Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank you for your Prayers....UPDATE...

The news was: today's court hearing WAS NOT a success....BUT...the good news is....the judge has agreed to hear my sister's case AGAIN on Wednesday, August 3rd..which is Tuesday night our time!! This in itself is a HUGE blessing since the courts are packed right now and the courts are predicted to close NEXT FRIDAY (the 5th)!! So...they have agreed to give them another shot BEFORE the closure of the courts for the season...PRAISE GOD!!!! I'm so grateful that our agency is working SO HARD on my sister's case and that they were successful in getting her another court date BEFORE rainy season closure!!! So....even though it wasn't the news we all wanted to hear today...we're still praising God that they have one more chance!! And, don't worry...I'll remind YOU ALL to hit your knees again Tuesday night to pray Little "T" HOME to my sister and her family!!!! We'll just all be heart broken IF he must live in an orphanage for extra unnecessary months during the courts break!! :( Praying that just doesn't happen....Praying for a miracle Tuesday night!!!

Thank you all for your emails and prayers and comments for my sister's little boy....we all just can't wait to have him home!! And, I know God can move these mountains and make it happen!!! I'll keep you posted..and sorry it took me all day to post...I seriously can't get to the computer with my 6 littles home all day...I have to at least get half of them to bed to EVEN try to post anything these days..and I post with one little in my lap who refuses to let go of Mommy these days!! :) More soon...thanks again for your support, and Happy Friday to you all, kj

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is For My Sister.....(and a few update pics)

Ok, PRAYER WARRIORS, BLOGGY FRIENDS, STRANGERS, PERSONAL FRIENDS, WHO EVER IS OUT THERE READING.........Please, please, please JOIN MY FAMILY in prayer TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday, July 28th for a NIGHT OF PRAYER to bring my sister's son HOME!!! My sister went to court before I did back in March...she did not pass!!! Her case has been very complicated...and well...with out saying anything else that could jeopardise her case...her case will finally be heard again in Ethiopia TOMORROW NIGHT while we sleep!!

She is truly adopting the sweetest little toddler boy ever....I got to meet "T" in December:
And, of course, I got to visit with him again in May when I was there to pick up my Wes. I got "T" to hold his first cousin Wes in a pic for me: I had them translate that I was his aunt...and Wes was his first cousin....He said he understood!!

Oh, my heart hurts for this boy to have a family..and to FINALLY be out of an orphanage!! He's been there so long!! My sister has known her son for over a year now...and she still hasn't passed court!! This certainly has nothing to do with our agency...they have worked VERY hard on this was just a case with lots of bumps from the beginning!!! AND...PRAISE THE LORD the bumps should be worked out...and PRAISE GOD that their case is going to be heard on Friday Ethiopia time..which is Thursday night OUR TIME!!

So, would you please join me in praying that they FINALLY PASS COURT!! It is THEIR TURN!! It is "T's" turn to have HIS family come back for him!! It is hard to imagine what must be going through his mind...his family (my sister and hubby) went in March for their court date and were able to spend lots of time with him...and his mind...they haven't been back to get him!! Little "T" has met more of our family members than you can imagine...Aunt Kelly has been there a hubby (his Uncle ) went to visit him during our court date...and Cousin Lauren has lived in ET this summer visiting "T" every day!! He must think that every white person that visits is related to him some how!! LOL has been over a year...and it is HIS TURN TO GO HOME!!! Please, please , please pray they pass court tomorrow night...IF THEY DON'T PASS AGAIN...then they could get stuck in the Rainy Season Court Closure....which means they won't get to go to court again till OCTOBER..yikes!! Not sure my sister will survive...and we certainly can't survive her crying through every family function anymore...PLEASE LORD LET THEM PASS!!!

***I'll be updating with any news I hear...I so appreciate your prayers for her case...I KNOW the Lord moved mountains to get my son home quickly AND I know HE can do the same NOW for my nephew!!! Thank you so much in advance for your prayers and support for sweet little "T" and my sister, kasey!!

