Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Text, LL's New Do, and Another Great Song!!!

So, I have to share a text I JUST got before I share my latest post...Ok, so it is 11:15 pm here in Nashvegas..and I just got a text from a friend... and she's at a party for her hubby's work.... and there are apparently other people there whose children attend our same elementary school..and her text reads:
"another wife came up and asked if I knew the mom at our school who had the Ethiopian daughter always on her hip and was always wearing 147 stuff!!"
So funny...So, i'm guessing this wife/mom must see me in car line every afternoon!! It just goes to show YOU NEVER know WHO IS WATCHING and WHO IS paying attention to WHAT you are wearing!! LOL
**OK, so back to my regular scheduled program: LL's Hair!!! :) Yes, I tried pig tails again:And, I think they are so CUTE...but don't look at the part...cause it isn't straight AT ALL!!! I just kind of threw them up when LL was playin in the sink to see HOW it looked!!! And, after ONLY a couple of pics...she was ready to go back in:
I got her distracted by the mums out front so I could take a few more pics:
Ok, so here is a view of the "bad" part...but her hair is growing so fast and is getting so long...that I decided I could "try" something different:

See....her hair is about 6 inches all over...She's come a long way from the bald baby I brought home 15 months ago:
So, she ripped them out as soon as she could!! Glad I didn't take too much time on them!! Oh, well...I still like her hair DOWN and CURLY anyways!! Oh, and my latest product I've tried is called KINKY CURLY!! I really like it and it definitely HOLDS the spiral curls!!! It is just a little too "crunchy" for my likings...but I think it might be cause I'm putting TOO much in!! The product absolutely WORKS though!! Not a piece of FRIZZ in her head after I apply it!!! And, it is ALL NATURAL and a top seller!!! I bought mine at Whole Foods...but you can also find it on line at . They even have a great video you can watch to see HOW to apply it!! Very helpful!!
**And, my sister just posted about a NEW SONG out...Yes, two songs to share with ya in 24 hours...imagine that!!! :) She knows the song writer/singer and this artist is donating ALL proceeds from this song to help with adoption funds!!! Oh, and the video with the song made me want to cry.....there are SO many waiting children in this world!! The footage she uses is from her Ordinary Hero trip to Ethiopia in July!! Hope you enjoy..and you can read more on the Ordinary Hero blog: :

Ordinary Hero & Kristi Neumann Help Bring Waiting Children Home from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Happy Thursday to you all, kj

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go, Seek, Love!!! A GREAT family with a GREAT shirt!!

Yes, my new shirts arrived yesterday and I LOVE them!! Let me tell ya about them: First, the Dubois family is wonderful!! They ALREADY adopted from Ethiopia (and he is precious)...BUT they didnt' stop there!! Their design of their FIRST tshirt "Go Seek Love" was SO successful that they ended up USING it to HELP others raise money for their own adoptions!! BUT, it doesn't end there!! They are now home and lovin life with their new little Ethiopian guy...and if that doesn't keep ya busy enough...they invested in and BOUGHT their own printing press thing!! (sorry...don't really know what it is called :). So, now they are STILL printing their GO SEEK LOVE tshirts for OTHERS to use to help raise money for their own they can HELP ANYONE PRINT their own tshirts !! Yes, now they are in the printing business and a DISCOUNT is given to ALL adopting families when you use them to PRINT YOUR OWN SHIRTS for your adoption!!! Isn't that awesome!!!!!! So, they've just come out with their NEW "GO, SEEK, LOVE" shirt....and mine and the hubby's JUST ARRIVED!!!! I wore mine today and I had MANY people say THEY WANTED ONE!!!

**So, I decided I was tired of ALWAYS modeling the I made my hubby put his on to share with the world!!! :)

BUT, the kids all wanted to be in the pic too....

Well...Daddy is kind of popular around it was hard for him to give me the "model" pose!! :) LOL

Ok, LL ran off....MUCH EASIER with just one kid hangin on him:

Ok, I'll show ya mine too..Mine is the greatest color of BLUE and OH SO SOFT:

Hal made it over for my pic too!! :) And, If you'd like to see it up can go check out their site at

Even the tags are cute:
**And, I promise this might be one of the softest tshirts I own....She said to GO UP in a mine is a "medium" and it is nice and roomy!!! It is also LONG in length which I love!!! Ok, so buy their shirts, support a family in their adoption and USE THEM for your own printing needs if you have them!!! You can go to to also check out their new business!!

