Friday, November 12, 2010

Guess Whose 2nd Bday Party Is Tomorrow??

Ok, so that's PROBABLY an easy guess....Yes, Lucy Lane's 2nd bday party is TOMORROW (Saturday...which technically is TODAY since i've stayed up so late :) Her actual BDAY isn't until Monday, the 15th...but we're celebrating on Saturday!! I'm just leaving ya with a few cute pics....LL LOVES playing in our playroom in the basement....I caught her playing with George's work bench thing....
I just can't believe HOW big she is getting SO fast....And, I certainly can't believe she is having her 2nd bday party TOMORROW....
Time is REALLY flying by....Gotta run and get a few other things done before I get a few hours sleep and then hit the ground RUNNING in the morning.... If I'm awake...I'll post pics from her party tomorrow night!! :) Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. How is it possible that your baby is turning two?
    Happy Birthday Lucy Lane!
    You've made more of an impact on this world than most people dream of in a lifetime.
    All for His Glory!
    Love & Birthday Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. i know it's gonna be a blast!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Lucy Lane! Hope you have lots of fun being 2!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy Lane!! Can't wait to see all the pics from your fabulous PARTY!! :)

  5. Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy Lane!
    Kristi-would love to hear more about concooning in relation to adoption-can't seem to find anything on the net.

  6. OH!! I just love reading about your sweet family and I was so excited to see this post... my big girl, Madeline, shares a birthday with your Lucy. She'll be 7 on Monday. So fun! Best wishes and many blessings to the birthday girl.

  7. My little Cullen's bday is on the 15th also, he'll be four but he still feels like my baby! Happy Bday Lucy Lane!
    ( Krisit, will you visit HH when in ET? I need some new pics of my baby girl!! )


Thank you for your kind words!!