Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Be Back Tomorrow....(and one funny story...had to share)

The kids are on Spring Break..and i took my 5 littles cuties out of town to visit fam for a couple of days to break the week up...I'm blogging from one of my sister's computers...I'll answer emails and send out info on Waiting Children for Ordinary Hero as soon as we get back!! Happy Spring Break everyone!! The weather in our part of the world as been in the 70's and low 80' nice for March!! :) OK..must tell you ONE STORY....

**Stayed in a hotel last night with the kiddos (they love doing this)...My sister and her two kiddos came over to visit us around the swimming pool in our hotel...they aren't there 20 minutes when one of the hotel workers comes up and says, " if you are trying to sneak these people into your room and have EXTRA people stay with you, then you're gonna have to pay for them."

I of course start laughing...I say, "this is my sister and they live here in town...they aren't wanting nor are they going to stay the night with us"

She says, "Well, around here people are ALWAYS trying to sneak extra people into their rooms to get our free breakfast the next morning."

I said, " Do I look that bad and cheap today? (laughing) Cause I can assure you mam, that i'd get another room IF we need it..but we don't...cause THEY LIVE HERE IN TOWN!!"

She said: "ok well..i'm just making sure...cause we'll have to charge YOU if they stay in your room."

Me: "Ok, I got it...but they aren't stayin in OUR ROOM!!! We really are JUST that allowed here??!!" :)

SO....not sure she ever believed me...but I guess they have stuff going on like this in small towns...or at least in MY OLD SMALL TOWN!! LOL I also asked for some extra pillows for our room...and she said they didn't have any cause they were all STOLEN!! :) Hmmmm...maybe I'll pick another hotel next time...i promise it really looked nice!! :) AND...Lucy Lane falls out of the bed in the night...and I jump up and get everyone back to sleep..then the room phone rings...the hotel desk worker says that someone just called and complained on OUR ROOM cause there was a loud bang noise....I said, "my baby just fell out of the bed...and now yall called and now EVERYONE is awake" They apologized!! So...crazy night...but least we're away from home enjoying some different scenery!! :)

Ok..that was my hotel experience...Surely, tonight will be better..not staying there!! :)

Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Only in your "hometown" would this happen!! I know - I live here!! This reminds me of the Andy Griffith Show when all of the Darling family was trying to stay in one room!

  2. We watched that episode today! lol - the Darling family just cracks me up! We always have nearby family come and visit with us around the pool or in our hotel rooms - I think the hotels just always get a bit suspicious. Hope tonight is better!

  3. Oh dear...check out quick :) Loved catching up on all that has been going on!!! Your new pics of Wes, your LL always has me laughing. Enjoy your time...even in a crazy hotel.

  4. WOWZA.. that is crazy! I'm pretty sure you don't have a dishonest bone in your body :O).

  5. Oh, that's terrible! I always unplug our phone when we stay in a hotel because I don't want to take any chances on the kids being woken up since they barely sleep when traveling anyway. I wonder if you hadn't answered if they'd just come barging in the room?? Where exactly did they think all those extra people woudl sleep - on the floor? You'd have to be pretty desparate for breakfast to camp on the floor all night for it!

  6. wow...they must have pretty darn good breakfasts!

    ha hahaa

  7. That IS just a crazy story! I always get a good laugh while reading your blog. :)


Thank you for your kind words!!