!!!!!
I cant' wait to kiss Teddy's little face again on Thursday..Oh, we ALL have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!! Welcome home Teddy!! We all love you SO much and your ENTIRE family PRAISES GOD THAT YOU ARE FINALLY HOME!!! Happy Sunday to you all, kj

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Lucy Lane!!!

OHHHH!!!!! How is it that my sweet girl is now 3 years old!!?? Lucy Lane has now been home 2 1/2 years and today she turns 3 !!! Wow...time has certainly flown by!!!!I just had to say happy birthday to my sweet, adorable, fun, crazy, outgoing, funny, sassy, hilarious, dramatic, confident, lovable, CUTE, joyful, Lucy Lane!!! Our family would be just so boring without YOU Baby Girl!!! You are truly a BLESSING in each and every way!!!! :)
We love you SO MUCH and we thank God for you EACH DAY!!!
Happy Birthday Miss Lucy Lane and Happy Tuesday to you all!!! kj

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teddy is Coming HOME!!! They Got CLEARED!!

Just a quick note to say PRAISE JESUS...The U.S. Embassy cleared my sister and her son...and MY NEPHEW IS COMING HOME!!!!!!

I'm sure she'll be on the NEXT FLIGHT OUT!!!!! So over the moon excited for them...and for our entire fam!! That will be 4 sweet, adorable, little Ethiopian Babes around the Thanksgiving table this year!! 3 sisters...4 children that now have a HUGE family that LOVES them more than words could ever express!!
Celebrating the Good News...All Praise Be To GOD!!! Happy Wednesday to you all, kj

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday 2011....Never Forget...

What a difference a year makes...This time last year on Orphan Sunday, I was praying my hubby would allow us to adopt for #6!! This year...our son has been home 6 months...Wow!! God answers prayers in big ways!! :) My sister just came out with this video proud of what Ordinary Hero is doing...and what a GREAT video and message for Orphan Sunday...enjoy... happy Sunday to you all, kj (pause my music at bottom of page)

Ordinary Hero~ The Orphan from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wes Goes To the Beach For the FIRST Time!!!

Just a little update from us...We are all doing great...especially Wes....He got to visit the Beach for the first time over fall break and I just HAD to share some of the cuteness....He loved it....

*Seeing the beach for the first time:
*Touching the Sand for the first time:
And, LL has been to the beach a BUNCH...but she loves it and is so excited EVERY time:
Our sweet Wes continues to amaze us.... He's truly a gift from God and witnessing him on the beach for the first time was such a treat to us all:
He was never scared a bit...he loved the waves, the sand, the water, the fish...everything....
He's the happiest boy you'll ever meet:
Oh, and not to mention that he has a slight obsession with LL...He is constantly pulling on her curls...She doesn't quite appreciate the pulling of the curls :)
Wes discovered he LOVED Sprite out of a bottle:

My Sweet 3 boys.....
My precious 3 girls....
And, from us all....Hope you all had a blessed Fall Break!!!! It is our favorite time to hit the beach....
***Happy Wednesday to you all, kj

Monday, September 26, 2011

Praise The LORD!!! They FINALLY Passed Court!!!!

I heard the words our ENTIRE family has been waiting to hear TODAY: My sister has finally passed court for her sweet son!! Yes, a judge is working in Ethiopia right now....cause....they received the news today: It is official!! Teddy is THEIR son and MY PRECIOUS NEPHEW!!!! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!
Here is my sister at her court date on March 10th...she was able to visit my Wes Paulos and allow the first cousins to meet:
My hubby traveled for our court date in April..and he was able to visit with Teddy and AGAIN allow the cousins to hang.....

Every case is unique and we certainly never dreamed we'd be home in MAY with our Wes..and my sister has continued to WAIT as bumps continued to come up in her particular case....
My daughter Helen got to meet her first cousin Teddy when she traveled with me in May to pick up Wes....

This has been a long, hard road...but this precious boy is OH SO WORTH THE WAIT....

They will be submitted to the U.S. Embassy next....and we PRAY they find mercy on this sweet boy WHO has been waiting SO LONG....
*Thank you all for your prayers...thank you CCI for your endless work on this case...and THANK YOU LORD for answering our prayers and that this sweet boy is OFFICIALLY part of our family today!! What a glorious day!!
(most recent pic just sent to us above :) Happy Monday to you all, kj