Thursday, March 31, 2011

Butterflies OR a Stomach Virus???

Wow...I get the belly "flip flop"..or better known as the "butterflies" EVERY TIME I think of my hubby leaving tomorrow.....So, actually, my stomach has hurt all week...I even asked my hubby, "Am I so nervous about you going that I'm making my stomach hurt?? Or do I have a mild stomach virus?" Who knows...either way... I'm excited and NERVOUS!! I just want to PASS COURT the first time SO BADLY...but I then have to STOP and realize that God is in Control...So...what ever happens...JUST HAPPENS!!!! (easier said than done, right? :)

***WEll...... I've got my hubby ALL packed up........He's ready to go.....Friends keep asking me, "Is your hubby NERVOUS about going to Africa for the first time?" And, he says HE'S NOT!! He seems excited and ready to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!!! (so him :) I've given him STRICT instructions to CALL ME the second he walks out of court...TO TAKE PICTURES of every different outfit Wes is get on film and video HIM MEETING WES FOR THE FIRST TIME!! AND..hopefully we can SKYPE at least ONCE!!! Just so stinkin excited!!! :)

What will I be doing besides WAITING to hear word from my hubby? little sassy Ethiopian at home will keep me busy for sure:
(notice above..she has her stuffed animal STUFFED inside her shirt....such a silly girl :)....

AND...we have TONS of family showing up tomorrow to hang with us...and we're heading out too for some family fun to make the time go by faster with Daddy gone!! Lots planned to keep us all busy!!! :)

***I'll post updates and info as I get it in from ETHIOPIA!!! Praying, praying, praying for SAFE TRAVELS...a wonderful bonding time between father and son...AND...TO PASS COURT THE FIRST TIME!!!! AND, for my sister's MOWA letter to show up too ASAP for her son!! Wouldn't it be awesome IF we could travel back for EMBASSY together for our ET sons!! So fun!! Ok, the BUTTERFLIES are back...gotta run and check all my lists again!!! :) I'll be in touch soon...Happy Thursday to you all, kj

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 2 Year Referral-iversary Lucy lane!!

Two years ago TODAY, March 30th....we saw the FACE that would change our lives FOREVER!! The face that God meant to be OURS since the beginning of time...
We had lost referral for another baby girl A FULL MONTH prior to Lucy lane's referral....It had been a LONG lonely month with NO face to love...NO idea WHO God was getting ready for us...BUT trying to hold on to FAITH that God would bring forth the child that would be OURS forever...I had quit carrying my phone around as much as I used to...I was OVER jumping at every call...Well, cause we were heart broken over our first baby, and since it was a month since we'd LOST her...we had handed it over to God and had come to the conclusion that " WE'RE NOT IN CONTROL GOD...YOU ARE...BRING A DAUGHTER WHEN YOU ARE READY!!" And, well...HE DID!!!! I missed the first call and was left a message....I couldn't call her back fast enough....Once I got ahold of my caseworker...She told me our baby's name was MARTHA and that she was only 4 1/2 months old....WE WERE INSTANTLY IN LOVE!! She told me to get to my computer and she'd send us pictures...These were the FIRST pictures we ever saw of her.....She was perfect.....Today....2 years later..She is a running 2 year old FULL of life and personality!! Lucy Lane is one of the 6 BEST things to ever happen to us!! Bringing her home was was simply heavenly!! Now, getting TO her was the hard part to me...but by the time I got to HOLD HER and BRING HER HOME....the rest was a piece of cake!! Lucy lane is hilarious, funny, adorable, sweet, kind, crazy, SMART, shy with all strangers, SUPER attached to her siblings and Mommy and Daddy, a great eater, a GREAT talker, a deep thinker, a GREAT sleeper (now), she's OPINIONATED, LOVES her hair bows, loves fashion, LOVES being sassy and smart mouthed, is super coordinated, loves crafts, books and MESSES!!! She loves all stuffed animals, Max and Ruby, imaginary play, BUT refuses to use the POTTY !! She talks NON STOP...dances all the time...sings constantly...BUT stops it ALL if a stranger or someone outside her family walks up!! She's NEVER liked a stranger and will quickly tell anyone that walks up to her to "GET AWAY" and "Don't touch me!!" She isn't afraid a bit to tell someone to BACK OFF!! You are extremely lucky IF she ever lets you touch or hold her...cause she usually ONLY allows her momma and daddy to carry her around!

