Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Fun!!!! (and check out my cute new bday shirts that arrived)

We kicked our Friday morning off by visiting the local playground for about 3 HOURS...George and Lucy lane and I had lots of fun with lots of little friends....BUT...LL decided to steal a friend's car keys: "Come on Lucylane....Bring Jennifer's keys back!!! "

Later that day we picked up the 3 "big Kids" from school and headed to Kentucky for my sister Kelly's and MY BDAY dinner my MOMMA was fixin....I love getting to see my grandparents who live next to my Mom....and I love seeing LL playin with them:

Such a blessing to still have Grandparents in my life!!!!!

OHHHHH...but my Mom's cookin is soooo good....As you can see.....LL is very excited about sitting down to eat:

Can you say, "DRAMA QUEEN":


Ohhhhhhhhh.....YUMMMMMMY...this is WHAT my plate looked like...Gotta love Momma's HOME COOKIN:
Love finding the cousins LOVIN on LL too when you walk into the room:'s my tiny, itty bitty little Momma:
Yes, she's a crazy little tiny nut...and the best cook ever!!! Thanks Mom for my yummy bday dinner....the kids had so much fun and I appreciate all your hard work!!!!!!

***Daddy worked late so he didn't make the trip with us..So I put the kid's jammies on, got their pillows and blankies all ready in the car....and headed back to TN LATE....
**I came home to a clean house (thanks hubby)..and THIS package waiting on me:'s beginning to look a lot like "birthday season" around here.....Starting next month..I have all 5 kid's bdays in a row........
And...I ordered these TWO fabulous shirts to celebrate "the first two" birthdays that fall back to back.....
I got them at and all proceeds go towards THEIR SECOND ETHIOPIAN ADOPTION!!! How awesome is that!!!! so fun!!! These two bday girls (coming up) were so excited to see their new shirts out on the counter when they woke this morning!!! :)
***That's all I've got this morning!!! Gotta get ready for movie night tonight (making food to help out with it...see last post :) Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. How fun. Gotta love that drama queen LL!
    And that plate of food is making my mouth water!
    No fixins like that on this side of the globe! :o)
    Love & Birthday Blessings from Hong Kong,
    P.S The T-shirts are ADORABLE!

  2. My youngest is turning one in a couple of weeks and a girlfriend is making her a bday shirt too. I guess it's probably convenient to have all the birthdays lumped together??

  3. I love the stuff at Pitter Patter Art! So cute. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I sent you an e-mail about my thoughts.

  4. Adorable pics and I'm checking out that site now! Thanks!
    from -- come check us out!

  5. Please tell me your mother had you in high school! My heart went to my gut when I saw that photo. She looks younger than me, and I am just getting my kids. ugh...... Too bad. I am doing it no matter how old I am gonna look....

  6. looks like y'all had a fab time. homecookn rocks!! and post-welcome to Kentucky!! thats where we live :)

  7. what a yummy bday dinner. fun bday shirts!


Thank you for your kind words!!