Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh...It Is SHOT time AGAIN.... (and we're decorating early..)

Oh, I finally made my appointment for the dreaded TRAVEL SHOTS!! Wow, getting these made it so official that I'M LEAVING IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!! Awful pic I know...but just had to share the experience, of course:
5 shots today...ouch!!! I only took ONE when I went to pick up LL...THIS time I didn't want to take any chances since I'd be traveling out of the city to remote parts of Ethiopia....Well..they really didn't hurt...I'm just feelin a little dizzy tonight!! If I pass out half way through this'll know WHY!! :)

*** And, I was determined to decorate early this year SINCE I'm missing ONE FULL week of my FAVORITE Christmas season!! Now I'll be back in plenty of time for Christmas...but I figured I'd better get in ALL my Christmas CHEER now since I'd be out of country for some of it this year!!! So, we started putting up Christmas tonight....Here's a sneak peek:

The kids had more fun with the Christmas Tree box than they did with the actual tree....You could seriously hear LL and George laughing through the entire house playing in this box...
And, yes, this is what 5 kids in a Christmas Tree Box looks like...yes, they are nutty:
And, my sweet 5 yr. old Hal grabbed his pen and paper and started writing his letter to santa....I know...he's so cute (and I'm not biased at all..LOL ):
**More to come when this mess is actually put together and out of all the boxes sitting around my house now...Such a happy, fun time of year!! We have Christmas Music playin.....Christmas cookies in the oven....Feeling so blessed....

Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. Hi, fun to see you again! What shots again, you must share, we are going in Jan, I thought one round would do it, love your beautiful family!

  2. It's the most wonderful time of the year :) We put our tree up a week ago..I know...a little early, I just love it! Like your new music;)

  3. Make sure to leave up the decorations extra long too to soak in the greatness of Christmas ;)

  4. ouch...5 shots...yikes! brave girl! i cannot wait to decorate for Christmas...we are getting our FIRST christmas pics as a family excited!

  5. I've got one last shot this week before I head to Cambodia!

  6. Shots- not fun.
    Christmas decorations- TOTALLY FUN!!!!!!!!! :) And yes your kids are nutty, but soooo FUN!!!!!!

  7. How fun decorating! Sure hope you are not dizzy any more! Praying for you tonight


Thank you for your kind words!!