Friday, March 5, 2010

Having Computer Tech Issue....

So, it looks like my computer may have is at the computer doctor and I am currently using my hubby's 10 yr. old laptop that just doesn't'll post again hopefully soon...Just wanted to let ya know that there WEREN'T anymore "security breaches"...just old bad computers :) Have a great weekend IF I don't get to chat with ya...kj


  1. Enjoying reading your blog. . We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia also. . .1boy or set of siblings 0 to 7. . .WAITING MODE. . .officially waiting since aug 17. . .

  2. Hey, sweet Kristi! What a headache!! We were just at the computer doctor ourselves--we hope for a good diagnosis for your computer!!
    It meant so much to catch some Kristi love at the airport the other night. Thanks for the cutie pictures. And our computer was down when you posted about Rich's Jay Leno pic--oh, my! I was laughing so hard at that one!! Just love you, sweet friend!! Love, Gillina

  3. hope you can get it fixed soon girl! Have a great weekend!


Thank you for your kind words!!