****And, if you haven't seen this yet...Matthew West just came out with his new song: ONE LESS!!! He asked for people to send him "inspirational" stories to help him come up with new and about a thousand more people sent him their adoption stories....and from those...he wrote this good:

One Less by Matthew West (The Story Behind The Song) from emicmg on Vimeo.

**** Hope you LOVE the new shirts and the NEW song!! :) Happy Wednesday to you all, kj

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, Lucy Lane!!! (this week's adventure :)

A NORMAL day with LL is CONSTANTLY keeping YOUR EYE ON HER.....She is an ACTIVE toddler to say the least!!! I've gotten used to NOISES I hear that might result in something/someone getting hurt!!! LL LOVES to push stools, chairs, etc. around to help her BETTER reach the things she wants to get into...AND, I know NOW the sound of something getting pushed around on the hard wood floors...and that usually means I need to go SET a stool up on the counter so she CAN'T REACH IT and GET INTO TROUBLE...Well..I heard the pushing noise a couple of days ago and it sounded DIFFERENT...I came around the corner and found this: She had found a COOLER this time!! I had NO IDEA where the cooler came from!! I assumed it was empty and maybe the hubby had cleaned it out and left it sitting in the laundry room or something!! I start in on, "Now Lucy...get down before you get hurt!! "
She answers, "Lights OFF, MOMMA!!" (turning lights on and off is ONE of her VERY favorite tricks these days)!! I grab the camera of course and snap a few pics of her NEWEST adventure so I can show her ONE DAY WHAT a little MESS she was!!!! :) And, then...

She started showing off for me....making faces and being silly (which is completely normal for her when she sees the camera)....And, then....YES, the cooler flipped...and she FELL (no pic of this cause I dropped the camera right after this pic to try and catch her)...BUT...she wasn't hurt and thought it was QUITE FUN:

And, I learned that the cooler WASN'T empty and it was actually FULL of water and ice from my son's baseball practice the night before!! Apparently, we had SNACK my hubby took snack and drinks...and then left the FULL cooler in the laundry room FOR ME!! :) So...I cleaned up the LAKE that was on my floor TRYING to keep LL from eating dirty ice off the floor!!! AND, the TRUTH is.............I carried all the WET, HEAVY towels to the laundry room to wash AND left LL still standing there in the kitchen...AND...apparently she thought the FIRST dump of the cooler WAS PRETTY FUN...OR SHE THOUGHT, "Man, if my momma is DUMB enough to leave me here with this cooler STiLL HALF FULL of water and ice...." AND, she DUMPED it again!!! YES, AGAIN!!! So, no pics of that wasn't quite as CUTE the second time around!! :) And, I was smart enough to poor the cooler out in the sink BEFORE I cleaned up the 2nd LAKE on my hard wood floors that time!!! :)
Moral of the story: ummmm...blame all this on your hubby for leaving a FULL cooler in the house?? No...ummm...just kidding!! LAUGH...that's all you can do!!! Toddlers are just this way!!! :)

**Happy Tuesday to you all, kj

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cuteness From Isaac's Visit TAKE TWO..(and waiting children)

Ok, so I wanted to have this slide show on my blog too for INCASE you missed it on Andrea's blog LAST NIGHT....Here it is on mine too!!! :) LOVE ME SOME CUTENESS (read last post to get caught up):

UPDATE: ok...slide show isn't working on my blog...HELP ME ANDREA!! :) If I get it working...i'll add it later..but nothing is appearing when I post!!! So....on to other things: FYI....THESE TWO CUTE BABES might have come from the FABULOUS Hannah's Hope WHICH I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! BUT, I must also say that my older sister is advocating for some waiting children from another agency she traveled with recently...AND...I got FIRST looks at the new pics this morning (gotta love sisters with perks)..AND...and there are SOME MAJOR CUTIE CHILDREN ON THERE WAITING!!! So, ONE VERY CUTE 6 or 7 yr. old boy, "T", stole my heart...THEN....TWO Sibling groups of the same age: 5 yr. old boy with baby sister...BOTH groups: HEALTHY!!! AND...just too darn cute!!! You can email my sister at to get the password to few the pics!!!

