Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remember When...... (a MUST SEE video)

Remember when I TOLD YOU ALL about Ms. Mary's House that was in MUCH need of a COMPLETE Redo..AND..Ordinary Hero TOOK ON THIS HUGE project.... Ms. Mary and her Husband Oscar are an elderly couple in the inner city of Nashville!! They had helped children and young adults get off the streets and LEAVE their gang life behind for YEARS...that is..UNTIL Ms. Mary lost her eye sight!! After years of neglect and the Nashville Flood, Ms. Mary's house was literally falling down on top of her!! By the GRACE OF GOD, my sister Kelly who runs Ordinary Hero FOUND Ms. Mary and Oscar and saw the desperation of this elderly couple!! She didn't KNOW HOW SHE WOULD DO IT....BUT she knew this would be Ordinary Hero's NEXT GREAT PROJECT!!!

I posted on my blog about the need...I asked for donations...and THEY CAME POURING IN!! Kelly received gift cards and money from many different states!! People walked up and handed me cash (thanks Kim :) , friends donated appliances and TV's and furniture!!! It was amazing to witness ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE stepping up to help this couple!!!

Well....the house is NOW COMPLETE!!! AND this is a MUST SEE VIDEO OF THE BEFORE AND AFTER of Ms. Mary and Oscar's house!!! This is better than ANY Home Makeover Show!! :) So, I pray you will all watch, pass it around...and get everyone involved and following Ordinary Hero...cause there is ALWAYS another project getting started...and NO PROJECT could ever be completed without the help of ALL YOU!!! (and you'll even see my hubby on the video carrying in a refrigerator IN HIS work clothes!! :) There's more funny stuff to that story that I'll share in another blog post sometime!! :)

Enjoy the video...thanks again for all YOUR help...and you can follow Ordinary Hero by going to

Ordinary Hero~ Nashville Flood Victim's Home Restored from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Kristi, Thank you for posting my Ahni Art Button on your blog! I am excited to see how God uses the canvas art to bring our Timothy home!! We are praying soon!
    Grace to you,

  2. So amazing! People's generosity always amazes me. :)

  3. Wow, Kristi! That is truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi! I have never looked at your blog before but just wanted to let you know that your Lucy Lane is absolutely precious!

  5. This is amazing and inspiring. God Bless Ordinary Heros.

  6. tears!!!!
    god bless the work of ordinary hero... can't wait to highlight them on my blog :).
    becca albertson


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