Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Festivals (and the dreaded stomach virus)

We attended our church's annual fall fest last is always so fun!! Daddy's blurry below cause my camera is always dirty! :) ha
We left straight from there and headed to the elementary school fall fest where my older 3 attend.... Having a big sister that is 6 yrs. old really pays off for LL:

LL decided she loved the ice drink things:

We also took cousin Nathan with us (pictured below)...he is my Ordinary Hero sister Kelly's 6th child....They adopted him from Ethiopia about 6 months before we got LL....He and Hal won the "mummy" wrapping contest:

LL ran into her little Ethiopian friend Maggie!! Maggie and LL will go to kindergarten at this school some neat for the girls to have each other:

LL also tried her first cotton candy...but didn't enjoy it too much...She just wanted me to get it off her hands:

Ok, so then seriously we went to bed and I woke up shortly there after and VERY OBVIOUSLY have a stomach virus. yes, I was sick ALL NIGHT....I threw up until i was too weak to get back to bed!! so yucky!! My kids had lots of fun taking pics of me today...i'll have to share those soon!! My kids never see me lying around so they found it awfully funny that I couldn't raise my head without running to the times!!! :) that's all the energy i've got for tonight....happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. so sorry about "the throw up" as my kids call it. hope it doesn't make the rounds!

  2. Oh no!!!! so sorry.....praying for you. It is so hard to be sick with littles.....

  3. Girl, I am so sorry!! We all passed around the stomach virus for one long month at our house! Not fun! In fact, the day I mailed in our dossier I was so sick that I passed out on our bathroom floor! Fun times. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. :( i feel for you. i hate those stomach viruses. hope you feel better soon!

  5. That virus is at the Humphrey house too. Hannah woke up with it LAST Friday morning. We thought the rest of us were "all clear" until Aidan started vomitting during naptime today. We leave for ET in a day and a half...I honestly just have time for all of this! And if I get sick, we are ALL gonna be in trouble!
    Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  6. Oh my, I feel so bad for you. Praying you recover quickly.

  7. OH no! So sorry you are sick...but it sure looked like a fun day! =)

  8. As always, precious pics. Hoping you get lots of rest and are fully recovered ASAP!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  9. hope you are feeling better very soon!
    and i can't wait to hear more about your trip!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!