Monday, March 21, 2011

My Latest Favorite LL Comment...

Little Miss Lucy Lane seems to TALK more and more EACH and every day!! She is an endless chatter box!! She can be sweet as sugar, bossy, sassy, inquisitive, kind and considerate OR just down right FUNNY!! MOST OF TIME SHE TRIES TO BE FUNNY!!

* She, for example, will tell me I NEED TO GO TO TIME OUT if I don't give her what she wants!! :)

* If you tell her to tell someone she is sorry, for example..You say, " Lucy lane, tell George you are sorry for pushing him"...She deliberately says in the sweetest voice, "Sorry HAL for pushing you"...(uses the wrong name ON PURPOSE EVERY TIME...then dies laughing!!

* I'll say, "LL , give Mommy a kiss" She puckers all up...and those lips are so cute you just can't stand it...You move in for the kiss..and she RASPBERRIES in your face ON PURPOSE!!

* She asks questions CONSTANTLY..."mommy do you like this song? Mommy is this color green? Mommy where is George? She asks so many questions while driving down the road, we'll say, "LL..lets play quiet mouse" She says, " I not like Quiet Mouse!! " Oh, well!! :)
*She constantly say, "Mommy, that's NOT fair!" (and yes, she just turned 2 in November..not 12 :)

*She vividly tells us about her dreams!! I don't remember my other 2 year olds DREAMING..but LL does and can tell you ALL about it!!

***So, NOTHING gets by her!! She's SHARP as a tack and seriously is one of those toddlers that AWARE of everything going on!! SO, I shouldn't be surprised at LL's latest conversation...It went like this:
We were sitting outside playing...LL and my Julia were sitting at a picnic table with their feet propped up...LL says:

LL : "JuJu, what's wrong with your BIG FOOT?"

Julia: " What do you mean? Nothings wrong with my foot."

LL: "yes, it is...Your big foot is WHITE...and MINE is BROWN! What's WRONG WITH YOURS??"

Julia busts out laughing...we're all outside and hear the conversation...and Julia tries to explain to her in the cutest 7 yr. old way that SHE HAS WHITE SKIN..but LL has BROWN SKIN!! She explains to her that SHE is from Africa..that is WHY her skin is brown!! LL dismisses all the facts and just goes back to: "Hmmm..well something is wrong with your Big Foot's WHITE!"

***Well, so that's noted as the first time Lucy lane NOTICED a difference in skin color!! I'm sure the conversations will only get better over the years...but for now... LuLu is convinced that Julia has SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER BIG FOOT!! LOL

**We love our little Chatter makes for GREAT conversations and laughs in our house ALL THE TIME!! God surely has blessed us!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj

**FYI- I added a 7 yr. old single boy from ET to the waiting children today on the Ordinary Hero site..and I added an Ethiopian Sister/Brother pair..Girl is 9, brother is 7....and THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Not that it matters..but hey...just noting the obvious!! :)


  1. That's so sweet about LL's comment re: J's feet!! You have a beautiful family, Kristi!!

  2. Your posts get better and better. Thank you for sharing all that joy with us!
    Love & Miss Ya,

  3. i am dying about her apologies and sending you to time out. that girl is something else!!! i know you are laughing around your house all the time!

  4. that's hilarious!!! I love her quotes!

  5. I love it!! My little one is 2 1/2 and she says some of the craziest things.. some sweet and some SASSY. This morning, she did NOT want to come out of her room for breakfast! She was busy playing, and actually said, 'go away, mom!'. She is sick and has a fever, which means SUPER SASSY for her!

  6. Wow! I was still picturing her as a little baby, I guess... I can't believe she's that talkative and clever!! I LOVE the name thing (calling George his brothers name) that's hilarious!

    I think you're gonna have your hands full with THAT little sweetie!

  7. Oh my goodness, she is sooooo dog on cute!!! We get some pretty funny questions from our sweet little man too. I need to start writing it down cause I know I will forget.


Thank you for your kind words!!