Friday, October 8, 2010

Play Dates, Fallapalooza and New Gotcha Day Video!!

I'm going to drag out my series of posts about RETURNING TO AFRICA a little longer and THROW IN A FEW CUTE POSTS IN BETWEEN.....(so..the WHY I'm returning to Ethiopia will be coming stay tuned for that incredible, miracle story).... BUT FOR NOW....I hosted a little agci baby/toddler play group the other day!! George and LL had so much fun with their friends...And, my favorite pic of that day:My girls (ages 6 and 8) named the above pic: "In Your DREAMS, Buddy!! " LOL!! They also came up with "See these lips...daddy says you can't touch them until i have a ring on my finger!!" Too funny!! Yes, that is LL's travel buddy, Silas!! We just love him!!:) We had many more little friends join us too!! All these little babes BROKE the cocoon to come and have breakfast with fun!! Above we have Amy from and Rachel (private blog)!! And, Below, is Vanessa from

Here's one action shot from the day:
Katie and Y came...She's a great photographer and you can see her pics on her blog from the day at

Rachel just got home with her beautiful Sadie!! Oh so precious!!!! :

Little SG has been home a little over a month now and is doing great...He had such a great time:

And....Little Y's Momma and Daddy just came out with his Gotcha Day video:

Oh, and WATCH IT and see if YOU DON'T TEAR UP when he sees his mommy and daddy coming to pick him up for GOOD!! Oh, that moment caught on film just choked me up...ENJOY...and may their story GLORIFY GOD and HELP bring more children HOME to their forever families:

AND...A REMINDER: Fallapalooza is TOMORROW NIGHT (Saturday)!! This is fun, family fundraiser benefiting Ordinary Hero!! You can read more by visiting the Ordinary Hero blog at !! We hope to see you there!!

***Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. that video was awesome! and so is your great news about returning to ethiopia! looks like we'll both be flying to africa in january!

  2. how clever are your girls to come up with those captions for that picture of ll and silas. i love it! whenever i see your african fellowship pix, i always think that i want to move to nashville.

  3. I don't think there's a dry eye watching that video, how beautiful!

  4. OH. MY.
    That video.
    *Big Crying Mess over here!*

  5. Hi Kristi, I know you are CRAZY BUSY getting ready to have your big Fallapalooza party (wish I lived closer:)) but I wanted your beautiful blog readers to know that I'm GIVING AWAY A MISSIONS TRIP TO ETHIOPIA on my crazy blog!! Lets talk soon and help spread the word in blog land!! In fact, we sold enough tees in 3 days to start ROUDN 2- now I'm working on GIVING AWAY 2 trips to Ethiopia to visit and love orphans!!
    Let me know if you need anything to share on your blog!!
    This is were the giveaway party is-
    Love ya sister,

  6. Okay ... your girls are very clever. That photo is priceless!
    Looks like such a fun day!
    Heading now to check out the video. Know better to watch it w/o my kleenex first!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  7. Love the pics! If I didn't live so far away (ohio) I would so come to Fallapalooza!

  8. too much cuteness in one blog post! I love it! Can't wait to snuggle my own little guy!:)

  9. Thank you so much for hosting the fun. We love hanging out with you all.

    See you tonight at the OH event.

  10. SOO...I can't say you did not warn me about the Gotcha Video.....oh man!!!

  11. You've got to tell me where you get the big flowers. Lily has HUGE bows we put on her, but I haven't got any blooms like that. :) :)

  12. This made me totally bawl. I want to go back SO SO SO bad. Husband says we need another girl...

    ;) ;)

  13. I LOVED LOVED the video!! I put myself in her place, with my hubby and 3 boys. Tears are roll'n. Absolutely beautiful.

  14. SO excited for you that you are going to Ethiopia! I can't wait to get back someday! And those pictures of all the kids - too cute. Wish we lived closer so we could join in on the fun!

  15. He is gorgeous! I LOVE that the ball was tossed to the side when he saw mommy and daddy. That was beautiful.


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