Happy Monday to you all, kj

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Isaac Stops In for a Visit....(and I added a video from the visit :)

Yes, we were ALL so excited about the YOUNG FAMILY passing through town for a wedding this weekend.....So, they stopped in Saturday night AFTER the wedding so we could visit for a bit.....My 5 little favorite people were anxiously waiting outside for them to arrive: Well..I thought it would be great to snap a few pics before they arrived...and well..I could show ya the pics where no one would cooperate and LL kept running away and Hal kept fussing:

BUT...WHY DO THAT?? I think I'll stick to the cute pics where we look like we really have it all together, LOL :

LL was very excited...and kept yelling "Yayyy Baby Isaac is coming!! " (yes, she's talking LOTS these days):
She truly NEVER quits talking from the time her eyes open in the morning until I place her in her bed at night...She is a little parrot copying ANYTHING we say:

Oh, they arrived and my kiddos run down to the driveway...LL gets left behind so Daddy helps her down to see Baby Isaac:
(and I must mention that I was gone all afternoon taking kids to bday parties..and Daddy was home cleaning up for the Youngs to come I left him the ingredients out and recipes written out for him and HE made all our food for the evening...Thanks Hubby :)
***And, we of course headed right in and started snappin pics of LL and Isaac:

They were too funny together....For anyone new around here: Isaac and Lucy lane came from the same orphanage in Ethiopia called Hannah's Hope!! :)

And, of course, LL HAD to perform for Baby Isaac ALL NIGHT....With LL around, there is NEVER a dull moment:

My sweet 5 yr. old Hal LOVES babies and LOVED getting Isaac to crawl around:

And, of course, we attempted some "MOMMY" pics....and well...LL was SUCH A NUT that Isaac couldn't quit looking at her....He's thinkin: "Wow, this gal with the big green flower is a complete CRAZY HAM!!"

Oh, well...we could never get a good one with my camera...but I think Andrea got better I'll steal some of hers when she posts:

And, here is "Mr. Babe of my Heart"!!! :) Do ya like that title, Richard? LOL He told me he reads my blog daily for my music at work!! Don't worry Richard, a lot a folks just stop by for the music selection!! :)

And, since most of ya know that Andrea is PART of an amazing nonprofit called: and SINCE I posted their cookbook in my last post...and SINCE someone asked me to tell them a few GREAT recipes from the cookbook so they could know if they wanted to buy one or was our dessert tonight...straight from the Wiphan Cookbook:

It's called "Holy Cow Cake" And, it was just that!!!!! AMAZING!!! It will put a hurtin on ya it is SOOO good!!! Sorry, it was much prettier before we ate half of it, but I forgot to take a pic of it before!! :) But the cookbook at is amazing and it has TONS of amazing recipes!!! My all time favorite app from the book is Black-eyed Pea Spinach Dip!!! Oh, might have been the GREATEST thing I've eaten lately!!! :)
***So, the YOUNGS stayed late...our kids were all up SUPER late...BUT it was SO worth it and SUPER fun!!! :) They are an amazing family and that baby Isaac is a little crawling miracle!! So blessed to know them all!! :) And, can't wait to see you guys again soon!! :)
Happy Sunday to you all, kj
ps...just stole this video off Andrea's site...OH..SO FUNNY and CUTE and you can also go to Andrea's site to see the slide show of LL and Isaac she made, :

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Breakfast Fun!!!

Yes, I got to catch up with some of my favorite Momma's this morning!! A few moms came over to have some breakfast with me...and to gab about our "ADOPTION" lives, of course!!! Ms. Gwen came over and showed us ALL her new 147 Gear!!! I LOVE the NEW FANCY LETTERS FEED ONE SHIRT: My sister, Kelly and her side partner with Ordinary Hero, Charlene, came over too to grab a bite and fill us all in on their CRAZY lives:

Oh, and it was so fun to have Miss Daisy running around my house!! She and LL were a HOOT together fighting over toys:

And, Joseph never left the cars and trucks:

Another upclose of Daisy...such a cutie:

And, I LOVED having Jame-o (how do you spell that Tracy?) over too!! He's just beyond beautiful and sweet...Oh, and he loves his Momma:

Miss Macy came to play too!! She's LL's best buddy that lives on our street..Such a little doll:

And, I had to show off my new cookbook to all my friends...I just got this in from OH, I LOVE IT....IT is full of GREAT recipes:

