Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yes, Her Outfit Was Award Winning....

Ok, so IF you are into VERY girly, frilly STUFF...then you'll agree with me that LL's Bday outfit today WAS AWARD WINNING!!! BUT, if zebra and ruffles are TOO much for ya...then you'll hate it!!! Oh, I LOVED it though!! So, right up my alley for MY baby girl:As, you can see today....LL had a blast at her 2nd bday party!! It was Zebra themed and it all revolved around the outfit!! :) There weren't really too many zebras to be found in the decor...just lots of black, white and hot pink!! LL LOVED the little jumpy that her cousins let her borrow for the party....

**And, she ALWAYS loves her little coup car......This car dates back 8 years...we got it for Helen..and it's stayed outside all these years...and is still holding up :)

We also pulled LL's zebra outside for some added fun...and hey, it went along with our theme...and don't expect LL to ride it the correct, safe just wouldn't be her style:
Aunt Kasey came with her fam for the day.....thanks for driving in Kasey...
And, my Georgie loved the jumpy too...He and LL had fun in there ALL day!!!

Aunt Kelly came over for the party too....thanks for coming Aunt Kelly:
I totally loved LL's cake...Publix made it for us:She was so cute...she leaned over and tried to blow it out....Mommy and Daddy posing with the birthday girl:
And, here's our fam today on LL's 2nd bday....It was a beautiful, sunny 72 degree fall day...It couldn't have been MORE perfect....God was really shining His light on us today:

But, as we know...All good times must come to an end....and well...LL started singing, "It's MY party...I can cry if I want to..." and we knew it was time for a nap...she had worn herself out..When she's crying with a popsicle in hand...we KNOW she's needing a nap:
And, our sweet Birthday Princess went down for a 3 HOUR nap....Yes, I guess she WAS tired:
I'm feeling your pain LL...I could CRY too I'm so tired right now! :) So.....that's about all i've got for tonight...More to come on LL's actual bday in Monday's post.....It was an amazing, blessed day today...and we're so beyond happy to be able to have this little love in our life to celebrate her 2nd bday with her....Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!! happy Saturday to you all, kj

ps...skirt is from Costco and "2" shirt is from Zebra hair bow I found in a children's store while in Florida over fall


  1. Lovin' her style!! I'm all about the super girly stuff!

  2. pitterpatter rocks my socks! I love her stuff! :) LL looks adorable and it looks like her party was a huge success. :) Can't believe she's two already! It's been fun watching her grow through your blog. Thanks for sharing a little bit of her with the rest of us. ♥

  3. darling! love the outfit. we are going with zebra accents for emmie's party next friday. :) what a fun party. so much to celebrate!

    i love that you just go ahead and tell where the outfits are from now since i am sure you get asked so often!

  4. Beyond cute!
    Happy Bday Blessings from Hong Kong,
    Kim & Crew

  5. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Lucy!!! You are one beautiful little girl. :) I am going to have to get a membership at Cosco's just for the clothes... Sam's Club doesn't have anything close to that! ;)

  6. LOVE the outfit!! happy 2nd birthday, LL!!!

  7. oh, I saw those cute skirts at costco. What a fun party:)

  8. happy birthday lucy lane!!

    from your hh buddy - jaxson :)

  9. Happy Birthday to sweet Lucy Lane! What a cutie she is. I liked her bright and cheerful outfit. And I think it is good that she had so much fun you actually wore her out and she needed such a long nap.

    Have fun being 2 sweet Lucy!

  10. So precious!!! Love the bday outfit!! So wish we had Costco in Mississippi!! :)

  11. Zebra print, ruffles and big flowers are right up my alley too =) Ooh...can't wait to dress up my lil miss!!! Happy Birthday Lucy Lane!!!!! I'm loving you from afar! =)

  12. Love the outfit! Beautiful! :)

  13. So sad to miss the zebra party! Happy birthday beautiful LL!!! We love you!! Always love your fun themes! :))


Thank you for your kind words!!