Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!!! (and Easter Egg Tree Fun)

**Ok, so is today the first day of spring...or tomorrow?? Either way...Happy Spring Yall!!! :) We enjoyed getting our Easter Egg Tree ready AGAIN this year!! Our Jules (my MIL) always makes us the cutest eggs to hang on our little tree and the kids LOVE it!!!

The boys knew they could start hanging the eggs on the tree ONCE the girls got off the we all waited anxiously by the road for them to arrive.....

Above, we have LL staring and waiting for that bus to make that corner.....she gets so excited when she sees it coming (AND...just to plug my shirt ABOVE that I'm is my sister Kelly's NEW WHITE Ordinary Hero tshirt that just came out...Her other ones were grey..and this one is fitted and white!! It says, "Change the World For ONE" I LOVE this new one!! It is very soft and a great fit!!!! You can order it by going to her site )

The girls arrive and we get busy right away...Above, are ALL 5 of my kiddos decorating their little tree!! They had so much fun!!!

Above, we have my biggest girl sporting her new "PEACE" tshirt from They come in Youth sizes and my girls LOVED them!! All proceeds go to support their adoption from Ethiopia!!!

***A few more things going on this week that were brought to my attention are:

1. April from is having a GREAT RAFFLE right now!! For $5 bucks you can enter your name to win a basket filled with AMAZING things for Baby!! Gift certificates, toys, clothes, name it...that basket has it!!! I just entered my name...I know if I win..i have several friends that WOULD love that basket as their baby gift :) !!!! (and I had a GREAT picture of the basket to go with this....does anyone know WHY my computer is suddenly NOT allowing me to drag pics around anymore?? I've always dragged pics around my posts to get them where I wanted it won't scroll down with the picture in hand...any computer genius people out there that knows WHY I suddenly can't do won't allow me to "copy and paste" into my blog either anymore...You know...I wanted to copy this GREAT email I says I copied it...but it won't allow me to paste it in my blog post????? so frustrating :)
2. is headed to Nashville to run for the orphan in the Music City Marathon...They are one of the official Charities this year!!! How awesome is that!! I had a great pic of their shirt and stuff...but I can't get it anywhere but at the top of this post..Oh their site to read all about it!!
3. And, I got GREAT shirts this week from: , , , and !!!! And, I had great pics of all the shirts to show ya...but I'll have to do them in another post when they can be AT THE TOP OF THE POST since my crazy computer won't allow me to DRAG a pic..ugggghhhhhh!! :) I have such a love/hate relationship going with my computer right now :) LOL !!!!
***Ok, so that's it for the night...My computer is making me more exhausted than I already was :)So...May your days be filled with Easter Egg Tree Fun!!! :) Happy Spring AND Happy Saturday to you all...kj


  1. it's so cute how they wait excitedly for the big girls to come home. great shirts. love how you literally wear your passion for orphans "on your sleeve" with all your awareness t-shirts!

  2. thanks SO much for mentioning our baby basket fundraiser! You will definitely get an extra entry just for posting! :0)

  3. It looks like you had such a fun time decorating the Easter egg tree! What a great idea. Love the "Peace" shirt on your daughter! Thanks for mentioning it :) Your kids are so blessed to see you show your love of orphans with all all that you do...including all of your cool t-shirts. You have inspired me to expand my t-shirt wardrobe! Thanks again for mentioning our shirts. Happy Spring!

  4. In regards to blogger not allowing you to drag photos ... I was getting the same error and found that when I was using Google Chrome it was giving me the error. I went back to using regular Google browser for blogging and it works again. Not sure what you are using, but that was my fix.

  5. LOVE the Easter tree! Too cute! As far as the blog issues...I have nothing but troubles with mine so I'm sorry I can't be of more help!

  6. I switched to the updated 'new' editor to make my posts and everything works super easy now. I don't have to slide images in my posts anymore with the new editor. I am using google chrome and was having the same problems so I went to the updated posting and it is awesome! :) Love your tree and off to check out your awesome links! You always have the best shares! :)

  7. Hi Kristi,
    Love the Easter tree!! Would you mind telling me what size shirt the white one is that you are wearing in this post....I would love to get one? Thanks Much,

    Karen, WI
    Referral call coming VERY SOON!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!