Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, Lucy Lane!!! (this week's adventure :)

A NORMAL day with LL is CONSTANTLY keeping YOUR EYE ON HER.....She is an ACTIVE toddler to say the least!!! I've gotten used to NOISES I hear that might result in something/someone getting hurt!!! LL LOVES to push stools, chairs, etc. around to help her BETTER reach the things she wants to get into...AND, I know NOW the sound of something getting pushed around on the hard wood floors...and that usually means I need to go SET a stool up on the counter so she CAN'T REACH IT and GET INTO TROUBLE...Well..I heard the pushing noise a couple of days ago and it sounded DIFFERENT...I came around the corner and found this: She had found a COOLER this time!! I had NO IDEA where the cooler came from!! I assumed it was empty and maybe the hubby had cleaned it out and left it sitting in the laundry room or something!! I start in on, "Now Lucy...get down before you get hurt!! "
She answers, "Lights OFF, MOMMA!!" (turning lights on and off is ONE of her VERY favorite tricks these days)!! I grab the camera of course and snap a few pics of her NEWEST adventure so I can show her ONE DAY WHAT a little MESS she was!!!! :) And, then...

She started showing off for me....making faces and being silly (which is completely normal for her when she sees the camera)....And, then....YES, the cooler flipped...and she FELL (no pic of this cause I dropped the camera right after this pic to try and catch her)...BUT...she wasn't hurt and thought it was QUITE FUN:

And, I learned that the cooler WASN'T empty and it was actually FULL of water and ice from my son's baseball practice the night before!! Apparently, we had SNACK DUTY..so my hubby took snack and drinks...and then left the FULL cooler in the laundry room FOR ME!! :) So...I cleaned up the LAKE that was on my floor TRYING to keep LL from eating dirty ice off the floor!!! AND, the TRUTH is.............I carried all the WET, HEAVY towels to the laundry room to wash AND left LL still standing there in the kitchen...AND...apparently she thought the FIRST dump of the cooler WAS PRETTY FUN...OR SHE THOUGHT, "Man, if my momma is DUMB enough to leave me here with this cooler STiLL HALF FULL of water and ice...." AND, she DUMPED it again!!! YES, AGAIN!!! So, no pics of that one...it wasn't quite as CUTE the second time around!! :) And, I was smart enough to poor the cooler out in the sink BEFORE I cleaned up the 2nd LAKE on my hard wood floors that time!!! :)
Moral of the story: ummmm...blame all this on your hubby for leaving a FULL cooler in the house?? No...ummm...just kidding!! LAUGH...that's all you can do!!! Toddlers are just this way!!! :)

**Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. Ooopppsss.... but the great thing is she is still sooo stinkin' cute!!! You know laughing at things is much better than exploding about them- parenting lesson 101. :)

    Hey- just let me know when you want to start for #6 :) I'll get right on that!!! :)

  2. ok so.. i must be a toddler mommy too.. cus instead of thinking.. "oh what a mess.. or.. crazy kid... " i thought " wow.. good cooler, it kept ice in it overnight completly fine!" Hee hee. I love checking up on your blog.. we are finally on our way home to Canada for furlough and cant wait to be able to introduce our Tendai to all her family back home!

  3. Sometimes we have to make mistakes so we can learn from them! Your a great mama! I love to see that you know the balance between taking pictures of the silly things they do and stopping when it turns naughty. And OH MAN is that girl cute! =)

  4. She sounds JUST like my little guy!! He pushes anything he can find to the light switches too! And I'm sure, he would have been right there with her eating up the ice off the floor! :)

  5. You are such a beautiful example of what motherhood should be more like! Embracing each moment and every stage and never sweating the small stuff. If we could all laugh our way thru our busy days!
    Love & Miss Ya,

  6. Never a dull moment...for sure...when there is a toddler in the house! (:>)


Thank you for your kind words!!