Monday, October 18, 2010

We got the annual matching tshirts... day 3 Seaside...

painting pottery...our kids favorite part of the trip..

LuLu needing some Sissy love:

my 5 little beach babes:

day 3 was is sooo warm weather we've ever had here......feeling VERY blessed :) happy monday to you all, kj


  1. i'm enjoying a little voyeurism here! I'm a Southern girl who lives in the Pacific Northwest, and you're in my most favorite place ever.....So I'm also a little green! Hope your family enjoys a wonderful time together....Post a shot of the beach, for me, K?

    BTW, we have a little Lucy from Ethiopia as well. She's 3 and her "big name" is "Luisa Wogayehu H."....

    Enjoy that sunshine!

    Lisa H.

  2. love this years seaside shirts! thanks to your blog, i'm feeling a bit like i'm on your vacay with you!

  3. Can I just say you have the cutest family!!! I have been following your blog since we joined AGCI back in March. I have 2 older sons 17 and 19 and can't wait to have younger ones running around again!!
    3,4, and 5 yr olds at HH!!

  4. Kristi it was so nice meeting you today! Hope yall continue to have a wonderful time!:)

  5. Love the shirts, your kiddos are too cute. What a blessing!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!