Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seaside, Florida Day 1 - I heart Fall Break

Yayyy, we made it safely...We drove through the night on Thursday and arrived bright and early Friday morning!! A little coffee and a smile...and we were ready for our FIRST DAY!! We were so excited when we found out our friends, the Greene family, were renting the house across from us...They also have 5 kids that ALL line up with our little instant play mates the entire fun!!! Above, we just arrived and we grabbed a quick pic..minus two of our boys...then...
We got to our house and took a pic of all 10 on the front porch...

We hit the beach early...but George was taking a nap FIRST THING........

Our 1st graders:

Then both babies fell asleep...and I AM one blessed Momma when TWO babes sleep on me ALL day at the beach....oh, how I love my babes: and Diet Coke of course:
Our third graders:

Our 3 year olds:
Our 5 yr. old boys: And their baby Charlie:
and our baby Lucy Lane....both of these babes are one...just opposite sides of one:

There ya have it.....gotta back soon...kj


  1. Sooo fun...hope ya'll have a great time!! Such good memories for your kiddos!! :)

  2. what a fun time! i love the pix of you with your babies asleep on you and diet coke. doesn't get much better than that!

  3. Glad to see such beautiful weather! On our way to Watercolor, so if some random blog reader says hello...don't be scared! Ha!:) been following your blog for a while, so wonderful and encouraging!! Hope yall have a great trip!:)

  4. We will be in PC Thursday thru Sunday..would love to meet you if you are still there? We are from Hueytown. ( I am an Enterprise graduate)

  5. Awww...we LOVE Seaside and just missed you by 2 weeks...I would have been one of those crazy people you meet who says.."Hey you don't know me but I read your blog":) Have FUN!

  6. No way- can't believe you are in FL too, but a little ways away from us :) Looks like great fun with 10 kiddos to me!!! Hoping we get to have all the great grand children here- which is 16 all together under 13 together for some fun soon :)

  7. Too sweet, beautiful pictures. Happy Fall break!!

  8. Looks beautiful!!! Its so cold here I can't even DREAM about sunshine...brr!

  9. Now, THAT looks FUN! And I am jealous of the two sleeping babies on you! None of mine ever get that

  10. Love it! Love seeing all the J's and G's...beautiful. A wee bit jealous of all the fun you guys are having together. Guess we'll just have to tough it out alone here at Disney. :D


Thank you for your kind words!!