Monday, September 27, 2010

Cuteness From Isaac's Visit TAKE TWO..(and waiting children)

Ok, so I wanted to have this slide show on my blog too for INCASE you missed it on Andrea's blog LAST NIGHT....Here it is on mine too!!! :) LOVE ME SOME CUTENESS (read last post to get caught up):

UPDATE: ok...slide show isn't working on my blog...HELP ME ANDREA!! :) If I get it working...i'll add it later..but nothing is appearing when I post!!! So....on to other things: FYI....THESE TWO CUTE BABES might have come from the FABULOUS Hannah's Hope WHICH I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! BUT, I must also say that my older sister is advocating for some waiting children from another agency she traveled with recently...AND...I got FIRST looks at the new pics this morning (gotta love sisters with perks)..AND...and there are SOME MAJOR CUTIE CHILDREN ON THERE WAITING!!! So, ONE VERY CUTE 6 or 7 yr. old boy, "T", stole my heart...THEN....TWO Sibling groups of the same age: 5 yr. old boy with baby sister...BOTH groups: HEALTHY!!! AND...just too darn cute!!! You can email my sister at to get the password to few the pics!!!

Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. oh those waiting children have stolen my heart as well. thinking about changing the age range on our homestudy!

  2. I saw these headbands and IMMEDIATELY thought of Lucy Lane! (and I don't even know you!!!!) I hope you enjoy!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!