Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Fastest Adoption Ever IS HOME....

Well, folks....some adoptions are JUST FAST and EASY!!! I met the Dunlap Family right after they turned in their dossier with AGCI...I found out they lived RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM ME....and well....they waited on the "wait list" for....ummmm....3 hrs!!! one was currently waiting for a "boy" over they skipped everyone on the list and got this PRECIOUS BOYS referral!!! They were the "buzz" all over the list serve with their FAST referral, and then they showed up at the local Fellowship Group at my house...and well...that was June and they had just gotten their referral that week.....and they flew in LAST NIGHT WITH THEIR BOY IN THEIR ARMS FOREVER!!!! Praise God!!! We went to the airport to WELCOME them home:
My George fell asleep as soon as we arrived....but LL had already napped and was wired and ready to go..............
My Silly LL giving me one of her RASPBERRY faces while we waited:

And...we waited some more:

We enjoyed getting to see the Bonner Family and Little G...They've been home 2 weeks from HH and are doing GREAT....G couldn't wait to see his friend from Hannah's Hope.....They've only been away from each other for 2 we all knew they'd remember each other....As you can see...G is bonding well with his Momma:

LL decided she'd share her "Goobers" with Little G...He didn't want to EVER get far from Momma...but LL graciously would take a chocolate covered raisin over to him and share:

They were too cute...I wouldn't mind being "in laws" with the Bonners some day!!! :)

They were a little we waited some more and LL had fun rolling on the airport floor:

And...they finally arrived....Oh..he is a precious 3 year old boy (almost 4) and here he is checking out the pics of his big brothers from his picture book:

And, here he is getting to see Little G again....Oh, they were so excited to see each other...Simply a PRECIOUS moment:
I so love the Ethiopian Airport workers that come out and talk with the kids in their native language...Their little guy never moved from his stroller he seemed to love...oh, but he'd smile at the drop of a hat...soooo cute:Ok, so I managed to get him to look once for a pic...but for more UP CLOSE'll have to go check out the Dunlap Adoption blog and see ALL the AMAZING pictures they have of their new little guy...Oh, Katie is a great photographer and has some GREAT shots on there: She has a great family shot up now..but scroll to her last post before that and see the amazing pics of their little guy "Y"!!!

Welcome home Dunap Family!! I'm so happy you all are together..and that your adoption went so fast and easy!! You'll inspire a lot of people with your amazing story!!! :) Congrats and can't wait to see yall again soon!!! And...Welcome to Tennessee little "Y".....And, Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. Praise JESUS! We just shared this news with our kids during bedtime prayers tonight, as our youngest is the same age as this little guy. It is wonderful to see our prayers, the prayers of our children, answered for orphans! God sent a mommy and daddy for little "Y". He sent the Dunlaps- how amazing!!!

  2. Oh my word! He is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen!!!

    How wonderful :)

  3. What a great encouragement for those families who wait...also to consider a bit older of a child! thanks

  4. what a precious homecoming!! I love LL panties!! haha So adorable!

  5. What a precious little guy. Rejoicing with his new family!



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