***Ok, so how about some cute updated pics for yall tonight?? Wes is doing great!! It's a slow process for the swelling to go down..but we think he looks a little better each week!! He's certainly feeling GREAT!! He's so happy all the time..and SO ENERGETIC!! I caught a few pics yesterday of LL and Wes having some fun together:
These two just crack me up...Wes has a big LOVE for Miss LL...
This is his new smile he likes to give now...he turns his entire head to the side to smile...such a cutie:
And, my favorite...Wes gives open mouth kisses..and LL loves to pucker up LOL!! Oh, I love my babies:
LL has learned to LOVE her baby brother too!! She's so funny...she is constantly talking about his "broken head" as she calls it!! :) She's still the same hoot she always has been...She informed me tonight that she wants her ears pierced!! I told her that SHE WAS ONLY TWO and that she had to wait till she was older...she didn't like that answer!! :)

***Thanks again everyone for your prayers....I'll post on Friday when we GOD WILLING hear good news for Little "T"!! Happy Wednesday to you all, kj

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Week Post Op

Well we are ONE WEEK POST SURGERY and doing well. Wes has his complete energy and personality back which is great...BUT..he's busy and on the go FAST!! And, I have to keep ONE HAND on him AT ALL TIMES to make sure he doesn't fall and bump his isn't easy!! :) Different friends are bringing meals which is nice..and the hubby is back at work which leaves me with 6 darling little faces every morning wondering WHAT we're doing for the day!! And, since Wes can't be around other people for at least 2 weeks...well...the kids get creative around the house...Yesterday they took EVERY blanket and pillow in the house and made a giant PIT to jump in from the couches!! AND, since it is over 100 degrees here...we can't let Wes outside either cause he just sweats too much which gets his incision wet...which is a HUGE NO NO!! So, we're INSIDE TOO...but...the kids got creative with the camera this morning and captured some shots of me chasing Wes around the house:His eye that got lots of surgery is slowly opening up...but it still has a lot of swelling to lose....

And, yes those are dirty sweat pants i'm wearing...LOL...should have cropped that out of the pic...but there's nothing like being REAL!! ha I have 12 littles hands all day that like to wipe their dirty self on my pants leg....

Ok, for sure washing these pants and not choosing "black" next time...LOL...I didn't even notice the dirty hand prints until I uploaded these pics...too funny...but a true sign of my days:

Oh, just to put him down for one second is such a break for my back...but he only lasts a minute in the high chair cause when he's ready to get out...he'll bang his head on the back of the chair....we ALL run to get him out...HE KNOWS HOW TO GET OUR ATTENTION, LOL:

Oh, and I just LOVE that little swollen face!! HE's just truly the sweetest, most wonderful little guy in the world!! I could eat him up all day long!!

He's still up ALL NIGHT cause he HATES the car seat he's being made to sleep in...I called the Surgeon's office yesterday to ask EXACTLY how long we have to live like this...She said TILL MY FOLLOW UP APPT. ON AUGUST 15th....I had to deep breathe!! :) That some how seems YEARS AWAY!!! :) LOL

**Ok, so I know we'll all survive...just wanted to share some of our days with ya!! I really don't ever have too much to stress about on my blog...I really just don't find life in general too stressful...even with 6 young kids!! So..I thought I'd share with ya what I DO FIND HARD AT THIS MOMENT: and that is keeping one hand on a running toddler with a broken head while taking care of 5 other young kiddos ALL while getting no sleep!! :) Ok, so that's challenging LOL!! Gotta run..someone is going to wake from his nap any minute!! Happy Thursday to you all, kj

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update Update Update...Wow!!

Well..things have certainly MOVED fast since I last posted...In one day we were told I would have to have another night in them changing their mind and sending us to a regular room where I got to hold my baby boy for the first time in days....We certainly enjoyed our stay in our regular room on the "critical care" felt like a fine hotel compared to ICU!! My kids got to visit us...friends came by..I could eat in the room and I just sat around holding my little man WHOSE personality and energy was coming back fast.....We even went and visited my friend Gwen and Maggie down the hall....they had head surgery too by the same surgeon...we've been friends for years..such a cool coincidence that we were there together:
We had a good night....and my boy was up early wanting to walk the hall ways...He still had IV's in each foot so they didn't want him walking on those legs quite yet..but it was HARD to keep him still...He was eating and laughing and having a GREAT was a REMARKABLE turn around: team came in to evaluate him saying we should get out on time on Thursday...a few hours passed..then a second team came by to say they thought he had progressed enough to go on HOME!!! HUH?? I was shocked to say the least...we had just been in ICU the day before...but they said he met all the requirements:
He was up and moving on his own
He was keeping down bottles and solids
His personality was back
His blood work finally came back as NORMAL
No more fever
He didn't need his pain meds anymore
AND...he was trying to climb out of the bed..which wasn't safe...SO..they said we could do the REST of our healing at home..and they sent us home...seriously...I was shocked..but OH SO HAPPY:
He still has LOTS of swelling and that will be around for a while...but there was nothing more they could do at the we came home 3 days early...WOW...I know it was ALL the prayers..he did a complete turn around in about 12 hours!!

