Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday Comes to An End....

On this National Orphan Sunday...I never want to forget that my wonderful, spunky, adorable daughter started here:
An orphanage in Ethiopia, Africa....Just one of the many stepping stones that God used to get her here:
here with us...her FOREVER FAMILY!! And, as sad as I am for ALL the thousands and millions of children we left behind....I'm eternally grateful for THIS ONE little life that God decided to bless us with...

***And, here we are TODAY, this Orphan Sunday 2010, decked out in our Orphan Awareness GEAR....heading into our church...praying that others will also decide to give a child a home, sponsor a child, or decide to foster in our area.
I said in my last post that i'd be working one of the tables today at church ALL WHILE LL and Georgie hung out with me....Ok, that was a joke...they were literally climbing the church walls...literally:
We did have a GREAT representation from our church congregation and MANY different organizations were showcased like...Ordinary Hero, the Raining Season, 147 Million Orphan, Foster Care, and Mariam's Promise (which is a domestic local adoption agency).....

And, LL sported her new shirt someone sent said 147 Million Orphans Minus ONE:

But LL and my George man were WAY too wild...and couldn't quit doing flips on the floor and climbing under the tables and well...we had to head out (daddy had to teach sunday school he couldn't help) BUT...besides my wild toddlers...I was VERY happy with the progress taking place in our church!! So awesome to see!!! I can only pray that LOTS of seeds were planted in our 7000 member church today!! :)
**I hope ALL OF YOU also had an amazing Sunday remembering ALL THOSE that still must wait....wait on someone LIKE YOU AND ME to decide that NOW is a good time to give THEM a home!! I pray they don't have to WAIT much longer!! :) Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. OH! So good to see LL can wear the shirt! I was already smiling seeing that two of the outfits she was wearing in the pics we outfits that Macy has also, and then to see our fundraiser shirt was just great!
    I also wanted to tell you that when we got back Fri. night I was catching up on my blog readin' and saw about you wanting to contact LL's birthmom. We had a GREAT experience meeting with Macy's. Sure...some of it was hard to hear...but meeting with her is going to be so important to Macy someday. I have a long list of questions I typed up to ask her, if you need them for your visit with LL's birthmom. Oh, and if you have a dictaphone, take it to record her voice on it (so you don't have to fool with a videocamera during your talking).


  2. We had a very blessed Sunday as well! :) Our guest pastor that came today gave a message on serving (how ironic!). We were able to share a children's moments message and a short video for the congregation after service on Orphan Sunday and National Adoption Month. The guest pastor came to us after church and thanked us for sharing. He was missing an Orphan Sunday message in his own church and they have two adopted daughters. He said it was wonderful to see others sharing their hearts for orphans. (which is not the 'norm' in our rural North Missouri area). God blessed our day, and it looks like he totally rocked yours too!!! I hope others were inspired to serve by giving or going for orphans all around the world! ♥

  3. i am really wanting to get something started in our church and especially have an orphan sunday for next year...but wondering during the year what sort of things do you do in your church for the orphan ministry and what do you do or prepare for orphan sunday? I would love any tips because I want to try and get something started!

  4. AMEN- Praying their hearts were touched....and they start to see how amazing God's heart is for orphans!!!!! :)

  5. Kristi,
    It would be so wonderful if you could check out our t shirt giveaway :)

  6. Great job! I didn't think about wearing adoption garb. Must do that this month! (we adopted through foster care)

  7. Wow! What a set-up of tables! that's amazing! Glad I wasn't the only one with an un-cooperative child. But to be fair...mine was so sick he really couldn't help it. But if he wasn't screaming from misery...he would have been running loudly. Just sayin' =)


Thank you for your kind words!!