Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 HH Babes and a Prayer Request (and a shout out for my little sis)

Yes, my day started off with 5 Hannah's Hope Babes at my home for a little get together to visit with Andrea, who just happened to be in town:
Yes, we SO attempted a pic of all 5 children from Hannah's Hope orphanage in Ethiopia TOGETHER...but they weren't quite cooperating for us:
And, well...these were the best pics we could get:
It's so fun getting together with all these moms and their kids....My George especially loves Sam G.... Sam's only been home 3 months and he and George hit it off right away:
Lucy Lane was busy all day "bossing" the babies around...Here she is telling Isaac to "not open the bib drawer"...She is totally copying me cause I'll put my leg up against the drawer so she can't open it sometimes when I can't bare picking up 100 bibs all over the floor again....and she did the same exact thing to Baby Isaac...so funny:
LL and Andrea's Frank had fun together too:
And here is Andrea herself...loving on Maggie, who belongs to the famous Gwen from 147 million orphans:
Joseph and Daisy had fun playin in the mess of toys too:
Rachel stopped in so Sadie could see her HH friends:
Andrea and Gwen:
And, here is the miracle baby himself...Baby Isaac:
He's saying below, "talk to the hand people...I know I'm cute and famous and all...but please...can't a brother get a moment of peace around here!!" :
Amy came by too with Baby Elijah...he is so yummy cute...I loved this pouty face of his:
And, PLEASE keep this brave girl in your prayers tomorrow...She is undergoing a MAJOR surgery...hopefully the FIRST of TWO..so she can fully be healed and free of her hat :) (Gwen is so sick of these hats :) Maggie had just gotten in from her Thanksgiving feast at school...
And, look what the back of her costume said:
You are JUST THAT Sweet Maggie...a STRONG BEAR!!! Not only are you loved by your family, but you are loved by your entire community too....We're already praying sweet Mags!!! :)

***and P.S. If you happen to live any where near my little sis, Kasey...Her friends are putting on a shopping night to benefit her adoption from Ethiopia...It's going to be THIS coming Monday night:

**That's all for today...Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. Praying for Maggie!!!! What sweet sweet photos!!! :) Ahhh - just love all those babies and can't wait to get my hands on my own little guy!! :)

  2. We had so much fun. Thank you for everything! You are seriously the best hostess ever :)

  3. Already praying for sweet Maggie!!!

    Love all those gorgeous children that come to hang around :) So wish we lived closer :)

  4. thanks sister ... your prayers and friendship mean a lot to me ... very thankful God had your eyes open the day I walked across the parking lot that day at Krogers ... love ya !!!

  5. what an fun gathering!!! praying for maggie.

    lol about ll and the bib drawer!!!

  6. Love all these pics of my peeps! I am missing you all!
    And on sweet STRONG BEAR ... we are covering her in prayer from Hong Kong!
    Love & Blessings,

  7. My husband and I have begun the process of Ethiopia adoption. One of my first You Tube quests and favorite videos is of Andrea bringing Isaac home....and then I found yours....and now this BLOG and YOU'RE FRIENDS!?!? how fun! Please know you and Andrea have been a blessing in my life down here in Orlando. Thank you for sharing your videos and now Blog.

    How was your process with AGCI? We are thinking of applying with them.

    Thanks and God Bless!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the food on the table sure does make you pause when thinking of those so hungry.

    Take Care, Erika

  8. Thanks for always being the most gracious host. Had a great time!


Thank you for your kind words!!