Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy Lane!!!

I truly can't believe ANOTHER year has gone by!! Lucy Lane has been home and in our arms for almost a year and a half now!! So hard to believe!! She was SO tiny when we brought her home:The above pic was taken at Chick fil A after being home ONLY a couple of days!! Then, below...we have LL on her 1st bday last year:She's always been such a love bug from the very beginning!! I can honestly say that LL and I bonded from day 1!! I found loving and parenting Lucy lane VERY EASY!! All 4 kids accepted and adjusted beautifully to her...and it really seems ALL TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE SOME TIMES!! But, I just accept it as one of God's BIGGEST blessings on my life..and I'll forever be grateful for this baby girl and this entire experience!!

**And, on LL's 2nd bday today, we were back at chick fil again...and she was GOING strong this time....
She's seriously the funniest, most hilarious child ever put on this earth!! She's grown SO MUCH since our first chick fil a visit!! It's hard to believe it is even the same child!! (fyi..blinged out '2' shirt was sent to us from !! LL proudly wore it all day today...Thanks Renea!! )**LL had lots of fun opening her presents!! She opened all the presents from her Saturday party on Sunday morning. She was too pooped on Saturday we waited for Sunday. And, well...really her big siblings had fun opening all her presents...LL just played with everything as it was handed to her:(and yes, we're still wearing our halloween jammies until we out grow them :) And, below...LL was in "present overload"!! Check out that morning hair:
**Then tonight...we cooked one of LL's favorite dinners..and my big girls made her a cake all by themselves....and Hal put the sprinkles on top for us:

My kids simply adore their baby sister...they made cards for her tonight..and we made sure she got the "special plate" and everyone went around the table saying what was "special" about Lucy lane!! (this is one of our family traditions each night at dinner) I so LOVED hearing HOW much they love Lucy Lane and HOW they think every single thing she does in this world is SPECIAL!! :)

**And, if you missed LL's birthday party post on Saturday...she had a blast!! Here she is eating her bday cake on Saturday:
**And, last pic...this below pic was taken on Saturday night....All I can say is....LL and I go together like bread and butter.....we truly have an amazing BOND that ONLY God could have created!! She is definitely a Momma's Girl (with always some love saved for Daddy too) BUT she always prefers Momma!!! :) We are TIGHT!! I knew when I held her that first time...that I'd LOVE her through anything!!

LL is:
*funny, out going, dramatic, silly, crazy, hilarious, sweet, affectionate, VERY verbal, VERY girly, opinionated, an amazing 'screamer' when she doesn't get her way, athletic, coordinated, strong, BEAUTIFUL, and AMAZINGLY MINE!!! :) I'm so proud of her...and I PRAISE GOD for the woman that brought her into this world...and I can't wait to thank her in person (very soon :) LL is one of a kind...and we truly can't believe God chose us to be her parents!!! So...............

**Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy lane Martha!!!

You bring us MORE joy than you could ever know!! and, happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. What a blessing! You always make me cry with joy! Dreaming of the day that our baby will be home. We will never stop thanking the Lord for your family, who by a simple video helped us take the leap! I sure don't know you, but I sure do love you sister!

  2. Happy Birthday Blessings from Hong Kong!
    The Millers

  3. beautiful.....adoption is beautiful....the love your family has for each other is beautiful....and sweet little LL is beautiful too!! :)

  4. Happy birthday sweet girl...your life has touched us all!!

  5. Awww...sweet girl!! Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucy Lane!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!