Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow!! What a Week!!

Wow!! What a week!! The week began with my 5 year old Hal getting stitches last Saturday, then gaining 2 more kiddos for the week on Sunday, me coming down with some rotten cold on Sunday night (yes, bad timing)...and WITH all the AWFUL news coming out about Ethiopian Adoptions all week..I felt like I was living by my emails to HEAR ANY NEW WORD on how this is going to effect ME..and the hundreds of YOU out there in the process already!! Well, we still have NO idea HOW this is going to ALL play I just sit patiently and thank the LORD for the blessing of OUR LITTLE GUY..for the FACT that we have a court date...cause having a court date coming up is HUGE!! And, we praise the Lord that we STILL GET TO ATTEND our court date..cause we worried for a while that we might lose it!! BUT WE DIDN'T...PRAISE GOD!!

*So, at some point this of the highlights was skyping with my sister in Ethiopia SO that HER two children staying with me could officially MEET their new little brother!! Ya gotta LOVE technology....Here we are:
So much fun!! He's such a cutie and I had so much fun seeing these siblings meet via SKYPE!! :)

Another highlight this week was my boy turning 6...Gotta LOVE a big sister who spends her recess time making little brother this sign/hat:
This week was my 3 yr. old George's FIRST preschool show..HE wasn't quite sure he liked being IN FRONT of everyone at first: (I know..I could eat him up he's so sweet)....

But once he got going HE WAS FINE!! He actually did quite well!! And, look who is IN HIS CLASS: A little Ethiopian doll baby....
Yes, you gotta LOVE our many friends of mine have adopted from Ethiopia now too!!!

**We headed to dinner after the show to celebrate Hal's birthday SINCE the show was ON his actual bday.....
We had a crazy fun time and terrorized the restaurant as usual...You should see their faces when I say: "table for ten please!" ..and all they see are MANY young children..and FEW adults!! :)
BUT...a big thank you goes to my mom this week WHO came in town to help me out with the 7 kiddos!! That was 7 kids UNDER 9 years old..and actually it was pretty easy was probably EASY cause my mom came and cooked and cleaned all week!! Ahhhh....SO HELPFUL!!! Just to have someone to talk to during the days is such a treat too!!

My Hal was having LOTS of fun at his bday dinner:

Yes, my kids are NUTTY...ALL of them:
Then it was a FAST run home where Grandma had made Hal a bday brownie (he really doesn't like cake):
pictured and my bday boy:

Then we got 7 littles to bed WAY TOO LATE..and ONLY ONE of them threw up in the I guess i'd still call that a successful night!! LOL (maybe too much brownie too late?)

**Well...WE SURVIVED till today, Saturday....when my sister and her husband arrived home from Ethiopia...My mom ran to the airport to pick them up..and drove them straight to the local park where we were putting on my Hal's official 6th bday party...My sister's kids were waiting for them at the park..and they were all reunited AFTER A WEEK APART at the park!!! :)

Phewwwwww.... I'm officially glad this week is OVER!! :) I'm back to 5 kids, a dirty house, and READY FOR A NEW WEEK OF ADVENTURES!!! :)

*Of course, I have TONS of pics from the park bday party today and will post those next...getting some sleep!!! Happy Saturday to you all...Don't forget to set your clocks FORWARD!! :) kj

p.s. a church friend just sent me this and asked me to pass it along...I'd love to help out Jay...All proceeds go towards helping Orphans in the Dominican Republic:


  1. How COOL is it that we have technology like Skype now? So awesome that they were able to "meet" their new brother that way!

    Looks like a crazy fun week! :O)

  2. That WAS a crazy week. So glad everyone did well, especially your sis' kids without Mom & Dad all week. Happy Birthday, Hal! You didn't post his 'adoption' newborn hospital picture (you know, where he looks like he was from another family, heritage, etc. because he was so dark and tan?) LOVE that one. 6. really? time is surely flying by.

  3. those pix of george pouting and then hammin' it up are so adorable!

  4. praying for the possible changes in ET!!! btw, the pic of you holding hal is really good! sooo pretty!


Thank you for your kind words!!