Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Wes Update...

Well...most of you have figured out that I just am not keeping up this lovely blog anymore...It was so much fun back in the day when I had time to keep it up daily..I truly enjoyed every second of that chapter in my life...but chapters end..and new ones begin!!  Bringing Wes home was the start of a new chapter in our lives.  He required around the clock care after his surgery...he no longer could sleep and was a constant danger to himself being a running/active toddler that didn't understand that every climb and fall meant ANOTHER ER visit and CT scan to see that he had not hurt anything in that precious FRAGILE head of his!!  To say that it was an exhausting time to keep him SAFE and keep 5 other young kids happy and alive is just an understatement!!  At the same time...we truly lost our minds and bought an 1850's fixer upper house and moved with all 6 kids in tow!! :) Yes, we are insane sometimes..or really LOVE an adventure!! ha  BUT, I can say now that things are finally SLIGHTLY calming down..we are settled in our new place (with decades of work ahead of us to fix up this old place..but love it :), Wes has had MORE CT scans and procedures than I can count and I THINK we are finally in the clear for the next 6 months with out any more IF he doesn't have any more major changes in that noggin of his, AND Wes has caught up physically and verbally with his peers WHICH IS A MIRACLE after all he's been through.  We got the news yesterday that he didn't even qualify for Early Intervention BECAUSE HE WAS TOO NORMAL!!! Wow...just can't believe it!!  Wes hit 30 lbs. last month too (which is a far cry from the 7 lb malnourished one year old I found sitting in an orphanage that day)!!  He's just doing GREAT...and to GOD WE GIVE ALL GLORY!! best pal sent me this photo collage the other day to remind me of HOW FAR Wes had come in the past year...and I could hardly believe my eyes with the comparison:

I thought I should sit it on my quiet little blog for a while to be a testimony of God's LOVE and the miracles HE still performs each and every day!!  The fact that my son survived to be adopted was a miracle in itself...but the fact that he's caught up with his peers and his brain has caught up in shape and size and is lighting up beautifully...well..that is just a miracle that only GOD COULD PERFORM!!  We are so grateful!!

*Happy Wednesday to you all, kj

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy 3 Year Gotcha Day Lucy Lane!!

I truly can't believe 3 years has gone by since I held Lucy lane for the first time!! Wow....time is surely going by way too fast!!  So thankful for this little love...She is truly the craziest, sassiest, funniest, most nutty 3 year old child I've ever met...and yet...I wouldn't have her ANY OTHER WAY!!  We love you sweet girl and PRAISE GOD FOR YOU TODAY!!
 And, my sweet Wes has been home one year now...and he is doing GREAT!!  He's grown so much and has recovered nicely from his surgeries... love my precious baby boy!! :)
Happy Friday to you all, kj