LL thinks she is a teen already and loves to tell us everything is NOT FAIR...She GETS INTO EVERTHING!! She makes a HUGE MESS any chance she gets...She's TWO and can scream louder than any child I've ever heard!! :) She loves to say, "Momma...I need my hair milk" which means she's ready for me to do her hair!! She's just simply WONDERFUL!! She's seriously a crazy, little wonderful nut!! A crazy wonderful two year old that we can't imagine our lives with out!!

***We seriously thank God every day for our LL! What would we be doing today IF we hadn't answered God's calling on our life to adopt!!?? It makes me sad to even think about it!! LL is truly a blessing in every sense of the way!! Happy 2 year referral-iversary Lucy lane....We LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! And, Happy wednesday to you all, kj

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Packing For Ethiopia....And..A LOT MORE STUFF...

Wow, a little guy sure does need a LOT of stuff!! I've been busy this week getting things ready for my hubby to take to our Sweet Little Wes!! Oh, HOW i love getting things together for him....bottles and formula, diapers and wipes, new jammies, new clothes, warm blankets, baby food, etc.... ALL things I'll never see again (meaning..when I go back to pick him up for Embassy..these things will be community property to benefit all the babes there :) BUT I DON'T CARE!! At least he'll get to use some of the new goodies while my hubby is with him!! :) And, hopefully some of the other kiddos will benefit too....My hubby's TWO checked bags will consist of HUNDREDS of CLOTH DIAPERS!! I haven't even had a chance to THANK all of you that have sent them lately!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Seriously....THANK YOU!!! I keep handing them out to travelers...but MORE arrive than I'm getting out...SO...I'm going to HOLD OFF on collecting them for a while UNTIL I slightly get caught up!! My dining room is OVER FLOWING to say the least!!! IF i've given you the address...then please go ahead and send what you have or want to send...BUT...other than that, I'm holding off for a while UNTIL I get these delivered!!!
Also, just have to show yall what a sweet reader sent me:
Can you read it?? It says, "Praying Wes Home" And, it's on a scrabble piece....Isn't that adorable.....
And, the back of the scrabble piece was a J-8.....How cool is that?? J for our last name..and we're a family of 8 with Wes!! So neat!! Thank you so much for this..I sincerely LOVE IT and wear it every day!!! So, my question....Are J's really worth 8 points?? Or was this specifically made for us?? Just wondering!! Such a GREAT necklace!! And....Can others order this necklace...I know someone is going to ask!! :)

***Also, someone sent my Ethiopian Beauties some MATCHING SHIRTS!! Aren't they too cute!!! Can't wait for LL and Wes to wear these together some day....
These shirts are part of Delivering HOPE:
A reader sent me these shirts because they represent a group helping children with Severe Malnutrition like my Wes...You can check it out by clicking the above link!!

***Well....What does LL do while Mom is busy packing up Daddy to appear in court for her new baby brother?????
Yes, you can always find LL EATING!! The girl loves her some shredded cheese!! And, since she can open the fridge and ANYTHING else around here...she decided she'd start her morning off with a little cheese!! (and yes, those are hand me down jammies from George :) My girl cracks me up!!

****And...before I go...let me show ya what LIFE SONG FOR ORPHANS IS UP TO!! LifeSong is WHO allowed us to put a water well in Ethiopia last summer and dedicate it in LL's birth mom's name!! They are such a GREAT organization and WE LOVE THEM!!! They are looking for some monthly sponsors right now...check out what they sent me today:

"It's Tortilla Tuesday!!! Don't forget to send in your photos and stories to!

What difference does Lifesong Honduras really make in the lives of the 550 students we work with?

Nutritionally: Every day students at Lifesong Honduras receive 3 balanced meals. (Join us today for Tortilla Tuesday! Confused? Click HERE)

Educationally: The national average of students in public schools who go on to college in Honduras is around 1%. At Lifesong Honduras, about 40% of students go on to college!

