Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On This Thanksgiving Eve...Children That Wait....

Tonight it is Thanksgiving EVE!! I have SO VERY MUCH to be thankful for this year!! This is Lucy Lane's 2nd Thanksgiving home, my children are healthy and strong, I have a wonderful, hard working husband that provides for us all, I have shelter and enough food and warmth to share with many!! many children in our world are going to bed HUNGRY with out even their basic NEEDS met tonight....and that is something that is NEVER far from my mind!!

**As I woke this morning and fell onto the couch with all my kids around me SO EXCITED and happy to have NO SCHOOL today.....I know millions of children wait and beg for the opportunity to attend ONE DAY of school:
**As I announced for everyone to get dressed..I was taking them all somewhere fun to eat breakfast:
Millions more will grow large extended bellies from months and years of malnourishment and hunger:
**As my children ooh and aahh over the "make your own" pancake place mommy found:Millions more will be forced to endure ANOTHER day with NO food for breakfast and NO food all day:
**As my children lick the bowl clean of chocolate chips and m&m pancakes....
Millions of children will NOT make it another 24 hours due to hunger:
**As my children wear their Power Ranger costumes to eat out and ask for seconds of their delicious pancakes:Millions of children that look just like my Lucy Lane don't have basic clothing to cover their bodies and basic nutrition to keep them strong:
**And as my children think I'm the BEST Mommy in the world for finding such a cool place for breakfast:
Millions more will lose their Mommies today due to sickness, preventable disease, poverty and BASIC starvation!! And, then they too will be given a new label...a label....a name that is used for 147 million other children in our world: ORPHAN!!

***So, what can be done about this?? I certainly don't HOLD all the answers....but I know MORE can be each and everyone of us!! Tonight I share all this with you because I know ONE answer!! It is NOT the ONLY answer for the orphan crisis in this world....but it DOES change the world for that ONE CHILD!!! And, I can promise you ONE THING....IT DOES MATTER TO THAT ONE CHILD!!


AGCI: (fyi..these are NOT pics of ACTUAL WAITING CHILDREN...I am NOT allowed to post those...these children represent the AGE and CULTURE of the children described:)
*Waiting Child profile: b055 "E"- boy born in 1997. He has a beautiful smile, he is active and healthy and developmentally on track. Lets pray his family to him.
(not picture of actual child)
* Waiting Child profile: B062 "M" - girl born in 1998. She is healthy and there are NO health concerns. She has adorable pig tails in and is beautiful. What breaks my heart is....She is a full orphan and her younger siblings were placed for adoption first and they found a loving family. She was placed at a later date..and she still waits. Lets help find this young girl a family too!!
*Waiting Child Profile: B061 "T and A" - Beautiful sisters that STILL WAIT!! They were born in 1998 and 2000!! They have lost both of their parents and are both healthy and on track developmentally. It is said they long for a family to build a future with and a place to call home. Both are described as being wonderfully sweet and happy. These sisters have waited long enough in an orphanage...lets help them find their forever family.
(not picture of actual child)
*Waiting Child Profile: B067 - Adorable "T"..Girl born in 2002. I've advocated for her before. She has just turned 8 years old. She is a full orphan and is healthy and on track developmentally. She has a beautiful smile and just needs a family....Do you have one?? She is described as a social butterfly.
(not picture of actual child)
**And NEW to Hannah's Hope Orphanage - Waiting Child Profile: B068 "G and M" The cutest brothers EVER!! They are said to be 8 and 4!! And, they are handsome, handsome, handsome!! They are healthy and on track developmentally. They are said to love each other very much and are VERY close!! Oh, I know someone could give them a good it YOU??

**AGCI STATES: For further information on any of these children, including the possibility
of videos, please contact the Inquiry Department at (800) 214-6719 or

To move forward with an adoption, we ask that no children currently in the
home be less than ten months older than the adopted child and would prefer
to place with a family that has experience parenting children beyond the
waiting child's age. Parents must be between the ages of 23 and 55 years of
age. Please see country criteria for complete requirements, which can be
found online at our website:

****As I'm so full tomorrow that I think I might POP...these children won't be far from my mind. I vow to pray for each and every one of them until they find a home. Will you join me?? They deserve that from us!! I am thankful tonight for ALL OF YOU that share the same compassionate heart for the fatherless....TOGETHER we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! I've seen it happen before!!

**Happy Thanksgiving to you all...kj


  1. Beautiful post. Let's bring them all home! As we wait for our referral how we wish it were quicker and that there were fewer hurdles to be able to rescue these children with such immediate needs. Thanks for the passion! Keep on advocating!

  2. Oh, how I struggle with the huge difference in my life and those living in poverty. It really brings it home when you compare them side by side like that.
    I love that you are still advocating for these kids.

  3. AMEN!!! PRAYING- Until there are no more orphans!!!!!!

  4. That was a powerful post! Thank you for caring for the children.

  5. Thank you Kristi for doing this post. I pray God will bring the right families your post and that these beautiful kids will find a family soon. Love your heart for all of God's children! Have a most blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. what a perfect post as we stuff our faces and say our graces. thank you.

  7. Love this post!! We do have so much to be thankful for! So thankful to be on this journey to bring our Caroline home!! Thanks for always being a voice for these precious children! Hope that ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!

  8. So truth...
    Thank you for this wonderfull post!


Thank you for your kind words!!