**Being home is certainly NOT EASY...but still OH SO GLAD to be here!! Wow...I am the Helicopter Parent if there's ever been one!! I have to keep one hand on him at all times MAKING SURE he's not falling and bumping his head....He was never very stable before surgery..but he was still walking full time and falling about 10X a day....NOW his head is still swollen and it is making walking even that much harder..SO..I walk behind him holding on to him to make sure he NEVER falls...Yes, my back hurts and i'm exhausted...but Praising God he's home and this will some day be all behind us:
So, we're 5 days out of surgery..and my baby boy certainly feels back to his old self EVEN IF he has LOTS of swelling to still lose....
He's back to laughing all the time...we climbed up and down the stairs more times today than I can count...He's giving me kisses all the time and we have certainly made up for those awful days where I couldn't hold him!! :)

*So, we have a two week period now where he can't go into public settings...the risk of infection is too great. He can't get his head wet for 2 weeks..and he can't sweat either cause that would cause moisture all around his incision area too...SO, we're stuck inside for a while..which is O.K....I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually!! :)

*I can't thank you ALL enough for your prayers during this scary and emotional time!! If it didn't invade my son's complete privacy I'd post the pics right after surgery JUST 5 days ago next to those TODAY!! God certainly does HEAL...that is for sure!! My baby boy has come a long way in 5 days and I can't thank you all enough for the support and comments and emails and around the clock prayers!! Thank you, thank you!!

Additional Prayers: praying against infection..and praying that THIS surgery heals my son and no other surgeries are required...there is the small chance that he may need additional surgeries...Oh, it would break my heart...praying THIS ONE did the trick!! And, praying he doesn't hurt or bump his head during this healing period...I'm a nervous wreck with all the little children running around that he's gonna get hurt..praying for his safety too!!

**I'll give another update boy STILL must sleep in a car seat for a while to keep himself from rolling or being I don't have much peace or many breaks right now since he wakes about every 30 minutes and has to be consoled since he HATES the car seat!! :) Be back soon.... So thankful to have this surgery OVER!!! God is Good!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Look Who I'm Holding....

Oh, Glorious Day...I can finally hold my baby! This morning was hard...he screamed for me to get him out of that seat..and i couldn't :( broke my heart!! I sang to him, rubbed him, kissed him and he just reached for me and screamed...horrible!! He finally cried himself to sleep and the staff came in saying i'd probably have to stay in ICU one more night..and his tubing would have to stay in one more day...(which meant another day till i could hold him)...Yes, I was bummed!!! THEN, later in the day...another doc stopped by to say that his surgery team thought he was fine to move on out of ICU...PRAISE GOD!! Felt like Christmas morning!!! They came in, took his tubing out which about made me pass out..and took some of the other lines out...leaving him with just two...AND< I COULD FINALLY REACH OVER AND PICK HIM UP....

It was fabulous...He was so happy and so was I!! They have strict rules where he can't put pressure on his head so he couldn't roll to his belly like he wanted, but he settled for this above position and went back to sleep on me...I took this pic of us by holding out my cell phone..I know i'm looking lovely..LOL...It might be time to actually change clothes!! :)

***Then they came in and said they were ready to move us to a ReGULAR room...Yayyy. We packed up and moved!! This room has a bathroom and they allow food and my other kiddos in here which makes life so much easier..My heart goes out to those parents I left in ICU...You would hear their stories as they gathered around the coffee pot...all exhausted and praying for miracles for their children. There were cancer victims, car wrecks, burn victims, heart surgeries and drowning victims...I just wanted to hug all th0se moms and tell them HOW sorry I was...hard sad days in the PICU!! :( Praying God holds each one of those parents and kiddos tight in His arms!!

So, that's the latest update...We're chillin in a regular room and couldn't be happier about it!! Oh, and TODAY is the hubb's and my 12 Year Wedding Anniversary....Happy Anniversay Hubby!! Who would have thought this is HOW we would have celebrated it....He brought the kids to see me at lunch time and brought me some flowers and Mexican!! He's a good man....Oh, and Julia (my 7 year old) got to see Wes and SHE CRIED...broke my heart...she said he didnt' look like her Wes :( She cried saying she wanted him to look the same as before...I told her it would just take time!!

**So, that's our day....Praying they let us go home at the 1 week mark which is Thursday....We shall see...Thanks again so much for all your prayers and sweet comments and emails and such...We all so appreciate it...Happy Sunday to you all, kj

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heading Into Night 3..update..

