Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're Home Safely....

yes, we made it home safely...Praise God!! It was a wonderful vacation but I was quickly back to reality today with school and two tons of laundry all day...but oh, so well worth it!! :) So, I have a few last pics...and then I promise to move on with my life!! :) My kids LOVED the beach:

The Greene's Baby Charlie LOVED Lucy Lane....

We loved the little local book store...I captured a rare pic of all 5 sitting in the same area outside the bookstore:

Seaside is FULL of great trees to climb:

The cute little book store:

We tried to capture a pic of ALL 10 kids in one of these great little sand paths...My favorite comment of the trip: " Are you all some sort of Day Camp?" we're just two families!! :) too funny....

And this was the ocean view from atop the Greene's house...I love these awesome:

So...good bye Seaside.....we will miss you until next time!!! :) Gotta get back to laundry and cleaning!! :) happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. love the first pic so much. glad your "daycamp" had such a wonderful time! :)

  2. Great pictures of your darling children!

  3. Welcome Home!! Your pics are making me miss Seaside! So glad you had a great break! Love you sister!

  4. Our Helen loved looking at your beach pictures! She said, "they come here?" We had to look at Lucy Lane over and over!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a lovely holiday! Just wanted to say I noticed in your earlier posts you would lov to adopt another child. My best friend was adopted from Korea in 1984 and had 4 older non adopted brothers. She always wished for ONE person in her family that looked like her. She really believes if people adopt one child from a different ethnic background they should adopt two. It's something she feels so passionately about I thought I should share that with you. She is pro adoption although feels a sense of loss regarding her culture which she feels would have been less if she had a Korean sibling.
    Please pray about this issue that perhaps one day in the future Lucy Lane will have another sibling from Ethiopia.

  6. Looks like a beautiful holiday. I feel led to tell you after reading posts mentioning you would love to adopt again, that my best friend is adopted from Korea (in 1984) and has 4 older siblings (not adopted). While she is pro adoption she wishes there had been ONE other sibling who looked like her. Her sense of loss of culture would have been less and she said she would have felt less different.She believes if families with bio children adopt one child of a different ethnic background they should adopt two.
    Good luck in whatever you decide.


Thank you for your kind words!!