Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teddy Bears, Coffee, a Video, Prayers and a Thank You!!!

***What If your child HAD NO ONE to tuck them in?? NO ONE to snuggle with at night?? NO ONE to comfort them when they wake sick or scared?? Well...let me introduce ya to a little girl I know that is determined to make a difference in the life of a child "on a 7 year old scale"!! My daughter Helen has a friend since birth named "Sarah"!! Sarah was challenged by our church to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and PAY FORWARD A KIND GESTURE!! Our church, one Sunday, handed Little Seven Year Old Sarah 5 dollars (along with everyone else in the congregation) and they were told to "Use the money to MAKE MORE MONEY...THEN give it away to help others"!! Sarah and her Mommy came up with the idea to GIVE ORPHANS in Sierra Leone their VERY FIRST TEDDY BEAR EVER!!! You see...orphans in Sierra Leone aren't adoptable, yet they live in orphanages dreaming of a future!! Sarah's mommy helps with the group: The Raining Season and Sarah heard of the need of the orphans in Sierra Leone and HOW LITTLE they all had!! Finding food, medicine and clothing is a challenge each week for all the children..SO...a stuffed animal to call their very own would NEVER be able to be afforded!!! So....Sarah took her 5 dollars and had lemonade and brownie stands ALL WEEKEND to raise money to buy each child their VERY OWN FIRST Teddy Bear!! Each bear costs $10.00 and she is TRYING and BELIEVING that she can reach her goal!! You can read more about it by going to !! You will see a Pay Pal button if you'd like to donate $10.00 for a bear!! The next group from The Raining Season will travel in May to deliver these precious bears to each child!!

Oh, and I didn't mention that Sarah is also STUFFING all the bears too!! Well, she'll probably get some help from friends to get them all stuffed...but these are bears STUFFED with little American hands for the little hands in Sierra Leone to love on!! So, these children may not have a person to tuck them in OR someone to care for them when they are scared at night...but they will NOW have their very own bear to squeeze and love on BECAUSE of a little 7 year old girl in America!!Again, you can click HERE if you are interested in helping Sarah reach her goal or reading more about it!! Way to go Sarah!!!

***I'd also like to give a SHOUT OUT to The Read family from for introducing me to some delicious Ethiopian Coffee!! This family is currently adopting from South Korea and they are selling this coffee to raise the money needed!! My Ethiopian Coffee just arrived and I enjoyed a cup RIGHT AWAY!! (i'm slightly obsessed with coffee...and this was some fabulous coffee :) You can order your own by visiting Thanks Read Family!!

****Also...My sister, Kelly, is organizing and planning her next Mission trip to Africa...She went 3x last year...and her first trip this year will be in July!! She is taking a group with her to represent Ordinary Hero and they are headed to Ethiopia....Let her know if you'd like to join the group....Watch her little, short promo video is too cute:

***Also praying tonight for all the changes taking place in the Ethiopian Adoption world!! Ethiopia announced yesterday that they'd now require TWO trips during your adoption!! I can find many positives in this change and certainly welcome it IF it helps a child's adjustment and long term care...BUT praying for those families that NOW must come up with the extra money IN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!! Please know that we "old timers" in the Ethiopian Adoption world ARE PRAYING for all of you currently in the process!!

Ok, that's all i've got tonight...Stay tuned for tomorrow night's GIVE AWAY POST!! I have some cool stuff to give away :) Happy Thursday to you all, kj

P.S. A huge thank you goes to to my girl Karen for this fabulous GIFT this week:

What a great surprise!! I love it and will cherish it always!! (it is a 20 X 20 now proudly on display in my home :) Thanks Karen!! You are the best!!! kj


  1. Thank you Kristi for the shout out! You are the best and I really appreciate you supporting our adoption. I am going to link this post to my blog. I am so happy you think the coffee is fabulous, I am a huge coffe lover, also.
    I am going to check out the teddy bear site, what a precious little girl to want to give teddy's. I know that will make such a differance in the lives of those children.
    Blessings to you!! Elisabeth

  2. LOVE the pics.....and definitely praying about the changes.... :)

  3. i love the video. i recognized some of those precious faces from playing with them at HH or on the street(so cool that they are home now!) how amazing that she can go again. i also loved ll's picture collage. i wanted lulu to get all messy with hers, oh well. love the bear idea! what a sweet little girl making a difference.

  4. Sarah is an incredible little girl!!! I wish more kids had that much ambition to do good for others! :) LOVE your 20x20! I bet it looks amazing!!! You should take a pic of it hanging on your wall with the kids standing by so we can get the full effect of it's cuteness!!! lol :) Have a terrific weekend!

  5. Sarah's story just gave me chills! That is so amazing!! And the video was so awesome too!

  6. Sweet Sarah. What an example she sets for us adults to dream big for His Glory!
    Your gift from Karen is as delicious for us as the cake was for Lucy Lane!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  7. Just made my donation for the bears!!! What a wonderful idea....I'm very happy to help out:)Great post!!

    Karen WI
    Adopting 2 Kiddos from ET

  8. I love looking at pictures of your sweet Lucy! Her b-day pix are too cute!

    Thanks for praying for all of us in the process! I must say that last week was a little scary just thinking about changes to the process! We adopted from Guatemala during the time of everything shutting down, and to hear about changes to the Ethiopia process shook me up a little! I know God, however, has us in the palm of His hand!

    Love reading your blog!!


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