Well...I'll just say: This is NOT fun!! But trying to remember to PRAISE GOD that my boy is able to have this surgery..and that he made it through surgery great and THIS will all be behind us soon....BUT...I'd be lying if I said any of this ICU stay was pleasant...very nice people and harding working staff BUT my baby is mad that I can't hold him..mad that he must stay in a car seat and MAD that his hands can't be free to grab and rip all his tubing out....And VERY MAD that he can't open his eyes and see.... He's doing better this afternoon but it was a rough night last night...He still was throwing up today but he finally woke this afternoon without screaming and was able to peak open one eye and get a look at me...

Specific Prayers are:
That he'd find peace tonight and be pain free
That he'd actually sleep tonight and NOT try to constantly pull himself out of his carseat
That he'd stop throwing up his bottles
That his head will STOP draining so his drain tube from his head can be removed...I can't hold him until the tube comes out.
And, that his eyes would OPEN completely so we can move out of the ICU and into a regular room. The EYE OPEN rule is our golden ticket out of here...they won't let us leave the ICU until then...

**I will add that life sure is about perspective...I met a precious little boy that's fighting cancer..they've been here for months...he invited me to join his facebook sweet!! And, there are other children that I haven't met but that i can see all around me that have been here for months...and they may never go home!! Trying to count my blessings! I'm very blessed that my son will get to go home soon and lead a normal life some day (God Willing :) Thank you Lord for the precious little gift you brought me...I'll forever be grateful for my sweet, sweet son!! happy Saturday to you all, kj

Friday, July 15, 2011

Made It Through the First Night...

Well...I have officially not cried yet today so I think my emotions are getting under check...:) Wes had a good night...His heart rate is blood pressure is stable now...He still has a little fever but it is manageable...His pain is under control with medication and he is basically sleeping all day so far. He got to get off oxygen and is keeping his levels up on his own!! Yay!! His swellling is so bad right now in his face that he doesn't even look like my baby anymore...but i know all that will go away eventually...I can't hold him at this point and they keep him in a car seat all day for his protection.... Thank you to for the great pics she printed out for me to use bedside...The nurses are LOVING seeing all the cute pics of my boy and our other kids too...

I got brownies for breakfast from one friend and another just dropped in to bring me diet coke and of hubby and kiddos are on their way up here for a visit...Can't wait to see them...

*Wes still isnt' holding down praying he can stop throwing up soon and start keeping food down!! I'll update more soon...I really have nothing else to do when he sleeps besides play on my lap top!! :) I could start reading a book.....hmmmm...that might require too many brain cells though..too tired to use too many of those!!! :)

More soon..happy Friday to you all, kj

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Made To The PICU

We have officially made it to the ICU where we will call HOME for the next 3 to 4 days...OH, nothing could have prepared me for the emotional roller coaster I am feeling....I have cried more since seeing him than I have in YEARS combined together!! :) just hurts my soul to see my baby hurting.....He hasn't even finished swelling yet, but just rounding the corner and seeing him for the first time nearly took my breath away...I do pass out easily and seeing all the tubes coming out of him made me feel VERY faint....I'm doing much better now...but I seriously cried with no control the first couple of hours after seeing him...He had a fever, his heart rate was up which made him breathe funny...and he arched his back and screamed every time his eyes opened...SO...the drs just kept knocking him back out!! BUT, he's doing better now and seems to be resting better for the moment....AND...I think i've made it an entire 15 minutes without crying now so I think we're BOTH on the road to recovery!! :)

My hubby is home with our 5 other babes, so I'm just sitting here in this COLD room with a sweet young nurse who is constantly checking on my baby boy. Such nice people here doing a great job...It will certainly be a long night ahead...but I'm trying to stay awake to feed my baby his first bottle when he wakes...I'm camped out beside his bed waiting for him to wake...and praying he doesn't wake up SO UPSET this time where they have to sedate him again.....

Your prayers are so appreciated...I knew it would be hard yet I never realized HOW HARD it would be emotionally to see my baby hurting like this....Praising God that it is OVER and he did so well in surgery...NOW praying that his little body starts to heal and his heart rate and fever goes away!!! And, since my eyes are swollen now too...we both just look LIKE A MESS!! :) I don't feel comfortable posting a " full on" picture of him...just doesn't seem right to show him hurting and all tubed up!! Not trying to hide anything....I'm just not comfortable posting such sad pictures of him at this point...I can't wait to post happier pics of our hospital stay towards the end of our week long stay here!!! I just want my baby feeling better :(

I'll post another update tomorrow when i can....thank you again for all your love, prayers, comments, emails and support...It's gonna me a long week...kj

ps....just fed him his first clear liquids by bottle...he got one eye slightly open to see me...he seemed calm with me there...drank some bottle...then threw it all up and fell back times :(

Wes Surgery Update....