Economically: In a country with a national unemployment rate of 70%, over 70% of Plan Escalon graduates have full-time jobs!

Spiritually: 2011 Vision Team member, Brian Kerz, speaks from what he saw first hand:

Isn't teaching the gospel message really what it's all about? And after leaving Lifesong Honduras to live on their own, 90% of Escalon graduates still consider themselves Christians and 85% continue to attend church on a regular basis!

Lives are being changed. Lives can continue to change because of the difference being made by people like you!

Our goal is:

We have two days left.
We need 63 commitments!

Will you help us continue to serve children in Honduras?

Can't commit to $30 p/mo? Give your best gift today... we can all make one sacrifice and come together as the body of Christ to make a big difference!

Contact us at to make your commitment AND be sure to tell them that we sent you from our blog! Your donation will be doubled thanks to a gracious giver!

Your support makes these stories possible!
All administrative costs are covered, so 100% of your donation will go directly to helping orphans. "

***Isn't that amazing!! LOVE the heart of LifeSong!! Ok, that's all i've got today!! Gotta get back to packing and checking off my to do lists!! Oh, added some new updated pics to the Ordinary Hero Waiting Children site too..just an fyi!!! You can email me at to view pics of waiting children!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wes Update: He Hits Another Milestone is amazing to see my little guy grow and improve each month!! I can't wait to share some day HOW MUCH he has changed!! The first pics from December to pictures TODAY hardly even look like the same child!!

My little boy is a MIRACLE!! The fact that he is alive today is a TRUE miracle!! His body was so starved that it was shutting down!! A body so weak that he no longer could smile...A tiny little body that just shook in my arms due to vitamin nutritional deprivation!! I will share more someday when I feel the time is right...but for now..I just look at his new pictures and CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES!!! God has worked a miracle in our son!! little guy is thriving and growing....We are so thankful to our agency for getting him this far!! WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS!! I know we have a long road ahead...The EFFECTS of going a year or more without the basic nutrition a body needs can be LONG LASTING!!! BUT the Lord has brought me such PEACE over our son..I can't even explain it!! WE LOVE HIM!! I love him with all my heart and soul...NO MATTER what he can accomplish in this life...HE IS OURS!!

Well, I PRAY he is officially OURS NEXT WEEK....I pray to the LORD FOR ANOTHER MIRACLE...that we'll pass court!! It seems like it will take a miracle these days to pass court the first time...It seems that MOWA letters (the letter needed to pass court) are missing left and right...but NOT ALL are seems that some families are STILL passing the first time!! I pray this is OUR CASE!! BUT, again, I have peace with how ever it goes...cause I KNOW in my heart already that HE'S OURS!!

SO....ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT...WE'LL BE IN COURT!! THE COUNT DOWN IS ON...PRAYING FOR MIRACLES...PRAYING WE PASS...PRAYING HE IS OURS OFFICIALLY!! We would SO appreciate ALL your prayers!! (and if we DO pass..I can show yall ALL my can't wait to show off our new son :)

*Our director is in Ethiopia right now...I love when she travels cause it means NEW PICS!! Yayyy...She sent me pics this week and this was just one of them...They bring tears to my eyes just seeing him hit another milestone: HE CAN NOW PULL UP ON HIS OWN!! She captured a pic for me and sent them via email!! SOOOO THANKFUL FOR THIS!! My heart skips a beat every time I open email and see his precious face again!! And, to think he can now PULL UP!!! Wow...if you could have ONLY seen what I saw in wouldn't believe it either!!
***Ok, that's it!! I'll be busy this week packing up my hubby to leave!! And, the kids and I are headed out for some fun too!! We don't just sit around while Dad is gone...we have lots planned too!! We're off to visit everyone we is coming to visit us some too...LOTS TO DO...LOTS TO DO!! :) Happy Sunday to you all, kj

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011 - Our STAY-cation!!!

