Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go, Seek, Love!!! A GREAT family with a GREAT shirt!!

Yes, my new shirts arrived yesterday and I LOVE them!! Let me tell ya about them: First, the Dubois family is wonderful!! They ALREADY adopted from Ethiopia (and he is precious)...BUT they didnt' stop there!! Their design of their FIRST tshirt "Go Seek Love" was SO successful that they ended up USING it to HELP others raise money for their own adoptions!! BUT, it doesn't end there!! They are now home and lovin life with their new little Ethiopian guy...and if that doesn't keep ya busy enough...they invested in and BOUGHT their own printing press thing!! (sorry...don't really know what it is called :). So, now they are STILL printing their GO SEEK LOVE tshirts for OTHERS to use to help raise money for their own they can HELP ANYONE PRINT their own tshirts !! Yes, now they are in the printing business and a DISCOUNT is given to ALL adopting families when you use them to PRINT YOUR OWN SHIRTS for your adoption!!! Isn't that awesome!!!!!! So, they've just come out with their NEW "GO, SEEK, LOVE" shirt....and mine and the hubby's JUST ARRIVED!!!! I wore mine today and I had MANY people say THEY WANTED ONE!!!

**So, I decided I was tired of ALWAYS modeling the I made my hubby put his on to share with the world!!! :)

BUT, the kids all wanted to be in the pic too....

Well...Daddy is kind of popular around it was hard for him to give me the "model" pose!! :) LOL

Ok, LL ran off....MUCH EASIER with just one kid hangin on him:

Ok, I'll show ya mine too..Mine is the greatest color of BLUE and OH SO SOFT:

Hal made it over for my pic too!! :) And, If you'd like to see it up can go check out their site at

Even the tags are cute:
**And, I promise this might be one of the softest tshirts I own....She said to GO UP in a mine is a "medium" and it is nice and roomy!!! It is also LONG in length which I love!!! Ok, so buy their shirts, support a family in their adoption and USE THEM for your own printing needs if you have them!!! You can go to to also check out their new business!!

****And, if you haven't seen this yet...Matthew West just came out with his new song: ONE LESS!!! He asked for people to send him "inspirational" stories to help him come up with new and about a thousand more people sent him their adoption stories....and from those...he wrote this good:

One Less by Matthew West (The Story Behind The Song) from emicmg on Vimeo.

**** Hope you LOVE the new shirts and the NEW song!! :) Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Yay, we have been SO blessed by the Dubois Family and their heart to help adopting families! By the way, right now I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for a Men's Medium Go.Seek.Love new design shirt and a Pitter Patter Art Africa Key Fob. It ends tomorrow along with our fundraiser!

  2. yay! they are sponsoring our friends this month! :) we just love your family!

    question for you, how do you protect your photos on your blog? i need to start doing it! email me if you get a sec meresmith at triad dot rr dot com. thanks!!!

  3. Wooo!! Watching that video gave me goosebumps!! I love it...and it just encourages me even more in this process we are in! :)

  4. Love, love, love it. I got to here it on K-luv and he also spoke with the family from TN, I believe that inspired the song. Amazing!!!! Hope to be able to put it on my playlist soon on our blog. Blessings, Happy Thursday!!! Love the t-shirt.

  5. great t-shirt
    and awesome video
    thanks for sharing
    love & blessings from hong kong,

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! We have been working on a tshirt design and couldn't decide what or how to print them! I think I know where to go now.


Thank you for your kind words!!