The surgeons have been calling and giving us updates...Neurosurgeon finished....Main Head Surgeon just came out and was finished and both said he did very well.... Another hour or so as they put him back together and get him stable...then they'll call us back to see him for the first time... Praising God that every thing has gone so smoothly....Your prayers are so appreciated and felt... Handing him off into the arms of the drs was one of the hardest things I've ever done...but so thankful to almost have this behind us...then let the healing begin...

Thank you again for your support...I can't wait to see my baby's been a long day!! I'll update again when i can, kj

Surgery Day!!

Wes's surgery is scheduled for 1pm today...we'll be getting there a couple of hours earlier....Should take around 6 hours to complete...less if it goes smoother than expected..longer if things arise. We're praying for it to obviously go as quickly as possible. Praying for the surgeons involved...may God please hold each and every one of them...and guide them to do the BEST possible job for our little man. I'll update when I can... This is a long time for my baby to go with out food please pray for peace for my love's belly too!!

**We should be in ICU for 3-4 days..then normal room for a week.... Yes, I'm very nervous right now...but trying to stay in prayer to calm my anxiety about this.... LORD, PLEASE PROTECT MY BABY!!! WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!!

Happy Thursday to you all, kj

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Change of Plans.....Wes is having surgery THIS THURSDAY!

God has shown me once again that when it comes to this miracle little boy in my life...that HE IS ULTIMATELY IN CONTROL!! Just when we wrapped our minds around the fact that Wes's surgery would be in August now...we found out today that a surgery day SUDDENLY became available for THIS Thursday!! Our surgeon's office called and said they'd like for Wes to take this earlier date...and well...after feeling instantly "SICK"...I said OK!!
So...with only 3 days notice...Wes is going to have his big surgery on THIS THURSDAY, July 14th!! I'm glad to be getting it over with...but I'm also not mentally prepared..and maybe that's good!! Not much time to really think about it now..and we'll just be going in like a deer in headlights!!
I'm so thankful we got these family shots done BEFORE Wes had his surgery..I thought I was getting them done a month before surgery....but come to find was only a week before surgery!!
I really don't get too nervous about too many things...but thinking of my boy having this surgery on Thursday...well...just makes me want to puke!! It's just the thought of him being taken away from me...the thought of him going through pain..the thought of him not being able to open his eyes after surgery to see me...BUT praying God protects him and eases his fears and pains...and that my voice alone after surgery will be able to calm him!!

We LOVE you Wes Paulos...and I pray the world will pray with us for a safe and successful surgery....and for a fast recovery for my sweet sweet boy!!! If I can get internet...I'll keep you all posted on how everything is going....

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.....Our family certainly appreciates your kindness...Happy Monday to you all, kj

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 2 Months Home Wes!

I can't believe 2 months has already passed since having my Sweet Wes Paulos in my arms!! The love I have for this amazing boy is indescribable!! He has ahold of my heart FOR SURE!! :) Bonding to this sweet little love was SUPER EASY!! He is FULL of love all the time. He just wants to hug and pat my back all the time!! He has a smile that melts the entire family....and watching him grow into a running little toddler all over our home is simply a GIFT FROM GOD!! We love you so much Wes Paulos...and we're blessed EVERY DAY by having you in our life.....

And, thank you for the great shots!! You caught my boy's sweet, loving, cuddle bug personality so well!! I'll cherish these always!!! :)

**Happy Saturday to you all, kj

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July 2011....

Happy 4th of July from our 6 Little Firecrackers......Thanks Karen for the great are the greatest....
So, thankful to have all 6 of my babes in my arms this 4th of July...So much to be grateful for!! Hope you all have a blessed Holiday...Happy Monday to you all, kj

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grab This Month's Woman's Day....Cause....

Hot off the stand...this month's Woman's Day Magazine features my big sister, Kelly, and her Non profit : Ordinary Hero!!! So proud of her:

It came out yesterday..and I'm being OVERWHELMED with emails about her organization (I help her out with waiting children inquiries :) All the emails is a GOOD thing...praying people are touched, motivated and called to make a difference in the life of a child in need!!!

**Way to go BIG SISTA!! All my kids think Aunt Kelly is famous!! LOL She's always on the local news here and then she hit the 700 club magazines!! So neat that she's making such a difference. Glory be to God!!

***And, BTW..I AM still on Summer Vacation!! LOL Just couldn't resist telling yall about this!! Oh...and...we took some GREAT new family pics today...sneak peek coming soon!! :) Happy Saturday to you all, kj