Monday, October 11, 2010

October African Fellowship!!

Well if Saturday wasn't fun enough....(see last post) we got to go to the October African Family Fellowship Get-Together on Sunday!! It was held at a new park I'd never attended before...and it was oh, so much fun!! Yall know I LOVE this sorta thing!! :) And, LL always loves going too: yes, she sported her NEW "i'm gonna change the world" tshirt being sold by Ordinary Hero!! You can buy your little one ONE TOO and SUPPORT Ordinary Hero by going to their blog: LL also enjoys the food at these things:

She was quite the little ham all night...but I wouldn't expect ANY THING less from my little miss sassy pants!! :) ALL the kids are adorable...Meeting all the new families attending..and catching up with old friends I've known for a while now is LOTS of fun....I captured a few shots of the afternoon:

This little one was checking out LL's hot pink boots:

And, here is the face that LAUNCHED a 1000 adoptions....yes, our very own inspiration....Sweet Baby Levi is getting SO big.....His face is what God used to break our hearts for the Fatherless child....We'll always have a special love for little Levi:

And, one last pic....This sweet Toddler boy ran off towards the playground and I couldn't help but want to catch his sweet little shirt that says, "Feed One" This is a 147 shirt for kids...So cute!
I pray hundreds of MORE families in our area will join us some day!! And, I'm sure it will happen!! I know God is continuing to BREAK hearts around these parts!! :) And, there is nothing better for the children or the families involved to have a group like this to chat with and connect with!! Simply priceless!!
happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. What a precious get-together for ALL those children!

  2. OK, seriously some of the cutest kids I have ever seen!

  3. Simply incredible. And ON MY ... baby Levi is looking like such a big boy! Cannot wait to see my future niece in these future posts!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. This is beautiful on so many levels!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  5. So exciting all that God is doing! Wow how nice to have amazing events in Nashville! Lucy is so cute and all of the kids! THe Lord keeps putting alittle boy from Africa on my heart so waiting to see how this desire in my heart will be fulfilled! :) Jeremeiah 29:11 Love your blog!

    God Bless, Heidi

  6. love the piggies on ll. and my kids MUST have the kids OH shirts! what precious faces!


Thank you for your kind words!!