Well...we've had a GREAT time NOT going anywhere this spring break!! Well...we did run to see family the last couple of days...but ya VACATIONS this spring break!! might ask?? Cause my sweet hubby flies OUT ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! AHHHHHHH!! (that's me screaming) for our COURT DATE for our SWEET, TINY LITTLE MAN Wes!! Oh, I just can't believe it!! But, more on that later...FIRST...I've gotta get caught up on showing yall our STAY-cation this year...WE'VE STAYED AT HOME THIS SPRING BREAK...SO LET ME SHOW YA HOW MUCH FUN YOU CAN HAVE STAYING HOME!!

**Well..i'll back it up even a few more days and show ya HOW my big 3 went to school for St. Patrick's day...Yes, they took WEARING GREEN to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL...they were so proud of their outfits!! :)
Well, St. Patrick's Day was the LAST DAY of school before Spring Break OFFICIALLY started...We had Friday, the 18th off I took the kids and headed to the zoo to kick off our spring break:
The weather was PERFECT and it was a great way to get the kids excited about BEING HOME FOR A WEEK....

The temp on our zoo day HIT 80 degrees! That is some warm weather for called Daddy and told him to bring us home a blow up pool on his way home from work...and he did:
So, we added some swimming to our spring break was some COLD WATER...but the kids had fun anyways...(3 yr old Georgy didn't last too long in it :)
BUT 2 yr. old LL wasn't phased by the cold water...she loved it...

So, that was FRIDAY...Saturday was a LONG bike ride through one of our local parks and a picnic lunch...(since Daddy is home on weekends to help us with that sort of activity) ..we love doing that as a family......

AND..another idea my brilliant two older daughters came up with was....CREATING PIES AND DESSERTS TO FEED THE BIRDS IN OUR BACK YARD....
OK, so i realize that MOST people wouldn't allow their kids to get SO creative in the food pantry...but..I just can't resist...they are SO PROUD of their creations when they're done...

And, yes, amazingly enough...they come out each morning and their DESSERTS for the birds ARE GONE!! So, seriously, i think a raccoon is eating it each night..but they are CONVINCED they are FABULOUS COOKS!! LOL
Sunday, Daddy took the older ones to a movie..and on Monday...we hit the Children's Science Museum......They love this place:
And, seriously people..this is LL (above) playing AIR GUITAR..she does this ALL THE TIME!! I promise the hubbs and I DON'T even begin to KNOW HOW to play the guitar..but she pretends she's playing ALL THE TIME!! Future rocker??

We ended our Science Museum with a little Space show...and...
and that was our Monday...UNTIL...Daddy came home and we decided to let the kids play at one of the local parks LATER THAN NORMAL...Yes, they were in heaven....

Fun Times! Then Tuesday morning we hit one of the local Pottery Painting places...
A friend with some COUPONS asked us to join it was cheap and FUN!! :) After painting pottery...we packed up and headed to visit the fam out of town.....
My kids LOVE visiting their cousins....We got to visit with Poppy and Jules too (my in-laws) We stayed in a hotel the first night (which I already blogged about :) and stayed with my Mom the next night.....
The weather was SO warm up UNTIL today!! The kids acted like it was summer outside....
And, we even got to bust out one of our new summer butterfly dresses i found at Target...Gotta love their kid's clothes:
And, TODAY, Thursday....we hung out at Grandma's house some...I caught a pic of MY MOM doing MY GRANDMA'S hair!! My big girls were SO ENTERTAINED by my Grandma's stories!! My grandma has Alzheimers and my kids just sit and listen to all her stories with such kindness!! Such WONDERFUL memories I hope they never forget!!
And, it's Thursday night...we're back home...the kids were so happy to see Daddy...He has to stay back and WORK to pay for all of our fun!! :) BUT..who would have known that staying home for Spring Break could have been so much fun!! :) And, we still have the weekend ahead of us!! :)

***Well...I'm just slightly tired tonight...happy to be home..and needing some rest to start up tomorrow's adventures!! :) It took me a while, but I'm finally ALMOST caught up on Ordinary Hero emails...OH, and I added two little Ugandan boys to the site...BUT...PRAISE THE LORD, one little guy found his forever family BEFORE I could even make the announcement that changes had been made!! :) Wow!! So happy for him!! :) That means there is a new 8 year old guy still available that I added today!! Email me at to get the password to view waiting children IF interested!!

