Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've Always Wanted Twins......

It's true....I've always wanted TWINS..but I haven't been blessed with them (YET :) So..UNTIL THAT DAY.....I SO LOVE when I get to babysit my friend Angie's daughter....and yes, Miss Macy showed up this morning in a shirt that LL just happened to have...and well....I couldn't help myself...I had to go and put LL's matching shirt on her...and ATTEMPT a picture session:

I think Macy was slightly missing her she TRIED her hardest NOT to smile for me!! :) But I won in the end...And...their hair is UP ON THEIR head DRYING after I put product in it...this is the ONLY way I can get LL to look like she has ANY hair....Her hair is so tight that drying it UP..makes the curls "loosen" and her hair looks fuller...just my tip for the day!! :)
Yes, LL was being her normal HAM self...and Macy was quite reserved as normal!! :)

Then we headed in so the girls could play...they had lots of fun together:
Oh, i see that smile Miss Macy..I know you LOVE me!! :) I took them and Georgie man to the park to play!! And, yes, everyone thought I had twins.....oh, too fun!! :)

And, I stopped and got some Thai take out...and the entire restaurant loved my little crew and gave them suckers....George kept saying, "this is so fun with macy here"!! See...I think I could totally handle a #6...don't yall think so?? :) looks like my LL is sitting in a suitcase this evening....WHICH MUST MEAN we're heading out the door for a little family fun......
This is LL waving GOOD BYE and letting yall know that we'll be posting from our vacation spot IF they have Internet service!! :)
****Happy Fall Break...and Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. So adorable! Hopefully we'll be blessed with our little twins soon!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  2. And MY Macy has that outfit too! Actually, it was my Hannah's, and now Macy will be able to wear it this winter when she comes home. It's one of my fave outfits! Don't ya just love ya some Target?!?!?

  3. I've always wanted twins too! I tried to get hubby on board with the siblings list too, but he just wasn't having it ;) For now... =)

  4. Cute girls and sweet boy! You definitely got your twin fix for the day! :)

  5. how fun to have twins for a day! and yes, i definitely think you can handle/need a #6.

  6. Love, love, love the photos. You really need to work on getting LL to come out of her shell and be less shy. ;-)

    Macy is a doll too, and George is such a sweetheart. What great kids.

  7. LOVE the pics and just wanted to tell you that I have a GIVE-AWAY going on at my blog until today at 2:00pm! It includes an adoption t-shirt, copy of "Adopted for Life" and 3 custom made cards by me! Just doing it to celebrate our blog reaching 30,000 hits! :0)

  8. They are too cute for words! We can't wait to have our baby come home and then we will have two, and we are already planning for #3!!! We just had our fingerprints done for #2 and will hopefully be picking him up in December or January but I'm really praying for December! (He just turned 1 this month)

  9. sooooo cute!

    Hey, can you share with us where you got that cute outfit?

  10. ha! I always thought that raising twins would be sOOOO hard, and never gave it much thought! :o) In fact, even though we were waiting for a sibling referral, I assumed we would be referred a baby and a toddler. I think I am still in (happy) shock, and also it is TOTALLY fun to dress them alike (when they let me)...and they sure do draw attention everywhere we go. haha. Macy and Lucy are so cute together!


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