Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Outreach 2010..making a difference...

First, thanks to you all for visiting my little sister's blog: I know she's having fun meeting ALL her new thanks for signing up to follow and leaving her comments about their new son they'll hopefully be bringing home soon from Ethiopia. I can't tell you WHAT a blessing it is to have your family NOT ONLY on board with your passion, but to ALSO share your heart and passion as well!! My sisters and I ALL share a LOVE for those less fortunate and I'm blessed to have them in my life WALKING this crazy walk with me... And, speaking of....I thought I'd share a few pics from Saturday's Ordinary Hero halloween outreach....My big girls and I had the privilege of walking around with Ms. Camille!! Ms. Camille is a precious 2 yr. old girl residing at the homeless shelter in Nashville right now. She is adorable, sweet and reminded me so much of my LL...well...a little calmer and quieter than LL..but so close to the same age!! :) She certainly touched my daughter's hearts:We drove an entire SUBURBAN full of children down to this festival on Saturday certainly would have been easier to sleep and rest at home after Julia's 7th bday party the night before...but man...I would have missed out on SUCH a blessing. I'm so glad God doesn't promise our lives to be easy...I pray I NEVER coast through life with EASE...cause meeting and talking to these moms is certainly a blessing. It humbles you to hear their stories and to STILL remind them HOW much God loves them. My big girls have prayed for Camille each night and can't wait to go visit with her again...They want to take her presents for Christmas and remain friends with this little angel.

yes, all this is made possible by my big sister's BIG heart..She plans and organizes this event each year...Here we are pictured above...

And, our little princess Camille enjoyed being pampered all day...We'd pass her Momma and friends walking around and they got a kick out of the fact that she wanted me to hold her all day....I told them that i was used to a big toddler girl on my hip all day!! :)

So, how can you get involved?? Call and get involved with your own city's Women and Children's homeless shelter....get involved with Ordinary Hero...and volunteer OR donate costumes to this project next is really so simple..but a life changing event for all those involved...I can already see the DIFFERENCE it makes in my big girl's priorities AFTER participating in a project like this...they talked about it the entire way back home!! Priceless!!

***Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Saw these dolls and though of LL! We are ordering a bunch for Christmas for our Aboriginal Children's Mission here in Australia. Would also be suitable for your homeless shelter but I can just see LL and George playing with these dolls.

    I saw this site and thought of LL. We are ordering 40 for the children for Christmas at our Aboriginal Mission here in Australia.

  3. Kristi,
    What a blessing to participate in such a way that you can share the love of God with others, there's always a way to get involved even in our own communities. You have such a great family and being that I have no sisters I was wondering if you guys would please adopt me. I'd love to have you guys for sisters!


Thank you for your kind words!!