Thanks for checking in on our STAY-CATION!! Happy Thursday to you all, kj

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Be Back Tomorrow....(and one funny story...had to share)

The kids are on Spring Break..and i took my 5 littles cuties out of town to visit fam for a couple of days to break the week up...I'm blogging from one of my sister's computers...I'll answer emails and send out info on Waiting Children for Ordinary Hero as soon as we get back!! Happy Spring Break everyone!! The weather in our part of the world as been in the 70's and low 80' nice for March!! :) OK..must tell you ONE STORY....

**Stayed in a hotel last night with the kiddos (they love doing this)...My sister and her two kiddos came over to visit us around the swimming pool in our hotel...they aren't there 20 minutes when one of the hotel workers comes up and says, " if you are trying to sneak these people into your room and have EXTRA people stay with you, then you're gonna have to pay for them."

I of course start laughing...I say, "this is my sister and they live here in town...they aren't wanting nor are they going to stay the night with us"

She says, "Well, around here people are ALWAYS trying to sneak extra people into their rooms to get our free breakfast the next morning."

I said, " Do I look that bad and cheap today? (laughing) Cause I can assure you mam, that i'd get another room IF we need it..but we don't...cause THEY LIVE HERE IN TOWN!!"

She said: "ok well..i'm just making sure...cause we'll have to charge YOU if they stay in your room."

Me: "Ok, I got it...but they aren't stayin in OUR ROOM!!! We really are JUST that allowed here??!!" :)

SO....not sure she ever believed me...but I guess they have stuff going on like this in small towns...or at least in MY OLD SMALL TOWN!! LOL I also asked for some extra pillows for our room...and she said they didn't have any cause they were all STOLEN!! :) Hmmmm...maybe I'll pick another hotel next time...i promise it really looked nice!! :) AND...Lucy Lane falls out of the bed in the night...and I jump up and get everyone back to sleep..then the room phone rings...the hotel desk worker says that someone just called and complained on OUR ROOM cause there was a loud bang noise....I said, "my baby just fell out of the bed...and now yall called and now EVERYONE is awake" They apologized!! So...crazy night...but least we're away from home enjoying some different scenery!! :)

Ok..that was my hotel experience...Surely, tonight will be better..not staying there!! :)

Happy Wednesday to you all, kj

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Latest Favorite LL Comment...

Little Miss Lucy Lane seems to TALK more and more EACH and every day!! She is an endless chatter box!! She can be sweet as sugar, bossy, sassy, inquisitive, kind and considerate OR just down right FUNNY!! MOST OF TIME SHE TRIES TO BE FUNNY!!

* She, for example, will tell me I NEED TO GO TO TIME OUT if I don't give her what she wants!! :)

* If you tell her to tell someone she is sorry, for example..You say, " Lucy lane, tell George you are sorry for pushing him"...She deliberately says in the sweetest voice, "Sorry HAL for pushing you"...(uses the wrong name ON PURPOSE EVERY TIME...then dies laughing!!

* I'll say, "LL , give Mommy a kiss" She puckers all up...and those lips are so cute you just can't stand it...You move in for the kiss..and she RASPBERRIES in your face ON PURPOSE!!

* She asks questions CONSTANTLY..."mommy do you like this song? Mommy is this color green? Mommy where is George? She asks so many questions while driving down the road, we'll say, "LL..lets play quiet mouse" She says, " I not like Quiet Mouse!! " Oh, well!! :)
*She constantly say, "Mommy, that's NOT fair!" (and yes, she just turned 2 in November..not 12 :)

*She vividly tells us about her dreams!! I don't remember my other 2 year olds DREAMING..but LL does and can tell you ALL about it!!

***So, NOTHING gets by her!! She's SHARP as a tack and seriously is one of those toddlers that AWARE of everything going on!! SO, I shouldn't be surprised at LL's latest conversation...It went like this:
We were sitting outside playing...LL and my Julia were sitting at a picnic table with their feet propped up...LL says:

LL : "JuJu, what's wrong with your BIG FOOT?"

Julia: " What do you mean? Nothings wrong with my foot."

