Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010...

This Thanksgiving was just like the rest..I ate so much I thought I would POP....BUT we still managed to find time for a few cute pics to remember this 2010 Thanksgiving Holiday.....And, here we are:
(this year we have Helen 8, Julia 7, Hal 5, George 3 and Lucy lane 2....and Mom and Dad barely hangin on to our thirties :)
**We went to Kentucky to celebrate Turkey Day at my Mom's House.....She has this great front porch that I had to use for a couple of pics before entering the house:
LL's Thanksgiving Dress is by Poppy Dip!! I won it recently at an auction..and I saw the little Indian girls on it and KNEW it would be her Thanksgiving dress...I've always loved this fabric by Poppy Dip...and I'm so excited to have a dress in it now for LL....Everyone else seemed to think she looked adorable in her new dress too:
My mom has this cool old house she re-did...and the kids like to explore in her back yard:
The cousins started to arrive so we snapped a pic together kids love their cousins:
My twin girls born 21 months apart (we seriously get asked every day IF they are twins :) had fun in their turkey hats:

Caught LL again with the camera (imagine that :):
You can tell that one of the kids had the camera and snapped this next picture...Yall probably don't see my hair down very often...the hubby called and made me a hair appt (since I wouldn't ever get around to doing it...and it had been a year since it had been trimmed :) and on Thanksgiving Eve I got my hair trimmed for the first time in a LONG TIME!! :) thanks hubby...that was a treat:
My Hal and Cousin Nathan always have fun together:
Cousin William ALWAYS runs for the Turkey Leg first:
A pic of my mom and dad and their 4 daughters:
Big Sister Kelly with her oldest Daughter, Lauren....These TWO are my travel buddies in less than TWO WEEKS...ahhhh...can't believe it:
My grandparents (my mom's parents) are still alive and great to still have them around:
The 4 sisters...Kasey, Me, Kelly and Karson (do you see LL hangin on my leg LOL ) :
A shot with my Dad and his girlfriend (my parents divorced when I was very Notice LL again :) :
A pic of my plate....or TWO plates if you're countin:
The Baby currently in the fam...Baby Drew...Karson's's always good to still have babies in the fam:
And, the woman responsible for all this food...My mom:
and her brother, Ron, of course too. These two are roomates and Mom makes the BEST Thanksgiving food in the WORLD!! Her dressing had just come out of the oven when I had to take a pic...Thanks Mom and Ron for having us ALL!!! I know you worked VERY hard to put this on for our GiGANTIC Family!! Please know we are ALL very appreciative and the FOOD was wonderful as always!!!!!

***So, much to be thankful for....Still praying for those cutie waiting children in my last post....Don't stop praying for them...I know SOMEONE will step forward for them....God doesn't intend for them to be alone the rest of their lives.....

Counting my MANY blessings....Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too...and Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. Lovin the family update! Looks like an awesome holiday. Your mom looks fabulous! Young enough to be another sister! ;)

    and p.s. Your plate(s) still wasn't as full as mine! lol Still stuffed today.... still praying for those waiting children. ♥

  2. I just love when I see a new blog post from you! What a Happy Turkey Day! You have been such a blessing to me through your blog! Thank you. Praying for your big trip coming up! Elizabeth B. :-)

  3. Definitely still praying!

    Looks like your Thanksgiving was fun :)


Thank you for your kind words!!