Saturday, October 30, 2010

There's a BUZZ Around Town....Happy 7th Bday Julia...

Yes, this is a CRAZY time of year for us....Not only does Halloween have as many fun, kid activities as Christmas, but it is also my 2nd daughter's bday!!
Julia's bday falls 2 days before Halloween..and this year she turned the BIG 7!! My Julia is our little LOVE!! She is sweet, funny, easy going, kind hearted and slightly more outgoing than her older sister!! She loves her friends and has always made us all laugh!! Her big Sister and her Cousin Haiden are her two favorite 7 and 8 yr. olds in the world....but Lucy Lane will always be her favorite baby girl in the world!! Julia adores her family and always gives the BEST HUGS!!!We usually have a Halloween themed party for JuJu..and this year was no different!!! We've worked all week getting stations and such set up in our garage...The kids have ALL been a huge help and I could never put on these things with out all their help!! Julia invited her entire class over last night (friday..her actual bday) PLUS a few favorite other friends...and WHAM...we had a nice big crowd coming!!!

We dipped caramel apples (thanks mom for your help with that), face painted (thanks a million Jules for all your help with that), craft tables, tattoos...and even bobbed for apples...
above ,we have Julia's cookie cake...this was her request this year instead of a "regular" cake!

above, the jumpy people arrived to set up the jumpy in the drive way.....and Jules painted this wrapping paper for Julia below:

And, here she is....Disco Dolly aka "birthday girl":
Yes, it was a Halloween Dress Up all the kids wore their fun:
Oh....and did you hear the BUZZZZZZZ....there's a NEW LITTLE BUMBLE BEE IN TOWN:
Oh....she's just too cute:
And, we have my two girls who are 7 and 8 Cousin Haiden who is 7 too:
bobbing for apples was fun:
The only pic of me from the night...posing with sister kasey:
And, she was ready to blow out the candles:
We love you JuJu are the greatest 7 yr. old in the world...and we think you hung the moon:
*Still trying to recover from staying up ALL night for several nights in a row to get ready for the reading to her class for her the eating lunch with her and buying her class ice cream at school (that's what they have parents do for bdays at their school)...ALL WHILE TWO BABES WERE ON MY HIP!! :) crazy but fun times!! :) BUT...the party was LOTS of fun....Julia had the time of her life...and well....we mustard up enough energy to head to the homeless shelter this morning to dress and load up kids for the annual Ordinary Hero Fall Festival they do for the kids and moms from the Nashville Rescue Mission!! I'll be posting pics from that soon...a great time. Plus the Halloween Hay Ride party we were invited to tonight by some of my hubby's clients....cute pics from that too!! Phew....yes, still trying to catch my breath...and Halloween isn't until tomorrow!! :) LOL Will be posting #3 post about my trip too...very soon..i promise!! :) Alright...that's all i've got!!!

**Happy 7th bday Julia....Happy Halloween Eve....and Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. Happy 7th Birthday to Julia! She and Callie Grace are only a few weeks apart in age! And love your cute little bumblebee!

  2. I am tired just reading this!! What a great family!!

  3. the pics are great and looks like she had a great time and of course love the little bumble bee you have running around that party! :0)

  4. Sending Julia Happy Birthday Blessings from Hong Kong!
    Team Miller

  5. Please tell Julia- Happy Birthday from the Wrights!!!! :)

  6. Looks like Julia had an AWESOME birthday! :) Love her disco doll costume! Cutest ever. Your girls are all growing so much! Can't believe the changes over the last couple of years reading your blog. ♥

  7. Just found your blog today, and I've been blessed just clicking through! We're on our own crazy journey of adoption, and it's awesome to see you guys together! :)


Thank you for your kind words!!