Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010.....Making Memories....And...Little Sis's Blog

Yes, we kicked our morning off right with a little CANDY CORN PANCAKES!!! Well, the kids loved them...but I opted for my favorite Banana, chocolate chip pancakes!! My pics are all out of order and well......the hubby brought me home a new mac computer and well...I can't figure out HOW to drag my pics around like I used to....It won't scroll up and down is rather painful to try and the pics out of order :
Halloween night was a blast!! We always stop in at a neighbor's house for chili and then hit the streets....Above, we have my 5 little pumpkins hitting their first house....below....we have ALL the GOODS at the end of the night...Yes, I enjoyed some chocolate:
Last year, LL couldn't even walk...this year...she's running with the crowd from door to door...Amazing how different things are in one year:
This year we have 8 yr. old 80's girl, 7 yr. old 70's disco girl, a 5 and 3 yr. old Transformer (george refused to wear his costume for 2nd year in a row), and 1 yr. old bumble bee:
Oh, but our bumble bee was just precious:

I got everyone to pose for me before heading out the door:
But my favorite part of Halloween day was going on our ADVENTURE Hike/bike ride...I told the kids to grab their bikes cause we were going exploring (after we finished up our pancakes that morning)...... There are some old gravel roads in our neighborhood we'd never been we went:We had the best time out in the woods and walking down old paths...we found a horse farm, a creek and lots of open running space....

Just a cute shot I caught:
LL didn't seem to want to stay on the path and would take off running from everyone to make us chase her our crazy little girly got a fun ride:

It was a fun time ALL day!! But I love riding bikes with my kids and hiking around in the beautiful weather more than anything else.....AND....FINALLY....My Little Sister's Blog:

***I finally have permission to ANNOUNCE my little sister's blog!!! Yes, I'm getting a new nephew from Ethiopia...and he is precious!!! He is 3 yrs. old and a baby doll!!! Yes, Lucy Lane and Cousin Nathan will have ANOTHER first cousin from Ethiopia...How awesome is that!!!! So....hop on over...introduce yourself...sign up to follow...and catch a TINY glimpse of my new nephew!!! Yes, they already have referral and I'll get to love on him in December when I I'll meet him before my little sister does!!! So excited!! **** more to the story: Ordinary Hero (our older sister's non-profit) is giving away tshirt profits for the month of November!! Yes, if you order a tshirt in November..and write in the memo "kasey, Lincoln" then the proceeds go towards my little sister's adoption....And, yes, other adopting families can sign up too to get proceeds this month...Just email big sister Kelly at Ordinary Hero...and let her know which agency you are using (so she can verify) and then have all your friends write YOUR name in the memo..and WHAM...proceeds will come to you at the end of the month!! So....for now....Sister Kasey needs ya to buy a if you were wanting is a great time...just be sure to let them know it is for "kasey-Lincoln" Lincoln is the name for their new son!!

So....ready for their blog??? is . So, hop on over and congratulate little sis....exciting times in our fam!!! :)

***Happy November and Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. I love all the pictures and all your adventures! What a fun time!!
    Congrats to your sister... what fabulous news!!

  2. Happy Adoption Month! I love following your story of bringing home miss Lucy. I cannot wait to have a story like this of my own one day! I wanted to let you know that I posted a link to your story on my blog today. :)


  3. Love the pictures. Looks like you all had a blast.

    Off to check out your sister's blog. I am so excited for them.

  4. What exciting news about your sister!! I love the ripple effect that adoption has!! (I have a Mac and have to copy and paste my pictures for our blog. When I choose an image it always puts it at the top of the blog. I copy and paste it where I want, usually at the bottom, and then just go up and delete the one at the top. It may take a bit longer, but I have never figured out how to drag pictures....hope this helps!)

  5. Love this!! Just signed up with Ordinary Hero and posted about it on our blog! SO excited that they are doing this! And I am now following your sister's blog! So excited for ya'll!!!

  6. What wonderful news!! If you get a minute can you share how the rust color fits, I think you referenced once before about what size you had on... I would like to order one! And if you know how the blue one with Africa on it runs... if you don't have time I will email kelly. thanks!!! Wow, so excited for your sister!!!! What an awesome family you have!!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!