Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh..Hurt Me Cute...Her Christmas Outfit Arrived.....

Yes, it's true...My LL's Official 2010 Christmas Outfit arrived in the mail yesterday..and we had it on TODAY!! I just must share this cuteness with yall:
I took my two littles to Kentucky today to support a fundraiser my sister Kasey was putting on....It was a Shopping for a Cause I thought LL MUST show off her NEW outfit for this GRAND event !! :)
I went by my sister's house first to heat some food and let George and LL play a bit before the fundraiser began...I got LL dressed and snapped a few pics:Ok, the TOP question I got ALL night TONIGHT was: "Wear did you get that oufit??" goes....

I ordered this from Julie J. sews like crazy over on her blog to RAISE money for their own adoption!! I love this family and actually got to meet them in person this summer!! She is SO talented..and NOT ONLY is the outfit adorable..but it held up while LL played outside, rolled on the floor of the fundraising event and did flips on the ground all night!! :) How did LL feel about her new outfit:
LL LOVED her outfit..and at the NEW age of 2..she already has opinions about WHAT she wants to wear and WHAT bows she wants in her hair..seriously!! :)
And, yes, my child is the craziest, funniest gal alive!!! She is SUCH a ham:
George and Lucy were like the "Wonder Twins" all night!! They ran me wild at this event!! They were under every table, wrestling each other until they cried they laughed so hard, knocking things over, spilling food and drinks, getting soaked in the water fountain...just being my perfectly wonderful 2 and 3 yr. old loves!!!! :)
I can't imagine my life without these two running me WILD!!! They feed off one another..and you'd think at 8:30 at night and a long hr. drive back home, they'd fall asleep and be quiet...NO...not these two...they were loud, singing, laughing, screaming, throwing paci's the entire way home!! :) You can only laugh at these two...cause every time you look back, they are making faces at each other cracking up!!! :)

ok, so back to the outfit...I seriously LOVE it Julie!!! It is so cute and everyone I saw tonight wanted to know where it came from....And, I won't even mention the EXTRA treat you threw cute...thanks a million...
And, one pic from my sister's fundraiser....Sister Kasey on right..then my mom in middle, then LL , then my MIL - Jules on the left!!! thanks everyone for coming out tonight to support my little sis:

And, jump on over and check out Julie at and see if she might be able to make your little cutie something this season...Tell her "kristi" sent ya...and YOU want an "LL outfit"...Ok, just can order anything you want :) and goes to support her own we ALL win here!! :)

**Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. Oh my Lawd honey child you are outta control!! I love me some Flitterbugs though and your crazy Southern outfits!

  2. Julie is so talented! LL looks precious! Can't wait till my little ones are home so I can get some cute flitterbug outfits!!!

  3. so cute! lulu has been looking at the pix with me giggling.

  4. She has the personality to fill that cute outfit! I always feel inspired when I read your perspective on your children just acting like children. I just returned from academic awards at school while wrestling our 2 1/2 yr old twins (fost-adopt). While it was work I realized they were just acting like they should for their age and that situation. Thanks for that change in perspective. (next time I'm going to bring lollipops however :)

  5. That is an ADORABLE outfit!!! Miss you guys- Elizabeth saw you blog the other day and said I remember George- I like playing with him :) too cute!!!! Now that Joanna is mobile- well you know more craziness would ensue.... :) he he he

  6. She looks adorable. I had dresses made for my girls with that tree fabric... We're going to FL so stuffy red velvet just wouldn't do this year! Love those pictures!


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