Monday, September 20, 2010

Fundraiser Movie Night WAS HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Yes, everyone....gather your friends, charge 5 bucks to get in your back yard, sell drinks and baked goods for a buck a piece..and WHAM...HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!! 2 posts back I said we were heading to THE GALBREATHS for MOVIE NIGHT....a fundraiser to raise money for their Ethiopian Adoption....They had this great idea...nailed some wood together with some fabric in between...and we had INSTANT BACK YARD movie!!! It was so much fun!!!

There were lots of families present that we knew!!!

BUT...I'd have to say that LL and I loved the baked goods and sweet treats the BEST!!!

LL had a CONSTANT flow of sugar all night!! I don't believe I've ever seen her THAT HYPER!!! She was truly hilarious!!!!

Below we have Mrs. Galbreath on the right and her brother and his wife on the left....Candi's brother had a little visit with Miss LL since he says HER VIDEO made a grown man cry!! Too cute!!! :) We all had fun sporting the NEW Galbreath Adoption T too!!!

LL had fun with the 147 beads too!!!

LL didn't watch much of the movie....She was either climbing on everyone OR hanging out with me in the back around the food!! :)

And, as you can see...My sweet 3 yr. old Georgy didn't make it through the movie!!! My little love and STILL fall asleep anywhere!! :) was LOTS of fun...they made LOTS of money and it was fun for the entire community!!!

So, get your creative thinkin caps on and RAISE THAT MONEY if ya have to!! It can be done!! I'm witnessing it every single day!!! Hope you all had a great weekend too...Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. My little girl loves my Uganda beads as much as it looks like LL loves yours!!

    Our next big fundraiser is an event called "Stop and Shop for Adoption." We rented out a wing of the Civic Center and home businesses agreed to set up booths there and donate the proceeds to us. So far we have 10 businesses involved!

  2. Thank you so much for this post!! We are trying to raise the last 10,000 for our Ethiopian adoption and fundraising is a little hard for me. But we have farm and we could do this easily:)

  3. This looks like such fun!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  4. That is an awesome idea!!!!! Wish we lived any where near a town. Great though- happy it was a success!!!

  5. So FUN!! Wish we lived closer and could've come! Looks like it was a great night, and a HUGE SUCCESS!!

  6. i love the pic of ll watching the movie on her daddy's back. and, of course, i am always a fan of the pix of georgy sleeping. and there are so many of them!

  7. So bummed I had to work and missed it!! And that pic of George sleeping? He looks JUST like Hal in that one! I did a double take! Funny. Cute LL...she's such a 'mess'! Love it!

  8. Thanks for your help! It was a HUGE success! MUCH easier than our garage sale and it raised twice as much money! We had a ball! Highly recommend to others! Let me know if anybody has any questions on what all we did!
    Thanks Kristi!! And I too, LOVE, the pic of George sleeping = priceless!

  9. Rethinking my latest fundraiser....too late now! Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to do it....trusting in the Lord!!


Thank you for your kind words!!