Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy October!!! (and LL's newest phrase)

Yes, everyone was excited when LL strutted down in her new Halloween Jammies last night: You would think the girl was a rock star each time she enters the room by the way her siblings treat her!! All it takes is some new jammies, a new bow, a new cute outfit or something sweet out of her mouth...AND they ALL start "ooooohing and aaaaaahing" over her....
Well she didn't sit long for her Halloween Jammie Picture session...
She comes straight over to me and says, "I want Momma's camera".....I don't give it to her which results in her fussing at me......

But she's over in about 2 seconds flat when she spies her favorite red stool that helps her get in trouble....hmmmm...wonder where she's headed with it this time???????

Oh, the LIGHT SWITCH!!! I should have of her favorite hang out spots!!! She says over and over again, "Lights off, Momma"!!!!

Then she quickly goes to the gate where she tries to convince me she needs to go downstairs to get a Popsicle.....

This is the face of BEGGING for a Popsicle...she knows we keep them in the basement freezer.....FUNNY GIRL!!! Ok, I'm a sucker...."you're too cute in those jammies, LL...SURE..why not have a Popsicle before bed!! You're only 1 ONCE in your life!!! :)"

And, my favorite LL phrase of the week.....I have a habit of CONSTANTLY running my fingers through her hair searching for any knots...I am constantly while rocking her, holding her, etc....pulling on her curls to MAKE SURE she doesn't have a knot anywhere!!! So, last night she looks at me...and moves my hand...and says, "Momma, don't touch my hair!!!" I about's starting way to early!!! My girl is a HOOT to say the least!!!
**Happy October and Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. Ahh, the plastic stepstool, every toddlers dream. My son also uses them to flip light switches and the like. His favorite phrases of late are, "Need a pop, need a pop!" (as in lollipop) and "Need gummi, need gummi, need lots of gummi, have red treat, have black treat...." (this one can go on and on and refers to his fierce love of all things gummi or fruit snack like).
    Isn't this just the best age. So cute and fun, and yes I do give in and give him "lots of gummis". LL is too adorable no wonder her siblings give her oohs and ahhs.

  2. Hey, Jonathan's favorite thing is if he can reach that light switch!!! Oh dear mommy....not so soon. I love feeling the hair too :) Cutie pie!!!

  3. Too, too cute!
    Love the new pjs and the new phrases!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. LOVE the Halloween pjs! What a little cutie!


Thank you for your kind words!!