LL: "yes, it is...Your big foot is WHITE...and MINE is BROWN! What's WRONG WITH YOURS??"

Julia busts out laughing...we're all outside and hear the conversation...and Julia tries to explain to her in the cutest 7 yr. old way that SHE HAS WHITE SKIN..but LL has BROWN SKIN!! She explains to her that SHE is from Africa..that is WHY her skin is brown!! LL dismisses all the facts and just goes back to: "Hmmm..well something is wrong with your Big Foot's WHITE!"

***Well, so that's noted as the first time Lucy lane NOTICED a difference in skin color!! I'm sure the conversations will only get better over the years...but for now... LuLu is convinced that Julia has SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER BIG FOOT!! LOL

**We love our little Chatter makes for GREAT conversations and laughs in our house ALL THE TIME!! God surely has blessed us!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj

**FYI- I added a 7 yr. old single boy from ET to the waiting children today on the Ordinary Hero site..and I added an Ethiopian Sister/Brother pair..Girl is 9, brother is 7....and THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Not that it matters..but hey...just noting the obvious!! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

But..How Will Adoption Affect Your "Other Kids"?

Well..that's a question I got all the time before we brought LL home..and I still get it from time to time..."How is LL affecting your "other children"?? Well...I usually just say something like, "Well, how did it affect YOUR OTHER KIDS when you brought baby #2 or #3 home from the hospital?" Bringing Lucy Lane home didn't affect our children ANY DIFFERENTLY than bringing home ANY OTHER sibling!! Our kids embraced her just like any other baby brought home!! It was truly effortless!! They loved her...we all loved her!! End of story!! .....Life went on as normal...We flew in on a Friday night from Ethiopia...We all 7 went to a wedding out of town the next day...We hit a father's day event on Sunday...Daddy went back to work on Monday and we hit VBS to drop off the older 3 and pick them up each day!! Life was NORMAL!! Life STiLL is normal....We're a family.....A family that is STILL growing...but we're just a NORMAL family.....
Last Sunday, we decided to head out of the house for a LONG walk...we pack up a picnic lunch and head out on an ADVENTURE we like to call it.....We didn't make it very far before my Hal tripped and fell....story of his life :(
After some bandaids and some kisses....and a long walk....we finally made it to the neighborhood park.....
The kids always have so much fun playing together...When you have almost 6 kids VERY CLOSE IN makes for constant playmates.... I would love to hand those people pictures LIKE THIS when they ask..." BUT how is YOUR adoption affecting your REAL kids??" Ummmmm.... looks like they are TURNING OUT PRETTY HAPPY....

And, no worries..I always slip in the fact too that ALL my children are MY REAL CHILDREN!!! :)
ALL 5 precious little baby dolls are my REAL children...AND, Wes is my REAL child too...just waiting on papers to PROVE that one......
And, Lucy lane would tell ya too if she could....
Funny little squirt..... :)
So, yes, everything GOES back to normal after's almost been 2 years since we brought LL home...And, life is still as normal as it was the weekend we brought her home...And, adding our Wes will just add more laughter, more kisses, more smiling faces AND more wonderful picture opportunities!! :)

(below the kids are playing kickball with Daddy...but LL decides that she'd rather be hangin with Momma :)

The little two take turns warming up with mom on our blanket...I caught LL giving someone a LOOK...
And, 3 yr. old George is STILL busy carrying all his toys around everywhere he goes...He plays with them all day, sleeps with them..then wakes and gathers them and begins his NEXT day....

Then its back home....and this is the view from ME pushing my BABIES back home....
I call them my WONDER TWINS... They truly go together like BREAD and BUTTER....I can't imagine what GEORGE would do wth out his Lucy lane...Makes me sad even thinking about it!! :)

***So...that was ONE of our NORMAL days in a nut shell!! :) And, I truly can't wait to show you HOW WE DO IT with 6 Littles!!! :) I know with out a doubt that our kids ARE BETTER people because of Lucy lane and Wes....Their hearts are bigger, their minds are more open to LOVE, and their TRUST in the LORD to bring their siblings home is BIGGER THAN EVER!! May all the Glory Be to God!! happy Saturday to you all, kj