Monday, September 26, 2011

Praise The LORD!!! They FINALLY Passed Court!!!!

I heard the words our ENTIRE family has been waiting to hear TODAY: My sister has finally passed court for her sweet son!! Yes, a judge is working in Ethiopia right now....cause....they received the news today: It is official!! Teddy is THEIR son and MY PRECIOUS NEPHEW!!!! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!
Here is my sister at her court date on March 10th...she was able to visit my Wes Paulos and allow the first cousins to meet:
My hubby traveled for our court date in April..and he was able to visit with Teddy and AGAIN allow the cousins to hang.....

Every case is unique and we certainly never dreamed we'd be home in MAY with our Wes..and my sister has continued to WAIT as bumps continued to come up in her particular case....
My daughter Helen got to meet her first cousin Teddy when she traveled with me in May to pick up Wes....

This has been a long, hard road...but this precious boy is OH SO WORTH THE WAIT....

They will be submitted to the U.S. Embassy next....and we PRAY they find mercy on this sweet boy WHO has been waiting SO LONG....
*Thank you all for your prayers...thank you CCI for your endless work on this case...and THANK YOU LORD for answering our prayers and that this sweet boy is OFFICIALLY part of our family today!! What a glorious day!!
(most recent pic just sent to us above :) Happy Monday to you all, kj

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How about a TINY, LIttle Update on my Bday...

Yes, today I am 37!! I don't mind getting is actually kind of fun!! :) Well...everything besides the wrinkles and gray hairs taking over my head.....LOL

***I promise, We are all doing is just UNBELIEVABLY CRAZY right now!! Wes learned how to climb on everything in ONE day and hasn't stopped... My other kids could take a tumble after climbing on the couch..and no big deal....Wes falls off the couch and it is an all day sit in the E.R. (which we have experienced :( He has climbed out of his crib and fallen and nearly given me a HEART ATTACK!!! So.... I've felt busy before.....I've felt chaos and pulled in many directions....THIS IS JUST A STEP ABOVE anything i've ever dealt with... Picture running/climbing toddler about to hurt himself at every turn..and 5 other YOUNG children looking at me and NEEDING me...And well...that's my day in a nut shell!!!!!! :) The crazy thing is.....I'd go through it ALL a million more times if I got to be the Momma to my 6 kiddos!! leaves NO computer time anymore!! Wes also hasn't slept since his surgery...So, I'm up most of the night with him too...So...yes...challenging time... BUT my Sweet Wes is SO sweet and so darn cute that I'd do anything and give up anything to make sure he's that's what I've done!! I MUST focus on his safety and my other 5 kiddos for now and hopefully some day I'll find time again to INVITE yall back into our crazy good daily life!!! :) LOL

***Thanks so much for all the sweet emails and comments...I have read them all and so appreciate you guys checking on us...Wes is FEELING GREAT!!!! And, OH SO CUTE:
He got a good follow up report from his surgeon... We did have to schedule another smaller surgery for another MUCH smaller birth defect...but they aren't doing that until later this fall...thank goodness!!! Gives us a little more time to heal!! :)

***We have other good changes going on in our life too right now.....which is all exciting stuff..and I'll hopefully share some more pics and things on that in the future!!!!!!

**A lot of you have asked about my sister's adoption....She has unfortunately gotten stuck in the court's closing..and now she is waiting for the judge to give his final stamp of approval once courts open back up...Should be fast and easy once things get rolling in October...I'll keep yall posted WHEN we hear good news in October!!!! :)

***That's it for now....Thanks again for checking on us..and please know we are ALL doing WELL and just trying to SURVIVE this crazy stage in our life...cause I know this is just a chapter in our life that will soon pass too!! Wes will be running around some day and that surgery will be the last things from our mind!!!! :) BUT FOR NOW...his head must be kept I'll be back when I can find another little moment for an update!!! Thanks again, and happy Wednesday to you all, kj