Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Celebrations ALL Weekend....

Well..the first of October must be a popular time for bdays...cause we celebrated 3 of them with friends and family this girlfriend, Angie, had a bday and I cooked dinner for her Friday night: We had our deck full of friends and TONS of kids!! It was October 1st, so I cooked ALL fall food such as Squash Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Pumpkin Dip, and Holy Cow Cake for dessert (all recipes can be found in the Wiphan Cookbook) Oh, so yummy!!! I had all the kids in their Halloween tshirts...I caught my little George as he was coming out the door:
I have told ya lately HOW much I love my little Georgy!! Oh, he is such a lovie, snuggle bug and just the sweetest thing!! He LOVES his momma and just wants me to lie down on the couch with him all the time!! All the kids know that Momma doesn't watch ANY t.v. so they get a kick out of George MAKING me lie down and watch cartoons with him...but hey..I LOVE the snuggle time!! :)

And, I caught LL and her buddy Macy (Angie's daughter), on the steps having some "after dinner" chips...Can you tell which child is the "reserved" one and which one is the "crazy, outgoing" one??? LOL

Then we headed to Kentucky on Sunday to our annual Patty's lunch for Jules' October bday!! Happy bday Jules!!! It was a GREAT lunch!!!
Patty's restaurant is can eat yummy country food, then head out back where they have a petting zoo and remote control boats and such! The kids always love this place...(below..Daddy and LL posing for me :)

LL was so little last year that she was carried around the entire time in her sling thing....Oh, but this year....she was strutting her stuff:

Yes, she'll twist and turn and put attitude into every step:

Oh, after about 50 attempts at pics...we got ONE to come out O.K. (and yes, the weather turned cold this weekend) :
(oh, i love my 5 little people EVEN if pics are impossible these days..We have helen 8, julia 6, hal 5, george 3 and lucy lane 22 months)

Then it was back to Jules and Poppy's house for some outdoor fun in their FLAT backyard we love:
LL posing for us before we headed over to Cousin Matthew's house for his bday :

Well..I forgot to take pics at Matthew's Super Hero party..but it was kiddos love NOTHING more than hanging with their cousins!! So, Happy 5th bday Cousin Matthew!!!
**We headed back late last night with all 5 of my little cuties in jammies and ready for bed!!! Such fun times with friends and family all weekend!! :) Hope you all had a great weekend too!! NEXT POST: start letting yall in on my upcoming, exciting adventures!! :) LOTS of exciting news to share...just praying that my words glorify God..and i've been praying HOW to put it out here in blogland so it will do just that!! :) Stay tuned!!!
Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. I love the ATTITUDE walk for LL! What a cutie!

  2. Love that last post of LL! That one should be framed! :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time celebrating birthdays. :) LL looks so happy and full of personality. Love it! :)

  4. What a fun weekend!!!! Makes me wish we had family nearby! :) I can't wait wait to hear what big news you have.

  5. lol about lucy lane's strut. shake that groove thing, girl! how sweet of you to endure cartoons for the sake of your sweet georgy. i don't have the wiphan cookbook yet, but i'm planning on giving my sister's each one for christmas. maybe i need to gift myself too!

  6. Can't wait to hear about those adventures coming up!!

  7. Are you signing up with me to find baby #6??? :) Can't wait to hear your news :)

  8. I love that sweater in the last pic...mind sharing where u got it? I'm on the hunt for cute girly sweaters. :)

  9. love all the pics and i forgot to say in the last post how i think its so cute that lucy takes her little red stool around to see what she can get into! so adorable!


Thank you for your kind words!!