Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ordinary Hero's 1st Fallapalooza...What a Night!!

Thanks so much to everyone that came out Saturday night for the 1st Ordinary Hero Fallapalooza!! The evening had PERFECT weather, amazing food and the TURN OUT from the community was incredible!! Most importantly: it was so much fun for the WHOLE family...let me show ya:above, LL and Daddy had fun hangin in the beautiful weather!! below, We called this pic,
" Cousins RULE...ALL OTHERS DROOL!! " LOL My kids are truly obsessed with their cousins!! :) And all these little people worked hard ALL night running the "baked goods" table!! Such a fun family affair!! They had crafts for the kids:
Daddy got LL's face painted:

My Helen with Cousin haiden workin hard at the bake table:
LL havin fun at the craft table:
My Georgy loved him some crafts too...Gotta LOVE his smile:

LL took a little break for a hot dog dinner:

Amy from showed up to support too....Thanks Amy!!

My Hal wore a cowboy hat all night since he says we were on a farm :) :
My Julia enjoyed some face painting too:

People were piling fun to watch:

The local teen band "Shoof" performed...they were so good!! And, the lead singer of Chicago, pictured below, sang a song too with the teen band:

Supporters of Ordinary Hero drove in from out of state to attend and awesome:

My youngest sister Karson made it in too with her fam:

I got a pic of my hubby buying treats at the "Tin Can" for about 4 of ours:

And, here SHE is...Ms. Ordinary Hero herself....Kelly Putty (on the right) and her tshirt selling side kick, Charlene (on the left):

My nephew, Collin, who is in the band "Shoof"..and Allie the vocalist for the teen band:

Ok, so seriously, the night was so organized and so well put together....I tried to capture a few pics of the night to show the food signs:

Even the Porta-potties were nice....Don't ya love the gal modeling them for me..LOL :

And, here are ALL 4 sisters together for the night....We all came out to support Big Sister, Kelly and her Ordinary Hero:
(on left we have karson, then Kasey, then ME, then Kelly...I know...i look nothing like them...and we really do come from the same mom and dad :) Oh, and yes, Kasey, missed the memo about the tshirt...this is the NEW Ordinary Hero tshirt that came out last night!! Love the new color and OH SO SOFT:

Don't know who this helper was...but loved his balloons:

Face painting was a hit:

Love, love, love the new Ordinary Hero KID shirt...It says, "I'm Gonna Change The World" You'll see my kids in these a lot from now on...They love them and wore them all day today!! :)

another pic of the farm:

My mom holding Baby Drew...Karson's youngest:

Another shot of Big Sister Kelly Putty in action:
Loved the Tin Can treat mobile....soooo cute:
Pictures of waiting children and ALL the ways YOU can get involved with OH:

The Shoof Band practicing:

All the tshirts for sell...and YES, you can go to their site to order these fabulous new tshirts for women, men and NOW kids too....
Ok, I'm on picture overload!! :) It was SUCH a wonderful night...I feel blessed to have even been there!! I love what Ordinary Hero does and I'm not biased a bit!! :) Thanks again to was a wonderfully successful night.....and I'm already looking forward to NEXT Year's Fallapalooza!!
***happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. what a cool thing to be a part of. i loved seeing how your family came together for such a great cause AND for your big sis. and you do look like them! we definitely need some of those kid shirts!

  2. you sisters are amazing!
    love & blessings from hong kong,

  3. the event looks like such fun! I have only just stumbled across your blog, when I found your video on Youtube. It made me want to adopt too!! I don't know if that will ever be a reality for me and my husband though, because we live in Australia and adoption in our state is crazy hard to do, but with God all thigs are possible!!
    Anyway, your family is beautiful, and i'm finding your blog lots of fun to read!

  4. What a great event. I would have been there in a heartbeat if I lived near y'all.


Thank you for your kind words!!