Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Isaac Stops In for a Visit....(and I added a video from the visit :)

Yes, we were ALL so excited about the YOUNG FAMILY passing through town for a wedding this weekend.....So, they stopped in Saturday night AFTER the wedding so we could visit for a bit.....My 5 little favorite people were anxiously waiting outside for them to arrive: Well..I thought it would be great to snap a few pics before they arrived...and well..I could show ya the pics where no one would cooperate and LL kept running away and Hal kept fussing:

BUT...WHY DO THAT?? I think I'll stick to the cute pics where we look like we really have it all together, LOL :

LL was very excited...and kept yelling "Yayyy Baby Isaac is coming!! " (yes, she's talking LOTS these days):
She truly NEVER quits talking from the time her eyes open in the morning until I place her in her bed at night...She is a little parrot copying ANYTHING we say:

Oh, they arrived and my kiddos run down to the driveway...LL gets left behind so Daddy helps her down to see Baby Isaac:
(and I must mention that I was gone all afternoon taking kids to bday parties..and Daddy was home cleaning up for the Youngs to come I left him the ingredients out and recipes written out for him and HE made all our food for the evening...Thanks Hubby :)
***And, we of course headed right in and started snappin pics of LL and Isaac:

They were too funny together....For anyone new around here: Isaac and Lucy lane came from the same orphanage in Ethiopia called Hannah's Hope!! :)

And, of course, LL HAD to perform for Baby Isaac ALL NIGHT....With LL around, there is NEVER a dull moment:

My sweet 5 yr. old Hal LOVES babies and LOVED getting Isaac to crawl around:

And, of course, we attempted some "MOMMY" pics....and well...LL was SUCH A NUT that Isaac couldn't quit looking at her....He's thinkin: "Wow, this gal with the big green flower is a complete CRAZY HAM!!"

Oh, well...we could never get a good one with my camera...but I think Andrea got better I'll steal some of hers when she posts:

And, here is "Mr. Babe of my Heart"!!! :) Do ya like that title, Richard? LOL He told me he reads my blog daily for my music at work!! Don't worry Richard, a lot a folks just stop by for the music selection!! :)

And, since most of ya know that Andrea is PART of an amazing nonprofit called: and SINCE I posted their cookbook in my last post...and SINCE someone asked me to tell them a few GREAT recipes from the cookbook so they could know if they wanted to buy one or was our dessert tonight...straight from the Wiphan Cookbook:

It's called "Holy Cow Cake" And, it was just that!!!!! AMAZING!!! It will put a hurtin on ya it is SOOO good!!! Sorry, it was much prettier before we ate half of it, but I forgot to take a pic of it before!! :) But the cookbook at is amazing and it has TONS of amazing recipes!!! My all time favorite app from the book is Black-eyed Pea Spinach Dip!!! Oh, might have been the GREATEST thing I've eaten lately!!! :)
***So, the YOUNGS stayed late...our kids were all up SUPER late...BUT it was SO worth it and SUPER fun!!! :) They are an amazing family and that baby Isaac is a little crawling miracle!! So blessed to know them all!! :) And, can't wait to see you guys again soon!! :)
Happy Sunday to you all, kj
ps...just stole this video off Andrea's site...OH..SO FUNNY and CUTE and you can also go to Andrea's site to see the slide show of LL and Isaac she made, :


  1. what a special time together! ll's expressions are the best! rejoicing that isaac is crawling!!!

  2. How precious, looks like the kids had so much fun. What an adorable little boy Isaac is and that little miss Lucy is sooo stinkin cute, and she is definately a hoot!!

  3. Oh my goodness! She looks like she has quite a little sense of humor developing! And how impressive that your hubby made all the food!

  4. How fun! Love all the pics. I pull up your blog and jam to the music all the time. :)

  5. So sad that we missed all the fun. Hopefully we can all get together soon.

  6. What a fun visit! It's so nice to know other families with babies from the same place LL came from. :)

  7. I am so embarrassed my secret is out!!!! (Thanks, Richard!) I have your blog open at work too so I can listen to the music!!!! You mean there is more than just me who does that? LOL! One of these days someone is going to peek into my office and hear me singing "beautiful! beautiful!" at the top of my lungs and and my secret will really be out!!! :)

    I need to get the latest "fancy letter" 147 shirt now too! They are coming so fast!!!!

  8. What a sweet time for your families and special bond you all have!! Love all the pictures...your little LL cracks me up...pure joy coming from those smiles!!

    L.O.V.E the Holy Cow cake!! Might be my favorite recipe so far from the Wiphan cookbook! I've made it three times!!

    Happy Tuesday!


Thank you for your kind words!!