Friday, March 26, 2010

More Awesome Shout Outs!!! (The Easter Bunny Came)

Well, i've got MORE awesome things to share with yall today...

1. FIRST...look what just arrived from the Easter Bunny for my kid's Easter Baskets: (not these actual towels...mine I ordered are in the storage room hiding from 5 little ones :) Yes, the Easter Bunny is actually planning ahead this year (yes, sometimes i scare myself) and there won't be any last minute runs to Walmart to get the baskets filled!!!! is selling embroidered BEACH TOWELS to help raise money for their Ethiopian Adoption!!! And, since we are leaving for the beach shortly after Easter morning...I thought it would be perfect for the Easter Bunny to leave a "beach themed" basket this year!!! So, each of my 5 kiddos has a new beach towel to go in their basket thanks to the Cheatham Family Adoption Fundraiser!!! They just arrived and they are SOOO CUTE!!! And, it helped some one's can't get any better than that!!! :)

#2. Meet the Stutzman Family!! They are a fellow AGCI family:

They are selling these GREAT tshirts for their adoption: below is front of shirt... Above, is the back of the shirt!!! Check out their blog: to order yourself one!! And, hey...if this family with 5 kids already can adopt....can't we all!!! :)

3. I SOOOOO heart the raffle contest my friend Kim is having at her blog right now!! Yall KNOW my addiction to Adoption/Orphan tshirt...well, Kim came up with the brilliant idea to package up ALL these goodies and raffle them off TOGETHER!! So, yes, you enter her contest..and then you will be entered to win ALL THESE Tshirts!! Wow, that would be my tshirt dream come true!! LOL So, check out her blog for all the details and to ENTER...and IF you already have some of these t's, think of the people you could surprise and bless by gifting them with ONE of them!! :) Her blog is

4. Michelle from or has new countries ready for her pendant tile necklaces she is selling for her adoption fundraiser!! They look awesome...check them out:

5. And, there is a contest going on at the Poppy Dip site too!!! You'll have to check it out!! I entered, especially since I LOVE Poppy Dip and I'd enter anything to get a chance to get some of her stuff!!! You can read all about it at
****That's all folks!!! Enjoy clicking around!!! And, as always, thank you for supporting all these wonderful families in their efforts to raise their adoption funds!!!
Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. Already entered the raffle for all the adoption shirts! MUST. WIN. =)

  2. Weeeehooooooo! Thanks for the tips! I just bought 4 awesome beach towels and felt really great doing it! :)

    ...We are also an AGCI family working on completing our Home Study! YEAH! :) ...looking forward to each new step bringing us closer to our baby girls! :)

  3. Thank you so much sweet friend!!! When I landed on the airplane today and turned on my phone.... I saw all these orders come through on my email and I knew you or Emily had posted about the beach towels! Thanks a million! We have sold 67 towels!!!! Yippie!

  4. I love that shirt raffle. I. want. them!

  5. I love your shout out posts! I did birthday shopping for my sister-in-law by checking out all the links on your blog. It's so inspiring, I'm going to post a similar blog soon. The more we get the word out the better!

  6. You're such a sweetie pie! Thanks for the blog love!


Thank you for your kind words!!