And, I even got one for my girl Holly, pictured below, for her bday....And, Macy's Momma has a bday coming up too...Hmmmmm....will have to think about ordering another one:

And, here we have Gwen and Tracy posing for me....LOVE these girls:

LL and Daisy had so much fun playing in the make up....Well..this make up belongs to my 6 and 8 yr. old who just happen to be at school...So...they had no idea what was happening with their beloved make up at home:

Such a fun morning...These women all inspire me and re-fuel me TO LOVE THE LORD MORE AND TO NEVER STOP ADVOCATING UNTIL THEY ALL HAVE A HOME!!!! Simply beautiful people God has placed in my life!!!! :) I pray each of you find those friends that LIFT you up, FILL you with JOY for the Lord, and INSPIRE you to be better people!!! Such a Blessing!!

Happy Friday to you all, kj

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remember When...... (a MUST SEE video)

Remember when I TOLD YOU ALL about Ms. Mary's House that was in MUCH need of a COMPLETE Redo..AND..Ordinary Hero TOOK ON THIS HUGE project.... Ms. Mary and her Husband Oscar are an elderly couple in the inner city of Nashville!! They had helped children and young adults get off the streets and LEAVE their gang life behind for YEARS...that is..UNTIL Ms. Mary lost her eye sight!! After years of neglect and the Nashville Flood, Ms. Mary's house was literally falling down on top of her!! By the GRACE OF GOD, my sister Kelly who runs Ordinary Hero FOUND Ms. Mary and Oscar and saw the desperation of this elderly couple!! She didn't KNOW HOW SHE WOULD DO IT....BUT she knew this would be Ordinary Hero's NEXT GREAT PROJECT!!!

I posted on my blog about the need...I asked for donations...and THEY CAME POURING IN!! Kelly received gift cards and money from many different states!! People walked up and handed me cash (thanks Kim :) , friends donated appliances and TV's and furniture!!! It was amazing to witness ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE stepping up to help this couple!!!

Well....the house is NOW COMPLETE!!! AND this is a MUST SEE VIDEO OF THE BEFORE AND AFTER of Ms. Mary and Oscar's house!!! This is better than ANY Home Makeover Show!! :) So, I pray you will all watch, pass it around...and get everyone involved and following Ordinary Hero...cause there is ALWAYS another project getting started...and NO PROJECT could ever be completed without the help of ALL YOU!!! (and you'll even see my hubby on the video carrying in a refrigerator IN HIS work clothes!! :) There's more funny stuff to that story that I'll share in another blog post sometime!! :)

Enjoy the video...thanks again for all YOUR help...and you can follow Ordinary Hero by going to

Ordinary Hero~ Nashville Flood Victim's Home Restored from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Happy Thursday to you all, kj

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh, Lucy...What Am I Gonna Do With You?? most of ya know....toddlers are just MESSY!!! Well...actually some are messier than others!!! :) With 5 children I've had "messy" kids and "neat" kids!!! LL is VERY MESSY!!! She loves a MESS ALL THE TIME!!! NOTHING can be left out OR SHE'S GONNA GET INTO IT!!!! Yes, I accidentally left the lotion sitting on the floor AFTER SHE GOT HER MORNING MOISTURE BATH....OBVIOUSLY LL FOUND THE LOTION SITTING THERE: I walk around the corner to find her IN FULL LOTION ACTION....I know...I grabbed my camera BEFORE taking the lotion away from her!!! I can't help it...I'm a "blogger" mom!! :) Yes, she copied JUST HOW MOMMA DOES IT....MAKING SURE TO NOT MISS THE NECK:

"What's the problem Mom...You seem to love this stuff so much that you put it on me about 3x a I thought I'd give it a try!!"...................

Giving it a try in the old hair too:

Discovering that it doesn't taste that good:

"Hmmmm...I wonder how long my Momma is gonna let me sit and do this???"

Oh..I see a little know you're up to NO good:

"So, this game is getting old...and I didn't get the reaction I was hoping for out of my think I need to get closer and let her see UP CLOSE the kind of mess I'm making"..................

"See Mom...Look at me!!! How could you just sit there and take pics of me..."

Ok...I'll put the camera down and clean ya up!!!! But YOU sure are cute EVEN when you ARE CONSTANTLY making a mess!!!!!!!!!!! :) least you learned young that it isn't cool to be "ashy"!!! :)

***Happy Wednesday to you all, kj