Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 2 Year Referral-iversary Lucy lane!!

Two years ago TODAY, March 30th....we saw the FACE that would change our lives FOREVER!! The face that God meant to be OURS since the beginning of time...
We had lost referral for another baby girl A FULL MONTH prior to Lucy lane's referral....It had been a LONG lonely month with NO face to love...NO idea WHO God was getting ready for us...BUT trying to hold on to FAITH that God would bring forth the child that would be OURS forever...I had quit carrying my phone around as much as I used to...I was OVER jumping at every call...Well, cause we were heart broken over our first baby, and since it was a month since we'd LOST her...we had handed it over to God and had come to the conclusion that " WE'RE NOT IN CONTROL GOD...YOU ARE...BRING A DAUGHTER WHEN YOU ARE READY!!" And, well...HE DID!!!! I missed the first call and was left a message....I couldn't call her back fast enough....Once I got ahold of my caseworker...She told me our baby's name was MARTHA and that she was only 4 1/2 months old....WE WERE INSTANTLY IN LOVE!! She told me to get to my computer and she'd send us pictures...These were the FIRST pictures we ever saw of her.....She was perfect.....Today....2 years later..She is a running 2 year old FULL of life and personality!! Lucy Lane is one of the 6 BEST things to ever happen to us!! Bringing her home was was simply heavenly!! Now, getting TO her was the hard part to me...but by the time I got to HOLD HER and BRING HER HOME....the rest was a piece of cake!! Lucy lane is hilarious, funny, adorable, sweet, kind, crazy, SMART, shy with all strangers, SUPER attached to her siblings and Mommy and Daddy, a great eater, a GREAT talker, a deep thinker, a GREAT sleeper (now), she's OPINIONATED, LOVES her hair bows, loves fashion, LOVES being sassy and smart mouthed, is super coordinated, loves crafts, books and MESSES!!! She loves all stuffed animals, Max and Ruby, imaginary play, BUT refuses to use the POTTY !! She talks NON STOP...dances all the time...sings constantly...BUT stops it ALL if a stranger or someone outside her family walks up!! She's NEVER liked a stranger and will quickly tell anyone that walks up to her to "GET AWAY" and "Don't touch me!!" She isn't afraid a bit to tell someone to BACK OFF!! You are extremely lucky IF she ever lets you touch or hold her...cause she usually ONLY allows her momma and daddy to carry her around!

LL thinks she is a teen already and loves to tell us everything is NOT FAIR...She GETS INTO EVERTHING!! She makes a HUGE MESS any chance she gets...She's TWO and can scream louder than any child I've ever heard!! :) She loves to say, "Momma...I need my hair milk" which means she's ready for me to do her hair!! She's just simply WONDERFUL!! She's seriously a crazy, little wonderful nut!! A crazy wonderful two year old that we can't imagine our lives with out!!

***We seriously thank God every day for our LL! What would we be doing today IF we hadn't answered God's calling on our life to adopt!!?? It makes me sad to even think about it!! LL is truly a blessing in every sense of the way!! Happy 2 year referral-iversary Lucy lane....We LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! And, Happy wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Can't believe it's been 2 years! I'm glad that other people celebrate referral-iversary too. I think it is such a special day and I have SUCH great memories of seeing Grace for the first time. We call it 'Grace Day' at our house and make a cake! She loves these special adoption days that the other kids don't have.

    Praying for your court date!

  2. Kristi, she's such a doll! Aren't they such blessings? Keep enjoying her. PRaying for your court date w/ Wes!

  3. Happy Anniversary! She gets more beautiful all the time! :)

  4. Happy Referraliversary! You are so blessed. Praying for your court date.

  5. Yes, it is overwhelming to think how LL has changed your lives ... but even more so to think of the countless lives of so many families who chose to follow this sacred path of parenting called adoption all because of your Lucy Lane!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  6. Awww...Happy 2nd referral-versary!! Love that!!!! I can't WAIT for one of the same!!!!!

  7. Lucy Lane, you are a miracle! You have touched the lives of so many, and helped us all to make one of the biggest and best decisions of our lives through your giggle and your mama's tears as she held you for the first time.

  8. Can't believe it has been 2 years :) WOW!!! She is just soo stinkin' CUTE!!!!! LOVE it!!!

    Praying for court, your hubby, and for the paperwork!!!!

  9. Lucy sounds like way too much fun!!!! Seeing your comments on your 2 year anniversary of your referral day is a bit crazy to me. We started our adoptions in Nov. 2009...a little after you brought Lucy home. I remember showing my husband the video of you meeting Lucy....and now..... all that time has past us by as we've been waiting. I am now learning that I can't stop living in all this waiting;) Every so often I don't know where my phone is and I panic...& I hate phones:) I long to be in your shoes enjoying our future children & I celebrate your sweet Lucy being with you and in a life that God always had planned for her! Now I can't wait to celebrate with you and your court date for Wes!!!!!!! Thanks for being a glimps into the joy that is adoption:)


Thank you for your kind words!!