Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Visit With Miracle Maggie, Cookies, Turkey's, and a great video

I was so excited to get to go up to the Children's Hospital last night to visit with Gwen and sweet Maggs!!! This child is seriously a walking miracle. To think of WHAT she has been through in her short life time...and that she sits happy, climbing around and WITH NO PAIN MEDS is beyond amazing!! That sweet child had an incision on her head big enough to make the rest of us NEVER want to get out of bed again...and yet, she was happy, her normal playful, silly self and smiling from ear to ear!! :) You can read their story by visiting Gwen's blog Please keep Maggie in your prayers so she can come home quickly..... Love me some Maggie Oatsvall:
**We're also FINALLY done decorating for took us a week...but hey, it's all up and done we're sittin back now enjoying some Christmas cookies (lots of them :) and other yummy baked goods my kids beg me to make this time of year:**And, one last random pic I wanted to post last week..but ran out of time....Yall know we have some crazy "animal" sightings in our back yard....AND, no, we don't live in the country..smack dab right in the middle of town..yet...wild animals like to come out around our home ALL THE TIME...I won't mention the deer incident again...If you missed that'll have to go back a month or so to find it...yuck!!! And, we see fox, wild cats, coyotes, raccoons, etc. all the time..... BUT on Thanksgiving Eve...I opened up my front door to see this:There were about 20 WILD Turkey's running through my front yard....I ran back in for my the time I got back, they were in the neighbor's back I just kept chasing them and snapping pics...Just thought it was so funny to see them on Thanksgiving Eve....I wonder if they became anyone's lunch the next day??? :) that's all the randomness I have for tonight... Check out this great video...I think this family is so well spoken and the video is full of great info...I'd sound so country and full of "ums" if I was trying to make a I admire anyone that can talk this well and get her point across so beautifully....enjoy...and Happy Sunday to you all:


  1. I think they were just having a "we survived!" party in your backyard, haha!!

  2. I love Michelle too and have been following her journey almost since the beginning! Yours is another blog I take time to "check in" on once a week or so. Thank you for being a wonderful, Godly example!


Thank you for your kind words!!